Watch Genius on Netflix

The 2016 film named Genius with Colin Firth, Jude Law and Nicole Kidman has already reached Netflix. Would you like to watch Genius on Netflix tonight?

I have not yet seen Genius, but after watching the trailer I do feel like doing so. Even though the movie has great actors, it has not received the best critics on the Internet. It currently has a 6.5/10 on iMDB which is considered a fairly low score based on the general positivity of the people actually sharing their scores there. Another portal which normally is strict is Rotten Tomatoes, and there Genius has only received a 51% rating. In other words, this has not received the best critics by viewers and bloggers around the globe.

Watch Genius on Netflix

Watch Genius on NetflixTo get access to Genius and to watch it on Netflix you will have to live in Canada, or at least get access to Canadian Netflix from abroad. That isn’t so hard to do, which means you can easily watch Genius on Netflix in a few minutes from now, even though you might be located somewhere else.

The story in Genius is based on the book from the 1970s named Max Perkins: Editor of Genius. It was written by A. Scott Berg and was a great success back then. But, maybe they were hoping for even more success for the movie itself.

Have you seen Genius? Did you like it? Would you recommend it to me and to all the readers of this blog? Write a few comments to share your thoughts on Genius.


Watch Kingsman on Netflix

Kingsman on NetflixOne of my favorite films this year has for sure been Kingsman. I could not watch it in cinema, so I watched it at home later instead, and since many people recommended it to me I had big expectations to the film. And even though the risk of disappointment is much bigger for a film if you come with high expectations, I was not disappointed and actually enjoyed this mixture of an action and comedy film!

Kingsman is a kind of James Bond film, meaning it is about some super secret agents which no other agency in the world know about. They will of course need to fight for saving the world and in the film you can see famous celebrities such as Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Taron Egerton.

This is a real crazy comedy and I believe you will like it if you are a fan of action and spy films, and do not mind if they are spiced up with a sense of comedy and crazyness.

But can I watch Kingsman on Netflix? Yes you can! Kingsman was made available on Canadian Netflix the first of November in 2015, meaning that you easily can watch it using a simply region switching tool. You can read more about switching between the different Netflix regions in the following article!

So, go ahead and watch Kingsman, and I do hope that you will not be disappointed. If you have any thoughts worth sharing on the film, just write in the comment field. I would love to hear from you!

Before I go to sleep – now on US Netflix

Are you in for a really interesting film in which you will not really get the point before it actually ends? Watch a film which has a story that is intense and will keep you stuck to the chair for the next two hours. Before I go to sleep is the film for you!

Before i go to sleep

The film was just made available on US Netflix, so if you want to watch it, go ahead. If you do not have a Netflix account or live in a nation in which Netflix is unavailable, such as for example Kazakhstan or Nepal, find out more about watching Netflix from abroad here.

In Before I go to sleep you will meet the fantastic actors Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth who plays the main roles, but in addition you will see Mark Strong playing the role as Dr. Nash who tries to help Christine Lucas (played by Nicole Kidman) to understand her past. The film has not receied the best critics and only has a score of a bit higher than 6 on IMDB and on Rotten Tomatoes it only has 33% score, but I highly disagree, because this was a really good film and I really needed some popcorn to have something to eat while I awaited the end and the “solution” of the film.

If you want to know more about the film you can watch the trailer beneath. Have fun, and enjoy watching this film on Netflix from all across the world.