Finally we can watch Man With a Plan on Netflix (season 1-4)

Are you a fan of the star from the series Friends, Matt LeBlanc? Would you like to stream his CBS show named Man With a Plan on Netflix? It hasn’t been possible for a long time, but then, from November 2020, it has suddenly showed up on Netflix… but only in one country. Would you like to watch Man With a Plan on Netflix? This is how it can be done!

I have watched quite a lot of episodes of Man With a Plan, and I have got to say that this is a fairly entertaining and fun TV series. I enjoyed watching it, and it has good jokes, and lots of humor that will make parents and kids recognize themselves in what’s going on. That is why it is so great to finally see the series show up on Netflix. But, how can you and I watch it if we live in a country in which Man With a Plan is non-existent on Netflix? It is very easy.

Currently, you can only watch Man With a Plan on US Netflix. You can read my separate guide on how to watch US Netflix abroad, or you can just follow these instructions to get started!

Watch Man With a Plan on US Netflix

If you want to watch this fantastic series and its four seasons on Netflix, you will need to use a VPN named SurfsharkVPN or a VPN named NordVPN. These are both brilliant VPN providers that give you access to all the content on American Netflix, and also Netflix content in several other countries. As a result, you will multiply the value of your Netflix subscription, as you will be able to stream TV series and movies available on different places.

If you didn’t know it, the Netflix content is widely different between countries. You can stream lots of Harry Potter movies in some countries, while you can stream the newest episodes of The Blacklist in other countries, and then you can watch Sound of Music on Netflix in a different country. Those are just some very easy examples, but that is the reality. That is why a VPN subscription to either NordVPN or SurfsharkVPN will be like gold to anyone with an existing Netflix subscription.

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Unblock Netflix with NordVPN(you can start watching in a few minutes)

NordVPN will help you unblock Netflix content in 5 different countries. They have some great discounts available right now, but it is still a bit more expensive than SurfsharkVPN. They also have a 30-day refund policy, so if you try it and don’t like it, you can easily ask and get all your money back. One subscription can be used on six devices simultaneously.

When you have bought your VPN subscription, you are ready to watch Matt LeBlanc as the father raising his children alone. Are you ready for some laughter as he visits the kindergarten and the school to fix the issues with the kids there? He isn’t always the dream dad, but he sure gives the viewers a lot of fun, meaning that I actually feel like watching some more episodes of the show as I am writing this article.

  • Open your VPN application and connect to a server in the USA.
  • Go to or open your Netflix application.
  • Search for Man With a Plan.
  • Get ready to stream

That is how easy it is to stream this popular CBS series on Netflix. Would you like to see even more about how it is done? Check the following YouTube clip showing you how to watch Man With a Plan on Netflix using NordVPN.

Are you ready? I hope these instructions have helped you and that you are ready to stream this and lots of other fantastic TV shows and movies on American Netflix after reading this. Do not forget to place a bookmark here on this page to get even more information about this and other TV shows and movies available on Netflix. And, if you want information on how to get access to Netflix content in ONE certain country, look through all the articles referred to at

If you need help streaming Man With a Plan on Netflix, or just want to share your thoughts on the show, write a comment below!

Where can I watch Madam Secretary season 6 on Netflix?

The sixth season of Madam Secretary is also the final season of this popular TV show. Are you looking for a way to watch Madam Secretary season 6 on Netflix? Where can you find it?

To be honest, Madam Secretary is one of the hardest TV shows out there to stream on Netflix. Do you know why? You can only find Madam Secretary on Netflix in one single country and that is in the United States. Of course, that makes it way easier to watch than The Mandalorian, a Disney+ original show that you cannot find on Netflix at all. So, it could be worse, considering that not all shows can be found on Netflix at all, so I guess we should be happy just to know that Madam Secretary is on Netflix in the United States.

Madam Secretary season 6 on Netflix

Watch all 120 episodes of Madam Secretary on Netflix

Madam Secretary is a CBS show, meaning that you can watch it on CBS All Access if you have a CBS subscription. But, it is way more convenient to watch it on Netflix, and you can find all 120 episodes on American Netflix. The sixth and final season is shorter than the other seasons, meaning that it only has 10 episodes, but that means you will get quickly to the end without having to wait so much. Maybe that is a plus?

The good thing here is that you can easily watch Madam Secretary on US Netflix. If you have a Netflix subscription already, the only thing you need is a VPN subscription to either NordVPN or to SurfsharkVPN. Both are brilliant VPN services that will change your IP address (when you want them to). And yes, you can use them to make Netflix believe that you are in the United States, and you can also use them to watch Canadian Netflix, German Netflix, Dutch Netflix, and Japanese Netflix.

