Murder Mystery – A Netflix Original for those who like Adam Sandler, Poirot, and comedy at the same time!

It isn’t often I am happy about the amount of Netflix original content coming to Netflix, but this time I have got to say that I am happy. Murder Mystery is a movie I would gladly have paid to watch in the cinema, and since you never go to the cinema alone, I would probably have spent at least 15 USD to actually watch this movie in the cinema with a friend or someone else.

You can now watch Murder Mystery on Netflix
You can now watch Murder Mystery on Netflix

But, since I pay for my Netflix subscription, I did not have to pay anything extra for this movie, but instead, I could watch it in my own living room with as much popcorn as I wanted to, at my own TV.

Now some might call this a poor movie, but I had such a great time watching it. Not only is it Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, but the movie has a feeling of Poirot to it… and that is amazing. As our detective and his wife (who actually feels more like a real detective than Adam Sandler) find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery, the feeling and the atmosphere of the Hercule Poirot stories come alive. Now, this is a comedy so the atmosphere is different, but still – it reminds me of such stories.

Great humor in Murder Mystery

What makes Murder Mystery so great is the mixture of a real crime story like Poirot and the sweetness of the humor provided by Sandler and Aniston. There are so many good jokes made and the best of them all is the final joke in the movie when it is all actually finished. If you watch the movie and know your Agatha Christie stories you will understand what I am speaking about.

So, get ready to watch Murder Mystery on Netflix and to have a great time. You do not need to change your Netflix region to any other region, because you can simply watch this everywhere considering the fact that it is a Netflix original series.

Finally another movie on Netflix worth keeping your Netflix subscription to watch. There are not many movies like this, but at least a few arrive from time to time. The last hotshot movie was Birdbox, and now Murder Mystery is yet another example of such a movie.

You can also take a look at the trailer of Murder Mystery on YouTube, or you can read more about the movie itself in the following Murder Mystery review on Steemit.

Have you seen it? How did you enjoy the movie?

New on Netflix in June 2019

What’s new on Netflix in June? What’s coming to American Netflix in June? Take a look the highlights that you need to watch and stream on Netflix in June in this article.

Those in love with Jessica Jones have waited for a long time for the third season to arrive. But, in June the waiting time will be over and the third season will arrive. But, there is a sorrow in this news as well, considering how this is what is supposed to be the final season of Jessica Jones. So, be well prepared and enjoy every moment of Jessica Jones as it comes to Netflix in June 2019.

Since Jessica Jones is a Netflix original series, it will not only come to US Netflix in June, but it will also come to all other Netflix regions worldwide in June.

Have you missed the voice of Kiefer Sutherland lately? In June, he will return to the screen. Unfortunately, not as Jack Bauer, but instead as the President of the United States (Tom Kirkman) in the third season of Designated Survivor. This is a political drama, with quite a lot of action in it, and after the TV network that produced the first two seasons cancelled further seasons, Netflix decided to take it into their own hands and this is the first season produced entirely for and by Netflix.

Murder Mystery is a brand new Netflix movie starring both Jenifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. The couple is finally on their honeymoon (15 years after their wedding), but it doesn’t end up the way they expected. On the airplane, they meet a very rich guy who invites them both to his yacht. Everything is perfect until the rich guy ends up dead and our dear couple is the suspected. Now they have to use all their skills at proving their innocence, and at the same time finding the real killers. Not an easy job, but luckily, Adam Sandler is a cop and hopefully, that will help him in the job!

These are just some of the highlights on Netflix in June 2019. Here you can find the full list of what’s coming to Netflix.

