Can I stream The Mandalorian on Netflix?

Would you love to watch The Mandalorian? Are you looking for a place where you can potentially stream the brand new series? Cannot access Disney+ in your country, and now you look for potential other sites where you can stream The Mandalorian online? Can I find The Mandalorian on Netflix?

At the time writing this article, the first two episodes of The Mandalorian have been released on Disney+, the brand new streaming service from Disney. The platform, and especially The Mandalorian, has received a lot of praise, and the most fanatic Star Wars fans even enjoy the brand new Star Wars series from Disney. I can easily understand why you want to watch the show because this is real Star Wars fun, just the way we love it. The creatures in the series are authentic, the sounds, the clips, the footage, everything. So, this is a must-see for Star Wars fans.

Is The Mandalorian on Netflix?

As you might know, there are lots of movies and TV shows that can be seen in special countries, but not in others on Netflix. That was the instance with A Star is Born, a movie that came to Japanese Netflix, but currently cannot be streamed anywhere else. In the same way, you can stream the final season of Suits (season 9) on Netflix in the UK, but nowhere else.

So, can you watch The Mandalorian on Netflix at all? Is there a lucky country in which this new series can be streamed?

The answer to the question is a certain NO! I am sorry to give it to you in such a harsh way, but there is no other way of doing it. How come?

The Mandalorian is the flagship of Disney+ at the moment. This is the series that brought 10 million subscribers to the service on the first day after its launch. It is a Disney+ original series, meaning that you will not be able to find it elsewhere. If you also consider the fact that Disney plans on expanding to new nations and make their streaming platform available worldwide, they will for sure have no intention of giving away their golden baby to their biggest opponent, Netflix.

In the same way, Netflix will not give up on their biggest hits and sell them to Disney+, HBO, nor to Hulu. So, the battle is heating up, and I am very curious to find out which platform will be the winner when it comes to receptions, actual users and subscribers between Netflix and Disney+ in the coming years.

Netflix for sure has an early start advantage, but considering that Disney+ got a flying start with all the Marvel movies, the Disney classics, and The Mandalorian, I do believe they have the potential to really cause trouble for Netflix.

If I cannot watch The Mandalorian on Netflix, where can I watch it then?

I guess you are desperate to watch The Mandalorian. And since you cannot watch it on Netflix, a better way to watch it is on Disney+. But, how can you access Disney+ and pay for Disney+ if it is unavailable in your country? Click the link to find out, or check the following YouTube video.

If you first purchase a Disney+ subscription, make sure to check the following article for lots of Disney+ tips and tricks that will cheer you up and help you!

How do you feel about The Mandalorian?

Have you seen the first episode (or maybe the first season)? I would love to hear your thoughts on The Mandalorian, so write a comment and let me know what is on your heart!

Watch The Incredibles 2 on Netflix

One of the best movies of all in 2018 was The Incredibles 2. Not often does a successor become better than the original, but to me, The Incredibles 2 was even better than the original movie. 

The Incredibles 2 on Netflix
My favorite character in The Incredibles 2 – watch it on Netflix

The Incredibles 2 made it to the list of the top 10 grossing movies in the world in 2018. And considering that it is an animated movie, that is a brilliant job. The truth is, this is a movie that even adults will enjoy. I am way up in my adult years, and I was an adult when I watched the first movie, but I enjoyed the first movie about the incredible family, and now I enjoyed the second movie even more.

Watch The Incredibles 2 on Netflix

If you are as enthusiastic about The Incredibles 2 as I am, you will for sure be eager to watch the movie on Netflix. But, where can you stream Incredibles 2 on Netflix? From January 30th in 2019, you can stream the movie in two different Netflix regions, in Canada and in the USA.

But, how can you get access to those Netflix regions if you live somewhere else? It is very easy. All you have to do is to read the instructions at It is really easy, and you can find yourself enjoying the full library of Canadian and American Netflix in five minutes from now if you follow the instrcutions.

And believe me, it is worth it. Not only will The Incredibles 2 come to both regions in January 2019, but you can also watch the Marvel movie Ant-Man and the Wasp, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and quite a lot of other awesome movies.

Watch The Incredibles 2 on Netflix
Watch Elastigirl in The Incredibles 2 on Netflix

The Incredibles 2 – a fantastic movie

If you visit Rotten Tomatoes, you will see that The Incredibles 2 has a critics score of 94%, while the audience score is 86%. Both are fantastic numbers, and they support my statement that this is an awesome movies. I have got to say that kids of 5-6-7 years will love the movie, but they might get scared as the “evil” character of the movie can be experienced as a really scary character.

