The Best Action Movies on Netflix in 2018

It is September 2018, and the year is soon to end. But, why not watch a fantastic action movie on Netflix? Here you can see a list presenting some of the top picks in the action movie category on Netflix as of September 2018.

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The Best Action Movies on Netflix 2018

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Maybe not the typical action movie, but it is still packed with action, and it was a way better movie than it’s sequel, The Last Jedi. This is good action, even if you do not like the Star Wars movies a lot.

The Accountant

Here you will meet Ben Affleck in the role of an accountant. He has a very special personality, and I thought this would simply be a movie about a guy with a brilliant brain. But, Ben Affleck doesn’t only do good with numbers, he is a fantastic fighter.

Den of Thieves

What happens as a group of bad-ass cops who follow no rules, try to get hold of some thieves even worse than themselves? This is the story of Den of Thieves, and it is hard-core action, just the way you like it.

Den of Thieves
Den of Thieves on Netflix

Doctor Strange

If you are a fan of the Marvel Universe, then Doctor Strange is an action movie that will bring you lots of joy. He isn’t as strong as Thor, but he has some special skills that make him able to stop time, move objects, and so much more.

San Andreas

This is Dwayne Johnson is a disaster movie like we all love them (or hate them). He is out there to save his family, and that might be a bit boring (as he isn’t out there to save the world), but if you love earthquakes and action, this is a good movie for you.

Edge of Tomorrow

It isn’t a brand new movie, but Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise is a fantastic movie. This is an action version of the Groundhog Day, as Tom Cruise wakes up to the same day over and over again. And that isn’t just any day, it is the day when they are about to invade Normandie in France.

Batman: The Dark Knight

This is the best of all Batman movies ever. The movie is best-known for the performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker. He won an Oscar for his role, but unfortunately, he died not long after the movie was released. But, this is a fantastic Batman movie worth watching.

Batman: The Dark Knight on Netflix
Batman: The Dark Knight on Netflix

Now You See Me

Are you a fan of magic? Watch Now You See Me, a movie packed with action and fantastic magic tricks that will make you want to watch the movie over and over again. This is one of my favorite movies from the last years, and even though I didn’t enjoy the sequel as much as this one, it is still a fantastic series.

The Commuter

The last movie on the list is The Commuter. This is an action movie with Liam Neeson in which he has to understand what is going on on a train. He is hired to find the one person that shouldn’t be on the train, but he doesn’t know why he needs to find the person. This is an action movie that will keep you stuck to the chair for 90 minutes.

the commuter on netflix
The Commuter on Netflix

Are you ready for some action on Netflix?

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What are your thoughts on the list?

Do you agree with the movies I have selected in this list? Are there any other movies you would have added to this list? Which are your favorite action movies at the moment? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Best action films on Netflix

I like a good action film and since I have a Netflix subscription a good action film on Netflix is perfect entertainment for an evening together with some nachos and some salsa dip. But, which are the best action films on Netflix at the moment? Here you can find some of my favorites!

Be aware of the fact that these films are all available at the time of writing, but I can not guarantee that they will be available at the time you read this article. Hopefully they will be though! If you want to know more about watching Netflix in different regions with one Netflix subscription, read the «Netflix region changer» article!

If you want to see a video presenting the best action films on Netflix, take a look at my YouTube video beneath showing trailers from all the mentioned films in this article!

Best action films on Netflix

Jack Reacher

I had not really heard about this film before I saw it available on Amazon Prime and then later on Netflix. I watched it and even though it might not have been the very best action film ever, it was still nice to watch and Tom Cruise did a great job in playing the character of Jack Reacher, a guy quite similar to Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible. In Jack Reacher we see a guy who is blamed for murder, and that is when he contacts Jack Reacher for help, who choose to do his best to find the truth in the case. A nice action film for those who like Tom Cruise and films quite similar to Mission Impossible.

Jack Reacher on Netflix
Jack Reacher on Netflix

Jack Reacher can be seen on Netflix in Ireland.


This might not be the super amazing action film either, but it is for sure full of action, it is packed with stunts that none would ever survive, except for Vin Diesel who plays the character of agent XXX in this film. In the story we follow the agent as he travels to Prague to get into the heart of a criminal group there. During the film we see lots of beautiful clips from the city of Prague and we also see Vin Diesel meet some really evil guys and a lady which he can not understand 100%.

XXX can be seen on Netflix in Norway, Canada and New Zealand. And, rumors say that a XXX 3 is on the way, so be prepared for that film by watching XXX first and then XXX 2 later as well. XXX 2 can also be seen on Netflix in Norway, Canada and New Zealand. Personally I enjoyed the first film much more than the second, but if you first like XXX, then you should of course watch the follow up film as well!