Coming to Netflix in June

June 1
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
Arthdal Chronicles 
Batman Begins
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Dynasty (Season 2)
Good Night, and Good Luck
Gran Torino
Life in the Doghouse
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
Magic Mike
Oh, Ramona! 
Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World Of Ben Ferencz
Satan & Adam
Small Soldiers
The Dark Knight
The Phantom of the Opera
The Space Between Us
What a Girl Wants

June 3
Documentary Now! (Season 3)
Malibu Rescue: The Series

June 4
Miranda Sings Live…Your Welcome

June 5
A Silent Voice
Black Mirror (Season 5)
Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch

June 6
Alles ist gut 
Todos los saben

June 7
3% (Season 3)
The Black Godfather 
The Chef Show 
Designated Survivor (Season 3) 
Elisa & Marcela
I Am Mother
Rock My Heart 
Super Monsters Monster Pets
Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (Season 4)

June 8
Berlin, I Love You

June 11
Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet

June 12
Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot 
Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese

June 13
The 3rd Eye 2
Kakegurui xx

June 14
Aggretsuko (Season 2)
The Alcàsser Murders
Awake: The Million Dollar Game 
Charité at War 
Cinderella Pop 
Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (Season 5)
Life Overtakes Me 
Marlon (Season 2)
Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Season 3)
Murder Mystery
Unité 42

June 15
Grey’s Anatomy (Season 15)

June 16
Cop Car
Leila (Season 1)

June 17
The Missing (Season 3)
Adam Devine: Best Time of Our Lives
Big Kill

June 19
The Edge of Democracy

June 20
Le Chant du Loup

June 21
Ad Vitam 
The Casketeers (Season 2) 
The Confession Tapes (Season 2) 
Dark (Season 2) 
The End of Evangelion
Girls Incarcerated (Season 2) 
GO! Live Your Way (Season 2) 
Jaoon Kahan Bata Ae Dil
La misma sangre 
Mr. Iglesias (Season 1) 
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Shooter (Season 3)

June 24
Forest of Piano (Season 2)

June 25
Mike Epps: Only One Mike

June 26
The Golem
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
The Zookeeper

June 27
Answer for Heaven

June 28
20th Century Women
7SEEDS (Season 1)
Dope (Season 3)
Instant Hotel (Season 2)
Motown Magic (Season 2) 
Paquita Salas (Season 3) 
The Chosen One

June 29
Scare Tactics (Seasons 4 & 5)

June 30
Madam Secretary (Season 5)

Other stuff to stream in June 2019?

Would you like to watch other great content online in June 2019? Take a look at some of the following YouTube videos presenting what’s coming to other popular streaming platforms in June.

Looking for something else to do in June 2019 as well? Do not forget that this is a month with some great sports events taking place. Not only can you watch the FIFA World Cup online in June, but you can also watch the amazing Cricket World Cup which is arranged in England and Wales in the very same period. In other words, this is a great chance to watch some amazing sports online as you take a break from Designated Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, Black Mirror, Jessica Jones, or maybe while relaxing after watching the awesome Murder Mystery movie on Netflix.

What are your plans for June? Any movies or shows you look forward to watch on Netflix? Or maybe a sports event that you look forward to? I would love to hear from you!

Murder Mystery – a Netflix original looking good!

Two days ago, Netflix published a brand new trailer for their action-comedy named Murder Mystery which is set for release on Netflix in the middle of June 2019. This seems to be a promising project once again, clearly standing out in the midst of a whole lot of poor and boring productions.

Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming Netflix original movie named Murder Mystery
Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming Netflix original movie named Murder Mystery

It is easy to understand that this is a bit most costly production for Netflix by looking at the characters involved. In Murder Mystery, we meet Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in the main roles. They have been married for a long time, but finally they are taking a holiday from their jobs (after 15 years) to relax and enjoy life in Europe. But, on the flight they get to know this billionaire, and somehow they ends up joining him on his luxury yacht.

Everything seems perfect, until they wake up in the middle of the night hearing a gunshot. Someone has been killed, and the characters of Aniston and Sandler are suspected of being the killers. This is when the action starts and we get to follow them as they try to find the real killers, without getting caught themselves by the police.

Murder Mystery trailer

Do you want to know more about Murder Mystery yourself? Check the trailer beneath.

It might be worth knowing that this is a Netflix original production. As a result, we should get access to this all across the world at the same time. There has been a few examples when things have been otherwise, for example, with the recent Jenifer Aniston movie named Dumplin. The movie was released on Netflix in the USA and in Canada, but in lots of nations in Europe, it was first showed in the theaters, and it still cannot be streamed on Netflix.

If that should be the case, find out more on how you can watch content in other Netflix regions here at

New on Netflix Canada in October 2018

Are you looking for a list presenting what’s coming to Netflix Canada in October 2018? Look no further, the complete list is here!

