Watch The Intern on Netflix

The Intern is a new film with Robert de Niro and Anna Hathaway. It has received great critics and now you can watch The Intern on Netflix.

The Intern is a nice film that tells us the story of s successful business woman. She has managed to build up a business in less than two years. With lots of employees and a high level of success there is still lots of stress and trouble in her life. Her marriage and family suffer from her success, and maturity is needed to run the business and make it grow. At this point they decide to employ senior citizens. The goal is to make seniors feel valueable and able to use their skills and wisdom. Robert De Niro is the pensioner coming to the company of Anna Hathaway, and she for sure needs his wisdom and help to sort things out.

The Intern on Netflix

The Intern on Netflix

I did enjoy this film, even though I was a bit bored. If you want to watch The Intern on Netflix, then you can do so in three different Netflix regions; on Australian Netflix, on Finnish Netflix and on Japanese Netflix.

For information on how you can get access to the different regions simply press the links and you will find the info you are looking for.

The Intern has a 61% score on Rotten Tomatoes, which isn’t that bad at all. on iMDB it has a 7,2/10 score which again should serve as a good score for this film. Have you seen The Intern on Netflix? Have you seen it somewhere else? What kind of score would you give it? Write down your thoughts and tell me what score you would give The Intern on Rotten Tomatoes!

You could also consider watching The Intern on HBO Now where the film has been available since June 2016.

Les Miserables on UK Netflix

Les Miserables has been shown on film and cinemas lots of times, but one of the very best versions has to be the one made in 2012 directed by Tom Hopper. If I remember correct this was even an award winning version where Anna Hathaway got an Oscar for her part, but it might be that I do not remember this correctly though. Please correct me writing a comment if I am wrong!Les MIserables on Netflix

In Les Miserables you can follow Jean Valjean played by Hugh Jackman who is freed from prison by Javert, played by Russell Crowe. Jean Valjean soon turns into an important man in the social life, but later Javert recognizes him, and then he starts hunting him down with the goal of placing him back into prisen.

In this story of love, hate and other feelings you can listen to beautiful music originating from the original story written by Victor Hugo. If you have not seen this film yet, hurry up and watch it on UK Netflix right away! Visit to sign up and get started. If you can not watch Netflix where you are because of your location, or if you can not watch UK Netflix because you are located somewhere else, then you can read about using your existing Netflix account to watch UK Netflix here.

If you have no clue and no Netflix account yet, read more about simply watching Netflix from abroad here.