But, The Incredibles 2 is also packed with hilarious jokes, and especially the youngest member of the family is awesome to watch.

Have you seen The Incredibles 2?

Did you enjoy it as much as I did? I am a giant fan, and even though it took a long time for the successor to arrive, it was definitely worth the wait. I do hope that an eventual third movie will come faster than the second, but the most important is to keep the quality up!

Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story on Netflix

Are you wondering how to watch Solo: A Star Wars Story on Netflix? Or maybe you are wondering where you can watch the Star Wars movie about Han Solo on Netflix? The answer is here!

Watch Solo: A Star Wars story on Netflix
Watch Solo: A Star Wars story on Netflix

Yes, I do know that Solo: A Star Wars story didn’t become a great success, and after the failure of the movie, Disney decided to take a break from the spin-off stories. But, even though it wasn’t a big hit, I still had a fantastic time watching it in the cinema, and I have no regrets spending my time and my money at this movie. I could even watch the movie once more, but I guess there are other movies I would pick before I would watch Solo: A Star Wars Movie on Netflix. Still, the fact that I could consider watching it once more says a lot (I hate watching movies twice normally… I get so bored)!

Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story on Netflix

From January 9th in 2019, you can stream Solo: A Star Wars Story on Netflix in the United States and in Canada. In other words, it is made available for all of us. If you live somewhere else, all you need to do is to follow the instructions here at, and you will be able to get access to both Canadian and US Netflix within a few minutes from now.

Click the link above, follow the instructions, and you will be ready to stream Solo: A Star Wars Story on Netflix very soon!

How much should you care about the voice of the critics?

I just checked the movies score on Rotten Tomatoes, and it has a 70% Critics score and a 64% audience score. That is kind of surprising, because I thought it would be the other way, meaning it would have a better audience score than critics score. 

But, the truth is that I do not really care about the critics score. There are lots of movies which have had fantastic critics scores, but I was bored to death. But, I do listen to the audience score, because that is given by people watching the movie, just like myself. And as I see the number 64%, I guess it means that lots of people enjoyed the movie, but many people disliked it. 

Solo: A Star Wars story on Netflix
Woody Harrelson is also in Solo: A Star Wars Story

But, it is hard to create a movie in the Star Wars universe, and as a result, it is even harder to get a good score. The Star Wars fans are critical and picky, and thus, Solo: A Star Wars movie is suffering from the taste of the picky fans (the way I see it).

Have you seen Solo: A Star Wars story on Netflix (or in the cinema)? How did you like it? I would love to hear your thoughts about the movie!

Coming to Canadian Netflix in January 2019

Yesterday, I gave you the list of titles that will come to American Netflix in January 2019. Today, I present to you the list of movies and TV series that will come to Canadian Netflix in January 2019.

There are quite a lot of similarities between the two lists, something that is natural considering the large amount of Netflix original productions which are all added to Netflix regions worldwide at the same time.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will come to Canadian Netflix in January 2019
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will come to Canadian Netflix in January 2019

There are some differences between the lists, but the differences aren’t as big as they often are. The biggest titles coming to American Netflix in January 2019, will also come to Canadian Netflix. In other words, you will be able to stream Solo: A Star Wars Story on Canadian Netflix in January 2019, you can stream The Incredibles 2 on Canadian Netflix in January 2019, and if you haven’t seen Ant-Man and The Wasp yet, it will become possible on Netflix in Canada as well. These are the biggest highlights in both regions, but it is also worth mentioned the arrival of the final season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

The Incredibles 2 on Canadian Netflix in January 2019
The Incredibles 2 on Canadian Netflix in January 2019

One movie that will come to Netflix in Canada that might be of great interest to the older Netflix viewers is The Book Club. This was a quite succesful movie in the theaters, and especially the older generation enjoyed this movie a lot.

Want to look through the whole list of movies coming to Canadian Netflix in January 2019? Read on!

Full list of content coming to Canadian Netflix in January 2019

January 1:
A Series of Unfortunate Events, Season 3 (Netflix Original series)
Across the Universe
Bad Boys
Black Hawk Down
Blood Diamond
Comedians of the World (Netflix Original series)
Daddy Day Care
Grown Ups 2
Sex Education
Mona Lisa Smile
My Best Friend’s Wedding
Pinky Malinky (Netflix Original series)
Tears of the Sun
The Cable Guy
Grace and Frankie, Season 5 The Karate Kid Part II
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (Netflix Original series)
XXX: State of the Union

January 2:
A Quiet Place
Bring It On
Bring It On Again
Bring It On: All or Nothing
Bring It On: Fight to the Finish
Bring It On: In It to Win It
Red Dragon
The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Legacy
The Bourne Supremacy
The Bourne Ultimatum