I have just written about what’s coming to Netflix in the USA in October 2018, and the only big highlight on the list was 22 July. This movie will come to Canadian Netflix as well, after all, it is a Netflix original directed by Paul Greengrass. It tells the story of the attack by Anders Breivik in Oslo and on the Utoya island on July 22nd in 2011. It doesn’t just tell the story of the attack, but also about life after the attack for politicians, Anders Breivik, and for the survivors of the attack.

There are, however, some great movies coming to Netflix in Canada in October besides 22 July. For example, if you are a fan of animated movies, The Secret Life of Pets will come to Netflix in Canada on October 22nd. This is a real treat for kids, both funny and exciting at the same time.

Inferno on Canadian Netflix

The biggest highlight is the arrival of Inferno. This is the third movie about Robert Langdon and the newest of them all. He had great success in the Da Vinci Code and in Angels and Demons, and in Inferno, Robert Langdon has to stop a giant terrorist attack by a man trying to stop women from being fertile. I have both read the book and watched the movie, and the stories are very different (especially the end), but it is still an interesting story and worth watching if you like Dan Brown and his books.

If I have a terrible day and want to feel even worse, then I could simply watch Warcraft on Canadian Netflix. The movie will come on October 1st, and it looks terrible. I have played some Warcraft games, but I didn’t even know about the movie. Watching the trailer right now just made me feel bad, so watching the movie should be considered a punishment for me.

warcraft on canadian netflix

Do you like Bridget Jones? On October 28th, you can stream the last Bridget Jones movie on Canadian Netflix, that is Bridget Jones’ Baby. It might not be as good as the first two movies, but it is still amusing and worth watching.

I am a bit curious about Adam Sandler 100% Fresh, a show in which you can watch Adam Sandler as a stand-up comedian. I have a feeling it might contain some great treats, so I will try to watch this when I have the time.

Coming to Netflix Canada in October 2018

October 1

Anger Management
See No Evil, Hear No Evil
The Purge: Election Year

October 2

Joe Rogan: Strange Times
MeatEater: Season 7

October 3

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein
Angela’s Christmas
Dawn of the Dead
Mr. Bean’s Holiday
Operation Finale
Spy Game

October 4

Star: Season 3 (Streaming Every Thursday)
Violet Evergarden: Special: Extra Episode

October 5

Big Mouth: Season 2
Dancing Queen
Empire Games
Little Things: Season 2
Private Life
Super Monsters Save Halloween
Super Monsters: Season 2
The Rise of Phoenixes
YG Future Strategy Office

October 6

Little Things: Season 1

October 8

Mo Amer: The Vagabond

October 9

Supergirl: Season 3
Terrace House: Opening New Doors: Part 4

October 10

22 July

October 11

Riverdale: Season 3
Salt Fat Acid Heat

October 12

Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil
Feminists: What Were They Thinking?
ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff
Tarzan and Jane: Season 2
The Boss Baby: Back in Business: Season 2
The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell
The Haunting of Hill House
The Kindergarten Teacher

October 13

Dynasty: Season 2

October 14

A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities

October 15

Octonauts: Seasons 2-4
The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments

October 16

Black Lightning: Season 2
Ron White: If You Quit Listening, I’ll Shut Up
Travelers: Season 2

October 19

Accidentally in Love
Ask the Doctor
Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever.: Limited Series
Derren Brown: Sacrifice
Distrito salvaje
Gnome Alone
Hip-Hop Evolution: Season 2
Illang: The Wolf Brigade
Larva Island
Making a Murderer: Part 2
Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 3
The Night Comes For Us

October 20

Scary Movie
Scary Movie 2
Scary Movie 3
Scary Movie 4
Scary Movie 5
Scream 2
Scream 3
The Cabin in the Woods

October 21

The Cured

October 22

The Secret Life of Pets

October 23


October 24

Batman Ninja

October 25

Great News: Season 2
Hell or High Water

October 26

Been So Long
Castlevania: Season 2
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Terrorism Close Calls

October 27

Girl from Nowhere

October 28

Bridget Jones’s Baby
Certain Women
Collateral Beauty
Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

October 30

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore: Illustrias Geocentric Theory
The Degenerates

October 31

Gun City

Watch Pixels on Netflix

Watch Pixels on NetflixI remember watching Pixels in the cinema and I really enjoyed it. Now two years later I still like the movie, but I would probably not watch it on Netflix again!