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Unblock Netflix with NordVPN(you can start watching in a few minutes)

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Check both the VPN websites above and purchase a subscription to the one that you like better. Do not forget, both of them have 30-day refund policies. What does that mean for you? If you purchase a subscription, but do not like it, you can simply ask for a refund and you will get your money back. That should make you feel quite safe, shouldn’t it?

When the VPN is ready!

When you have purchased a VPN subscription and installed the VPN on your selected devices (they both have applications for lots of platforms and operating systems), open the application and connect to a server in the United States.

You will then get an American IP address immediately, and you can straight away open your Netflix application and search for Madam Secretary. You will then find the TV series and you can stream Madam Secretary season 6 and all the previous seasons on American Netflix.

Are you ready? Madam Secretary is a really fantastic TV show, and it takes you into the world of politics in a serious and humorous way at the same time. It isn’t a comedy like Veep, but the character of the Secretary of State is one that you like very much and she makes the ride feel like a real treat.

Are you ready to watch Madam Secretary season 6 on Netflix? If you have any comments or questions, use the comment field. I always try to help and to answer as quickly as possible!

The Young Sheldon on Netflix?

When will The Young Sheldon come to Netflix? Can it be streamed on Netflix already? Read on and find out!

The Young Sheldon is the very popular CBS series that premiered in 2017. It quickly got lots of fans, and there are many who actually enjoy it even more than The Big Bang Theory (in which we originally got to know Sheldon Cooper).

The Young Sheldon 1

You might know that The Big Bang Theory can be streamed in quite a lot of Netflix regions, but what’s up with The Young Sheldon? Is it possible to stream it on Netflix? Are there any regions in which this series can be seen?

The Young Sheldon on Netflix

I have got to put it like this. Unfortunately, The Young Sheldon cannot be streamed on Netflix at the moment. I would love to stream it and watch it on Netflix, but instead, I will have to watch it using the HBO Go subscription I have here in Europe. I could stream it with my CBS All Access subscription as well, but HBO Go is much easier for me at the moment.

But, since The Big Bang Theory ended up on Netflix, it might be that The Young Sheldon will come with time as well. Maybe the first season will be made available on Netflix once the second season is finished on CBS, or maybe as the third season is launched. These are only speculations, but I do not have any real clue or answer to the question.

CAn I watch The Young Sheldon on netflix?

But, I can promise you, that at the moment I see any news related to The Young Sheldon coming to Netflix, I will go ahead and updated this article so that you will find all the information you need!

Until then, do not forget to check out all the other Netflix related articles here at I also recommend you to follow our YouTube channel for interesting videos, and if you would like to find out what’s new on Netflix, click the link!

Watch Limitless on Netflix

Limitless isn’t only a 2011 movie with Bradley Cooper, it is also a TV series created by CBS in 2015. Would you like to watch the Limitless movie, or maybe the Limitless TV series on Netflix? It can be done!

A few weeks ago, some friends of mine recommended me the movie Limitless. For some reason, the movie never came to my attention, so I hadn’t heard about it, nor watched it. As I got home, I visited Netflix to see if luck was on my side. And guess what, it was! But, not only did I find the Limitless movie, but I also discovered a TV series carrying the same name.

Watch Bradley Cooper as he turns limitless in the movie Limitless on Netflix
Watch Bradley Cooper as he turns limitless in the movie Limitless on Netflix

Since then I have watched the first 4 episodes of the Limitless series, and I have also watched the movie. But, before I share my thoughts, let me tell you where and how you can watch Limitless on Netflix.

Watch Limitless (2011) on Netflix

The movie, starring Bradley Cooper, can be seen in quite a lot of Netflix regions.

If you live somewhere else and cannot find Limitless on Netflix, click the links above to find out how you can get access to the mentioned Netflix regions.

Watch Limitless (2015 CBS Series) on Netflix

You can watch the Limitless TV series produced by CBS in lots of Netflix regions. Visit Netflix first, and you are most likely to find it. But, if you can’t, switch to one of the following regions, and you can stream it at once.

  • American Netflix
  • Canadian Netflix
  • German Netflix
  • Mexican Netflix
  • English Netflix
  • and lots of other regions

Is Limitless worth watching?

As I mentioned at the start of the article, I have now watched the movie and the first four episode of the CBS series. I enjoyed watching both the movie and the series, but I haven’t had a fantastic time that would make me recommend them to friends and family. The concept is interesting, but it doesn’t grab hold of me and pull me into it.

Bradley Cooper is doing a great job in the movie, but he doesn’t have a big role in the series.

The CBS series is okay, and I like the thought of a bright-minded guy like Brian Finch working for the FBI, but I guess there was a reason for CBS to cancel the series after one season only.

Have you seen Limitless? Did you enjoy it? I would love to hear your thoughts on the movie and the TV series. And of course, enjoy watching all the fun on Netflix!