January 4:
And Breathe Normally

January 9:
Godzilla The Planet Eater (Netflix Original series)
Solo: A Star Wars Story

January 10:
When Heroes Fly (Netflix Original series)

January 11:
Friends from College, Season 2
ReMastered: Massacre at the Stadium (Netflix Original series)
Sex Education (Netflix Original series)
Solo (Netflix Original film)
The Last Laugh (Netflix Original film)
Titans (Netflix Original series)

January 15:
Revenger (Netflix Original film)
Sebastian Maniscalco: Stay Hungry (Netflix Original series)
The Reaping

January 18:
Carmen Sandiego (Netflix Original series)
Close (Netflix Original film)
FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened (Netflix Original series)
GIRL (Netflix Original film)
Grace and Frankie, Season 5 (Netflix Original series)
IO (Netflix Original film)
Soni (Netflix Original film)
Trigger Warning with Killer Mike (Netflix Original series)
Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Season 5 (Netflix Original series)

January 21:
Book Club
Justice (Netflix Original film)

January 24:
Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes (Netflix Original series)

January 25:
Animas (Netflix Original film)
Black Earth Rising (Netflix Original film)
Club de Cuervos, Season 4 (Netflix Original series)
Kingdom (Netflix Original series)
Medici: The Magnificent (Netflix Original series)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Season 4, Part 2 (Netflix Original series)

January 27:
Z Nation, Season 5

January 29:
Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias: One Show Fits All (Netflix Original series)
Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp

January 30:
Disney-Pixar’s The Incredibles 2

January 31:
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

I almost forget to mention Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, a movie that will come to Canadian Netflix on the last day of January. It isn’t a brand new movie, but it is still a hot-shot movie. 

If that isn’t enough action for you, make sure to watch both the xXx movies that will be added on January 1st, and then watch the four Bourne movies that will come to Canadian Netflix on January 2nd. They will for sure keep you awake and give you some enjoyable hours in front of the TV with lots of action!

Bambi can now be seen on Netflix

Would you like to watch Bambi on Netflix? Is there a way to watch this Disney classic from 1942 on the very popular streaming service? Yes, it is! Read on to find out how you can stream Bambi on Netflix.

bambi on netflix

If you want to watch Bambi on Netflix, you will need to get access to one of the following Netflix regions:

  • India
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland

I have a method working for those who want to watch German Netflix, so read more about how you can get access to German Netflix in the following article.


The author and maker of Bambi was Felix Salten. His book was originally titled: Bambi, a life in the woods, and this was the background for the making of the Disney film Bambi back in 1942. Felix Salten himself was an Austrian, but what few people know about him is that he originally came from Budapest, where he was born, but only four weeks old his family brought him with them to Austria, and that is how he ended up an Austrian, and always referred to as someone from Austria.

The BFG is now on Netflix

Are you in the mood for a fantasy movie created by Steven Spielberg tonight? Did you know that you can already stream The BFG on Netflix?

The BFG is a fantastic movie from 2016 created by Steven Spielberg. It is the story about a ten year old girl named Sophie who meets a giant played by Mark Rylance. How will this friendshop move on? You can find out if you sit down to watch The BFG at Netflix. You can of course also watch the official trailer of the movie, so if you want to start with that, take a look at the trailer beneath.

As you can see from the trailer it is a true fantasy story, and to be honest, the trailer makes me want to stream the movie on Netflix right away. So, how can it be done?

How to watch The BFG on Netflix?

The BFG on Netflix

If you want to stream the movie on Netflix you will need to get access to Canadian Netflix. So, how can you get access

to Canadian Netflix? Well, it is quite easy, and you can read more instructions on how it can be done right here.

Is it worth it? According to the ratings the movie has a 6,4/10 score on iMDB, a 75% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and the Google users have given it an incredible 89% score so far. So, what do you think? Have you watched The BFG on Netflix? Did you enjoy it? Why don’t you take a break to write a comment and share your thoughts about the movie?

If you want to know more about what’s coming to Netflix, what’s on Netflix or maybe how to access different Netflix regions, read around here at this website, follow us on Facebook and enjoy life!

Watch Zootopia on Netflix

Zootopia is a brand new animation film from Disney. Did you miss out on Zootopia in cinema? Now you might be able to watch Zootopia on Netflix instead.

There was a time when I loved animation movies from Disney and Pixar, but now I have gotten older and do not enjoy them that much anymore. Still, if someone would mention the Lion King, Aladdin or maybe Shrek these are still animation films that I love. But, I have a harder time with the more modern films. Frozen was praised by everyone, but to me it was more like a fairly good Disney animation movie. Inside Out was a film that made me fall asleep, but still it was awarded with an Oscar award.