Since I watched Pixels in the cinema I have watched it once more at home. I enjoyed the movie the second time as well, but then I watched it with some people who did not really enjoy games in the 80s, and they were even less fans of Adam Sandler, and thus the atmosphere around the second show of the movie wasn’t as good as the first one.

But, if you like a good comedy and feel a warmth and good memories come forth as you hear about Donkey Kong, Pacman, Space Invaders and similar arcade games, then Pixel is a movie you simply have to watch!

Watch Pixels on Netflix

Currently Pixels can only be seen in one single Netflix region and that is Russian Netflix. Hopefully it will come to even more Netflix regions within shortly, but at the moment I am writing this article it is only available on Russian Netflix. I do not even know how to access Russian Netflix from abroad at the moment, so I can not help you with that. But, if you want information on how you can access other Netflix regions from abroad, then you can find that information at

Pixels has not received the best critics online and it only has a 5,5/10 score on iMDB. At the very critical Rotten Tomatoes Pixels has a score of 16% (by the critics). It should however serve as a good point for the movie that the audience score at Rotten Tomatoes is 46%, meaning that the audience is much more likely to enjoy Pixels than the critics.

Go ahead and watch Pixels yourself and feel free to write a comment afterwards telling me whether or not you liked the movie.

Best Comedies on Netflix

There is nothing like a good laughter and a good laughter is supposed to make our lives longer. So, why not take some hours to watch a good comedy on Netflix tonight? Here are some advices for funny films that you can watch on Netflix right now!

Before you continue, please notice the following!

  • At the time of writing all these titles were available on Netflix in the mentioned nations/regions. However by the time you read this article things may have changed, making them unavailable, since that is how things work in the world of Netflix.
  • If you want to know more about jumping between different Netflix regions so that you can watch all the mentioned films here online, but still only have one Netflix subscription, read the following article.

If you want to see small trailers of the featured films, then take a look at the following film presenting the best comedies on Netflix with small trailers of the different films.

Best comedies on Netflix

Confessions of a Shopaholic (Canada)

This might not be one of those super famous films, but if you are into popular Hollywood films, then you have probably seen this already. In the film w e meet Isla Fisher who is a girl who can simply not pass by a shopping window without shopping. But, how can you shop when no money is left? You use a credit card and draw it into minus. But, what happens when they send someone to get you and the money you owe them?

Confessions of a Shopaholic is not only funny, but it is of course a romantic film as well, because when the girl with the scarf gets a new job as a writer, her boss played by Hugh Dancy, has a very good eye to her.

On Netflix: Confessions of a Shopaholic can be seen on Canadian Netflix.

Confessions of a Shopaholic on Netflix

Just go with it (Canada – New Zealand)

If the Confessions of a Shopaholic is funny, then this is much funnier. This is of course my personal oppinion, but in this film we meet Adam Sandler who is out there getting hot girls all the time. He tells them a big lie about himself being married, but abused in the marriage and more, and thus all girls come to comfort him etc.

But, now he has met a girl that he really likes, but as she finds his fake wedding ring he needs to come up with a story, and he tells her that he is about to get a divorce. To check the validity of the story the girl wants to meet the wife, and that is when the action really starts. One lie leads to another lie, but the guy played by Adam Sandler is really surprised as he sees what a beautiful lady the woman acting to be his wife really is (played by Jennifer Aniston). Do not miss out on this one if you like a good and romantic comedy!

On Netflix: Just go with it can be seen on Neflix in Canada and in New Zealand

Just go with it on Netflix

What Happens in Vegas (New Zealand – Netherlands)

Two persons with bad luck in their personal lives decides to go to Las Vegas. One was just fired from his job by his dad, while the other person was dumped on her birthday. Now they meet in Las Vegas and they end up in bed together after a long night they can barely remember. There is just one problem, they got married sometime during the night! Neither of them wants to remain married, but in the last moment they win the jackpot in a casino in Las Vegas and win the top prize. But, how are they going to share the money?