XXX on Netflix
XXX on Netflix

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Ireland)

I recommended Jack Reacher as an action film to watch on Netflix, and if you like that, then you will for sure like the Mission Impossible films as well. In Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol we meet Agent Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise again, and in this film I was sweating in my palms, especially as he was hanging outside the major skyscrapers in Dubai with a long way down if he should fall.

As always Mission Impossible is full of action, car hunts, stunts and everything you can expect of an action film, so if you like stuff like that, you will for sure like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol as well.

Mission IMpossible Ghost Protocol on Netflix
Mission IMpossible Ghost Protocol on Netflix

The film can be seen on Netflix in Ireland.


It is amazing how this film has already been made available on Netflix, because Kingsman is one of the best action films that has been released this year (2015) and it is already available on Netflix in Canada. In this film we meet a super secret agent agency whom none has ever heard about. They are a bunch of gentlemen with suits and with special talents, but problems arise as an agent is killed and they need a new agent to take his place. At the same time they face an opponent looking to annihilate all of them, and in fact all of the earth, with a few exceptions.

A fantastic humorous action film, very different from most other action films, and that is what makes this one so interesting.

Kingsman on Netflix
Kingsman on Netflix

Kingsman can be seen on Netflix in Canada.

Edge of Tomorrow

I can’t actually believe this, but I might sound like a crazy Tom Cruise fan, but that is not at all the truth. But, it seems as if I do like the sort of action films in which Tom Cruise play, because Edge of Tomorrow is the third Tom Cruise action film on this list presenting the best action films on Netflix at the moment.

In Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise has to experience the same day over and over again, and that is not just any kind of day, but the day when the troops entered the coast of France in a future war. Their opponent are so called Mimics and they seem impossible to defeat. But, since Tom Cruise get to live the same day over and over again, the chances of actually finding a way in which the enemy can be beaten rises a bit.

This is one of my favorite action films and I believe you will like it as well. Lots of people who really did not want to watched this film watched it anyway, and most of them liked it a lot.

Edge of Tomorrow on netflix
Edge of Tomorrow on netflix

Edge of Tomorrow can be seen on Netflix in Norway.

The Dark Knight

Of all the Batman films ever made, I believe that The Dark Knight might be the best and it is for sure the one that received most attention, especially due to the death of Heath Ledger playing the Joker in this film. The battle between Batman and the Dark Knight is intense and especially as the best of all citizens is drawn into the battle, the Police Captain of Gotham City.

I know people who watched this film three times in cinema, before watching it on DVD and other devices later, simply because they loved the film. Time flies at least as you watch it, and now you can watch it on Netflix as well.

The Dark Knight on Netflix
The Dark Knight on Netflix

The Dark Knight can be seen on Netflix in New Zealand and in the Netherlands.


It is hard to be honest about this one, but I must say that I did not like Inception at all, but since everyone else actually liked it, I decided to add it to this list anyway. In Inception we meet Leonardo di Caprio and his friends who is able to travel in dream levels, but that does not necessarily make things easier. People call this a brilliant film, but I find it hard even to write about it, because I did not enjoy it at all. Call me crazy, if you want to! Write a comment to share your thoughts on this action film after watching it on Netflix if you want to!

Inception on Netflix
Inception on Netflix

You can watch Inception on Netflix in Germany.

Sherlock Holmes

I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, both the modern films, but also the original books made by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I also enjoy the CBS TV series Elementary, and the BBC production named Sherlock. In Sherlock Holmes we meet Robert Downey playing the character of Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law playing Dr. Watson. This is a totally brilliant film and I remember watching the film just waiting for it to end and to understand how Sherlock Holmes was able to solve the case, and to get an explanation on how all the «supernatural» incidents in the film actually took place, something only someone as smart as Sherlock Holmes could understand.

I am sure you will enjoy this film as the atmosphere of London is beautiful, the mind of Sherlock Holmes is stunning, the «enemy» plays his role in a brilliant way and the music just makes it all even better.

Sherlock Holmes on Netflix
Sherlock Holmes on Netflix

You can watch this film on Netflix in the Netherlands.

Want to see some White House action?

If you are not yet satisfied and want to see some traditional action of US soil, then you should watch either Olympus has Fallen or White House Down, both available on Netflix in the Netherlands. These are two very similar films, released almost at the same time, and both with stories around someone invading and taking control of the White House. Which of the films is the best? I have no clue. I enjoyed both as they are very traditional action films with some crazy super hero who with his gun is able to stop an innumerable amount of enemies!

Olympus has Fallen on Netflix
Olympus has Fallen on Netflix

Hope you have liked this list presenting the best action films on Netflix.If you have further suggestions or ideas for great action films on Netflix that you believe my readers would enjoy, just write a comment! And if any of these films have been removed from Netflix, please write a comment, and I will try to update this list to make it up to date!

For more information on how you can jump between Netflix regions press the link, and if you want to know more about the different films mentioned in this article, take a look at the video showing trailers from the different films which can be seen in the start of this article!

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Have a wonderful evening with a great action movie on Netflix!