Great alternatives to Netflix

Are you tired of Netflix? Tired of fighting with VPN blocks and proxy errors? Want to watch your favorite TV show online, right now? Here are some great alternatives to Netflix!

If you want to watch some fantastic TV shows or movies online, then Netflix is one of the best streaming services for this purpose. Here you can watch thousands of movies and TV series without commercials and without interruptions. The only problem is that lots of content is lacking from Netflix.

Want to stream your favorite content online? Here are some alternatives if you do not like Netflix!

US Netflix has the biggest register and biggest amount of movies and TV series available. But, they have big lacks when it comes to the newest blockbusters. Canadian Netflix is much better on blockbusters, but they do not have as many TV series available. The differences are big, and what can you do if you want an alternative to Netflix where you can watch your favorite TV series, the newest TV series and the newest blockbusters whenever you want to?

There is no solution that will solve all your problems at once, but there are solutions that will solve maybe your number one problem!

Great alternatives to Netflix

Google Play Store

You might be surprised at this, but at Google Play Store you can get access to everything you want, whenever you want. The only requirement is that you need to pay for whatever you want to watch. But, if you are willing to pay for the newest episodes of Blindspot, or Captain America: Civil War, then you can get access to the films and TV series at once after they have been released. It is quite easy to get access to the US Google Play Store, and instructions can be found in this article.


Hulu is probably a streaming service you have heard of earlier. It is not as big as Netflix when it comes to movies, but it gets better and better. Their number one profile is TV series and there it is way better than Netflix. At Hulu you will get access to your favorite TV series and the new episodes just after they have been aired on US TV. So, it is not like with Netflix where you wait for a year or two to get access to an entire season at once. With Hulu you can follow the season as it develops with new episodes added every week. You can read more about how you can watch Hulu outside the US here.

Amazon Prime / Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Prime is quite similar to Netflix, with quite a lot of movies and TV series available. Full seasons are added at the same time, meaning that is works like Netflix, and not like Hulu. If you want to get access to something even faster, then you can buy it instantly on Amazon Instant Video. In that way this also reminds of Google Play Store. Personally I would prefer Hulu and Google Play Store, but that is of course entirely up to you! If you want to watch movies on Amazon from abroad, visit


If you are watching Netflix for the purpose of TV series, then you could consider watching them directly on the website of the given network instead. Why watch Blindspot and The Blacklist on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon when you can watch the episodes for free on the NBC website instead? Or why wait for a year for a new season of the Big Ban Theory to arrive, when you can watch the episodes live and on-demand on CBS All Access?  You can find out more about these services at and at

Now these are some great alternatives to Netflix. There are of course lots of other streaming services available, but these are some of the best options you have.

What do you think? Have you found any of these alternatives to be a good alternative to Netflix? Do you have other suggestions for Netflix alternatives? Write a comment and share your insight!


Madam Secretary season 2 on Netflix

Madam Secretary season 2 has just arrived on US Netflix. If you want to watch it you can do it now. If you want to get access to US Netflix abroad, I am about to tell you how it is done!

Madam Secretary is a CBS series that has turned very popular. You can of course watch it on CBS All Access, also from abroad, but if you have a Netflix subscription and have been waiting for season 2 of Madam Secretary to arrive, you do not have to wait anymore.

Madam Secretary on Netflix

Madam Secretary season 2 was made available on US Netflix on July 3rd in 2016, so if you are located in the United States then you can start watching it right away. If you are located outside the United States and want to access US Netflix, then I have already written a detailed article on how it is done, so just press the link and you will be ready to watch US Netflix in a few minutes from now.

The second season aired on CBS in 2015-16 and the last episode was shown on CBS on May 8th in 2016. In other words the second season came quickly to Netflix and you can now watch all the episodes online on US Netflix.

The third Madam Secretary season will have its premiere on CBS on October 2nd.

Person of Interest on Netflix

Person of INterest on NetflixPerson of Interest season 5 is just about to finish on CBS and that is also the final season of the show. So far only the first four seasons can be seen on Netflix, with season 5 probably coming sometimes this autumn or maybe early 2017.

The first 3 seasons of Person of Interest can be seen on about 10 different Netflix regions including US Netflix, Norwegian Netflix and French Netflix. The fourth season is only available on two different regions at the moment and that is on US and on French Netflix, so if you want to watch all the four seasons then US Netflix is probably the best place to go.

If you are looking for season 5 which at the same time is the last season of Person of Interest then you might want to tune in to the CBS website and maybe CBS All Access where you can get access to all seasons of Person of Interest, including the last season. You can read more about watching Person of Interest on CBS (and on CBS All Access) on the following site.

Do not miss out on this chance to watch this fantastic TV series produced by CBS and now that season 5 is finished this is a great chance to start watching this TV series in a way where you know that you can actually watch it all the way till the end, making it easier to start (knowing that there is an end).