Where can I watch Lethal Weapon (FOX) on Netflix?

I have heard that the Lethal Weapon series from FOX Network is supposed to be great. But, I cannot find Lethal Weapon anywhere on Netflix. Is it possible to stream Lethal Weapon, the series, on Netflix? Where can I stream Lethal Weapon on Netflix?

Can I watch Lethal Weapon on Netflix?
Can I watch Lethal Weapon on Netflix?

The TV series Lethal Weapon was launched in 2017 (if I remember correctly), and I had my doubts about it. I couldn’t ever imagine that they would be able to recreate the character of Martin Riggs in a good and worthy way of the original played by Mel Gibson. But, to my great surprise they managed to do so, and I had a great time watching Lethal Weapon myself.

I did not stream Lethal Weapon on Netflix, but since I have a Hulu account, I streamed the episodes from week to week online on Hulu. But, the early episodes and seasons are long gone from Hulu, and they only show the most recent episodes. As a consequence, you will need to go to Netflix if you want to stream Lethal Weapon in full from season 1. But, where is Lethal Weapon on Netflix? Can it be found on Netflix at all?

Lethal Weapon season 1 and 2 are available on Netflix right now. Lethal Weapon season 3 will become available from September 25th in 2019.

Lethal Weapon on Netflix

It is possible to watch Lethal Weapon on Netflix, but it can only be found in one single Netflix region (currently), and that country is Canada. In other words, you need access to Canadian Netflix in order to watch Lethal Weapon on Netflix.

Now, that is something you can easily get if you use the VPN services of ExpressVPN. Not only will this VPN provider help you get access to Canadian Netflix, but it will also help you stream content in 6-7 other Netflix regions at the same time.

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Watch Lethal Weapon on Netflix in a few seconds

  • Start by clicking the ExpressVPN button above.
  • Sign up for one of their packages.
  • Download the ExpressVPN application to your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android device…
  • Install the application.
  • Open the application.
  • Log in to the application with your ExpressVPN credentials.
  • Connect to a server in Canada.
  • Visit Netflix.com again or restart your Netflix application.

You can now watch Lethal Weapon on Netflix using ExpressVPN. Do not forget to look around on Canadian Netflix, because there are so much other great movies and TV shows available in this region as well. It is not a coincidence that I often refer to Canadian Netflix as my favorite Netflix region, at least when it comes to Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Get ready to stream Lethal Weapon on Netflix

As I mentioned in the start, Lethal Weapon has managed to bring Murtaugh and Riggs back on the screen with the same kind of action as humor as we know from the original Lethal Weapon movies. I am a big fan, and I believe that you will become one as well, at least if you enjoy the crazy humor of Riggs and the rigidness of Murtaugh.

And since Lethal Weapon is currently running in its third season on Fox, you will have a lot of episodes to catch up on, meaning that binge-watching is very possible for those who get addicted to Lethal Weapon after watching an episode or two.

Do you need help streaming Lethal Weapon on Netflix?
If you have read this article, but still cannot manage to watch it on Netflix, write a comment and I will do my best to help you out!

Watch Minority Report season 1 on Netflix

Minority Report is a TV series produced by Fox which was fairly popular in the United States. Now you can watch Minority Report season 1 on Netflix.

Minority Report tells a story about people who are able to predict crimes. Such a guy is out there to help a police officer, and together they help save the world. But, for some reason this Fox series did not become a hit, and that is why the first season only consisted of 10 episodes (instead of 13). For the same reason Fox also cancelled any future for this TV series, meaning that you can watch the first 10 episodes of Minority Report on Netflix, and hat’s it. There will be no more Minority Report from Fox in the near future, so if you look for more action on Fox, then you should watch the newly released Lethal Weapon TV series from Fox. You can watch Lethal Weapon online if you follow the instructions in this article.

Watch Minority Report on Netflix

Minority Report on Netflix

To watch the first and only season of Minority Report on Netflix you have to watch it on Canadian Netflix. That might not be so easy, but you can read more about how you can access Canadian Netflix from abroad in the following article.

For more information in general on how you can access Fox online overseas, I suggest that you visit fox.fromabroad.org where you can find lots of information on that topic. And you better get prepared, because in a few weeks Prison Break will have its premiere (new season) on Fox as well. That will for sure be a highlight for lots of people!


Great alternatives to Netflix

Are you tired of Netflix? Tired of fighting with VPN blocks and proxy errors? Want to watch your favorite TV show online, right now? Here are some great alternatives to Netflix!

If you want to watch some fantastic TV shows or movies online, then Netflix is one of the best streaming services for this purpose. Here you can watch thousands of movies and TV series without commercials and without interruptions. The only problem is that lots of content is lacking from Netflix.

Want to stream your favorite content online? Here are some alternatives if you do not like Netflix!

US Netflix has the biggest register and biggest amount of movies and TV series available. But, they have big lacks when it comes to the newest blockbusters. Canadian Netflix is much better on blockbusters, but they do not have as many TV series available. The differences are big, and what can you do if you want an alternative to Netflix where you can watch your favorite TV series, the newest TV series and the newest blockbusters whenever you want to?

There is no solution that will solve all your problems at once, but there are solutions that will solve maybe your number one problem!

Great alternatives to Netflix

Google Play Store

You might be surprised at this, but at Google Play Store you can get access to everything you want, whenever you want. The only requirement is that you need to pay for whatever you want to watch. But, if you are willing to pay for the newest episodes of Blindspot, or Captain America: Civil War, then you can get access to the films and TV series at once after they have been released. It is quite easy to get access to the US Google Play Store, and instructions can be found in this article.


Hulu is probably a streaming service you have heard of earlier. It is not as big as Netflix when it comes to movies, but it gets better and better. Their number one profile is TV series and there it is way better than Netflix. At Hulu you will get access to your favorite TV series and the new episodes just after they have been aired on US TV. So, it is not like with Netflix where you wait for a year or two to get access to an entire season at once. With Hulu you can follow the season as it develops with new episodes added every week. You can read more about how you can watch Hulu outside the US here.

Amazon Prime / Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Prime is quite similar to Netflix, with quite a lot of movies and TV series available. Full seasons are added at the same time, meaning that is works like Netflix, and not like Hulu. If you want to get access to something even faster, then you can buy it instantly on Amazon Instant Video. In that way this also reminds of Google Play Store. Personally I would prefer Hulu and Google Play Store, but that is of course entirely up to you! If you want to watch movies on Amazon from abroad, visit amazonprime.fromabroad.org.


If you are watching Netflix for the purpose of TV series, then you could consider watching them directly on the website of the given network instead. Why watch Blindspot and The Blacklist on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon when you can watch the episodes for free on the NBC website instead? Or why wait for a year for a new season of the Big Ban Theory to arrive, when you can watch the episodes live and on-demand on CBS All Access?  You can find out more about these services at nbc.fromabroad.org and at cbs.fromabroad.org.

Now these are some great alternatives to Netflix. There are of course lots of other streaming services available, but these are some of the best options you have.

What do you think? Have you found any of these alternatives to be a good alternative to Netflix? Do you have other suggestions for Netflix alternatives? Write a comment and share your insight!