Can I watch Justice League on Netflix?

I have been waiting for Justice League to come to Netflix for a long time. It came to HBO Now in July 2018, but what about Netflix?

As I write originally wrote this article, Justice League could not be seen in any single Netflix region. But, it has changed since then, and now you can watch Justice League on Netflix. But, where? And is it worth watching?

Justice League on Netflix
Can I watch Justice League on Netflix?

I am a big fan of the Wonder Woman movie, but I totally hated the Batman v. Superman movie. But, luckily DC Comics have made some brutal changes in Justice League, making Batman a much nicer personality, and thus the movie was much easier and better to watch. Again I must say that Wonder Woman is my favorite character in the movie, but the other characters also do a very good job making Justice League a nice movie to watch.

Justice League did not make it to the list of top 10 grossing movies in 2017, but it made it to the top 15 list. In other words, this was a successful movie, and people flocked to the cinemas in order to watch it.

Watch Justice League on Netflix

Today (October 25th, 2018), I discovered Justice League on Netflix in Australia. So, if you live in Australia, or follow my instructions on how to access Australian Netflix, you can go ahead and watch Justice League on Netflix right away. It is well worth the job, at least if you like super hero movies like this one. Not totally convinced yet? Take a look at the Justice League trailer beneath.

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Watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on Netflix

It has been a while since I watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I am still quite depressed thinking about the movie, but if you want to watch it, then you might be lucky. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now on Netflix!

I like Batman, at least most of the time, and I like Superman. I therefore had great hopes for Batman v Superman, even though the title itself sounded terrible. The thought of two superheroes who are nice actually fighting one another sounded like a catastrophe to me. And guess what, as I watched the movie I simply couldn’t stand the atmosphere of it, especially not the way Batman was. One of my big heroes who is nice to people and wants to believe the best about people… and now he is suddenly completely different and so depressed and bad, that I could not really stand this movie.  I am not sure about you, but I would for sure join the Rotten Tomatoes score which is currently around 27%. At iMDB they are way more positive and the movie has a score around 6,5/10.

batman v superman on netflix

Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gad Gadot can not save the movie, and neither can Amy Adams. The only actor that I actually liked in this movie is Jesse Eisenberg who played the role as Lex Luther in a great way. But, after originally writing this article I became a big fan of Gal Gadot in her role as Wonder Woman in the Wonder Woman movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, then it will hopefully come to Netflix soon.

(Article updated September 2017)

Watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on Netflix

If you want to stream this movie on Netflix, then you can currently do so in the following Netflix regions:

  • Sweden
  • Australia
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Japan

Find out how to watch Batman v Superman on Norwegian Netflix in this article. It is quite easy to get access to Norwegian Netflix from abroad, so go ahead, and you can stream Batman v Superman on Netflix in a few minutes from now.

If you have seen the movie I would also love to hear whether or not you liked the movie, or if you found it to be just as tragic as I did.

Watch Runner Runner on Netflix

Would you like to watch Runner, Runner on Netflix? The film has just been made available and you can of course watch the film on Netflix.
Runner Runner on Netflix
In Runner, Runner you can meet the guy who wants to pay for his tuition fee with money won playing poker. He has still an incredible talent for poker and he is then handpicked for doing some real business and earning a lot of money. In the main roles in the film you will meet Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck and Emma Arterton.

Justin Timberlake gets into lots of trouble in this film and needs to really use his brain to find a way out of it. Will he make it?

Runner Runner is now available Netflix in Italy, Portugal and in Switzerland. The film is from 2013.

Runner, Runner has not received the best critics all around, so it currently has an 8% score on Rotten Tomatoes, a 5,6/ score on IMDB and a 36% score on Metacritic.

Have you seen the trailer? Does it seem promising? Have you seen the entire film? Did you like it, or do you share the opinion of the people commmenting at Rotten Tomatoes giving this film a score of 8%? Please write and share your thoughts on Runner Runner.