The couple end up in court and in the court they judge them to 6 months of living together, working hard on their marriage.

Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz are playing the main characters in What Happens in Vegas and this is a great film if you want a romantic comedy.

On Netflix: This film can be seen on Netflix in New Zealand and in the Netherlands

What Happens in Vegas on Netflix

The Cobbler (US)

The Cobbler is the newest film on this list and it came to cinemas by the end of 2014. Again this is an Adam Sandler film and in it he plays a shoemaker who repairs shoes for a living.

One day something very special happens to him at work. His shoemaking machine does not work, and therefore he needs to dig forth an old machine in the basement. But, that is not just any machine, because when he uses it on someones shoes, it suddenly makes him able to perform some real magic. He can of course abuse this, but what if he would use this ability for good?

The Cobbler is funny and a bit romantic, but first of all funny.

On Netflix: The Cobbler can be seen on US Netflix.

The Cobbler on Netflix

The Grand Hotel Budapest (Canada)

The Grand Hotel Budapest may seem like a serious film, but it is a brilliant comedy, one of the best ever, and in it you can see Ralph Fiennes in one of his best roles ever.

At the Grand Hotel Budapest things are kind of different and Gustave H (Ralph Fiennes) is not the most traditional in the way he takes care of his guests. He also gets a special friend, his lobby buy Zero Moustafa. As a thank you for his great services towards his guests Gustave is supposed to inherit a famous painting, but the family of the lady are not happy about Gustave getting this painting instead of them.

The film has a fantastic story, great actors, and is the most important film to watch on this list to watch of comedies on Netflix, if you have to pick one of them.

On Netflix: The Grand Hotel Budapest can be seen on Canadian Netflix.

The Grand Hotel Budapest on Netflix

These are the best comedies on Netflix at the moment, but do not hesitate to write a comment if you have further suggestions, because since the world of Netflix always change I will for sure write new articles on the best comedies on Netflix in not so long, and maybe then I will feature your favorite as well, at least if I personally like it!

And read more about swapping between Netflix regions here.

If you want to know more about the best Christmas films on Netflix or maybe the best romantic films on Netflix, click the links to read my articles on those subjects.

The Cobbler on US Netflix

The Cobbler on NetflixOne of my favorite films as I saw it in cinemas in the last 6 months was probably The Cobbler. It wasn’t an amazing film, but I found it to be amusing and a very nice film with some good jokes and a nice story. Ready for some fun and some popcorn? Watch The Cobbler on US Netflix!

The Cobbler is the story in which you meat the cobbler named Max Simkin, played by Adam Sandler. He is a guy without to much purpose and not so much to live for, but then suddenly something happens. One day the machine he normally uses to repair shoes gets destroyed, so he goes down to the basement to try using the old fashioned repairing machine instead. There is just one little thing to the machine… as he repairs the shoes of the people with this machine and he puts on the shoes afterwards he looks completely like the owner of the shoes. Take a look at the trailer, and you will get a feeling what I am talking about.

With power comes possibility and risk, and that is of course what happens with Adam Sandler as well. This film can now be seen on US Netflix and I can warmly recommend it to anyone interested in a good film for the evening. If you have problems watching Netflix in your country, or watching US Netflix at your current location, read the following article.

By the way, it is really cool that this film is already available on Netflix, especially considering that it isn’t that old at all. So, a film that quickly got available on Netflix, that is something I like a lot! Have you watched it? Did you like it?

Have an enjoyable evening watching The Cobbler on Netflix!

Just Go with It on UK Netflix

In these days Adam Sandler can be seen in cinemas worldwide with the film Blended. He is a master of those funny and romantic films, and if you want to see one of them, Just Go with It has just been released and made available on UK Netflix.Just Go With it On Netflix

This is a really nice family film in which Adam Sandler brings with him Jennifer Aniston to play his wife and family as he goes on a holiday to a really nice beach paradise. Things will of course not develop in the way he originally planed them to, but that is what makes films such as this one interesting and of course romantic. Enjoy the film for as long as it will be available on UK Netlix.