Zootopia is a brand new movie that I haven’t watched yet, but with its recent arrival to Canadian Netflix I might take my time to watch it within shortly. This is not the only brilliant animation movie that recently came to Canadian Netflix, as The Good Dinosaur also came to Canadian Netflix not long ago.

Watch Zootopia on Netflix

Zootopia has a high score on iMDB as it currently has an 8,1/10 score. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a mixture of 98% and a 93% score, which is incredibly high considering the fact that we are speaking of Rotten Tomatoes.

Have you seen Zootopia yet? Want to watch it on Netflix? You can not only watch the English language version of Zootopia on Canadian Netflix, but the French version as well!

Notice that on Canadian Netflix you can also watch Planes, Inside Out, Hotel Transylvania, Home. Happy Feet, Kung Fu Panda and lots of other children movies.

Watch Bambi on Netflix

Bambi is one of the first Disney films ever produced, and of course one of the nicest of them all. If you want to watch Bambi on Netflix then it can be done, but it might not be available in your region.

Now you can watch Bambi on Netflix

There are lots of movies available on Netflix, which you still can not see. With own Netflix offices in the different nations, and different companies dealing with the rights for the different films in different nations, you will sometimes see movies arrive much earlier to some Netflix regions than to others. Some movies never even arrive to Netflix, so it ain’t that easy to understand all the why’s when it comes to movies and their arrival date on Netflix.

When it comes to the Disney film named Bambi, you can now watch it on Netflix, but as far as I know it is only available in one single Netflix region, and that is on German Netflix. That is not the best, because the fact that you read this article in English might tell us that you do not live in Germany, which means that you do not have access to German Netflix. I am not 100% sure, but the fact that you can find Bambi on German Netflix might also mean that you can only access the dubbed version of the film, something I do not actually think (normally the English version is available everywhere).

Is Bambi available in other Netflix regions?

At the moment it isn’t, but if I see news about Bambi coming to other Netflix regions I will update this article. If you know about such news before me, please write a comment and let me know.

Do not forget to follow this page on Netflix and if you want more information on how you can access other Netflix regions, visit the front page.


Watch Inside Out on Netflix

The Oscar Awards are closing up and Inside Out might be awarded as the best animation film in 2015. Now you can prepare for the Oscar Wards by watching Inside Out on Netflix.

Inside Out on Netflix

It is quite amazing, but as I always say, Canadian Netflix is fantastic when it comes to bringing blockbusters and famous films out to Netflix early. In fact they always bring the best and newest films way earlier than US Netflix, UK Netflix and so on. And that is now also true for Inside Out which has just been made available on Canadian Netflix.

Inside Out was not an animated film after my taste. I had great expectations before watching it, but in fact I fell asleep watching it. That might have to do with the fact that I was very tired, but normally I have no problems staying awake if I watch a film that interests me. In the film we can follow the different feelings inside the human brain and how they influence the acts of that person and it is a great story and a great animated film, but to me it simply was boring. It might be that I watched Big Hero 6 a few days earlier, and that was a film I really liked, and thus I compared it to Big Hero 6, and found Inside Out to be really boring.

No matter what, if you want to watch Inside Out on Netflix you can do so on Netflix in Canada right away. To find out more about Netflix regions and how you can change your Netflix region, read this article.

Have you seen Inside Out? Did you like it? Feel free to write an article and share your thoughts. You can also watch Inside Out as an Instant Video on if you want to.

Watch the Beauty and the Beast on Netflix

A few days ago I wrote about how you can watch Peter Pan, the original Disney film, on Netflix, and now I will tell you how and where you can watch the Beauty and the Beast on Netflix. Because, you can watch it, but again not in the most popular Netflix regions.

The Beauty and the Beast on Netflix

To watch the Beauty and the Beast from 1991 on Netflix you will need to change your Netflix region to either Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria or Germany. So to watch this film which has a duration of 85 minutes and which origins from 1991, you need to get yourself for example an Austrian IP address, and then next time you visit you will gain access to Austrian Netflix.

You can of course read more about Netflix region changing here in my Netflix news blog.

Are you a fan of the Beauty and the Beast? I find it to be an incredibly nice story and a true classic, so make sure to watch this film together with someone you love and have a wonderful time together in front of the TV screen or the monitor.

Would you like to watch Beauty and the Beast from 2017 on Netflix?

Disney created a brand new Beauty and the Beast movie in 2017 featuring Emma Watson as our beautiful girl captured by the beast. This movie is now available on Netflix as well. You can read more about how and where to stream this version of Beauty and the Best on Netflix in this article.