Is HideMyAss working with Netflix in 2020?

Can HideMyAss help you watch Netflix in 2020? We have tested the VPN provider with Netflix, and here you have the results!

It almost feels like the Eurovision Song Contest when writing a text like this. The envelopes are ready, and the public votes are ready to be announced. So, what are the announcements when it comes to HideMyAss and Netflix in 2020. Are they in a peaceful relationship?

HideMyAss and Netflix live-test

Would you like to see a video in which I test HideMyAss and Netflix together? Check the video, or keep on reading the results under the video.

I have got to admit,.HideMyAss is such a giant VPN provider that it is impossible to actually test all of their services. But, they have made the job easier by recommending certain of their servers as the best available for streaming. So, I quickly checked those five servers to see if they would work with Netflix.

What was the result? Of the 5 recommended streaming servers only one worked with Netflix, the one in Germany. The other three servers in the United States and the one in the United Kingdom were all blocked by Netflix.

So, the only way to use HideMyAss with Netflix is by connecting to their German servers, and thus, watch the content available on German Netflix. This might be a highlight to some, but for others, it might not give them a big adrenaline boost to hear that they will only be able to stream German Netflix using the VPN services of HideMyAss.

It is important to know that things change quickly in the world of VPN services, and especially when it comes to blocked and unblocked servers. So, maybe HideMyAss will have new servers up and running that will work with Netflix in the United States tomorrow.

It should also be mentioned that they have so many servers in all sorts of countries that I couldn’t test. Maybe some of their servers will work with Netflix in other countries, but I cannot really tell. If you have an experience you would like to share, please write a comment beneath.

Do not forget this about HideMyAss

Even though HideMyAss might not be the best VPN for Netflix, it is still a very solid VPN provider. They gave us some fantastic download speeds during our recent speed test. Besides this, their service could be used to unblock BBC and ITV in the UK during our test, and they have a delightful application that is really easy to use.

So, HideMyAss might not unblock lots of Netflix regions, but it still works as a VPN provider. So, take it into consideration and write a comment later to let us know how you decided in the end.

HideMyAss website

Do not forget, HideMyAss has a 30-day full refund policy. If you try to the service, but do not like it, simply ask for a refund, and you will get one. If you click the button above, you will also get a nice special price to make your day a little bit happier and merrier.

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Maybe this wasn’t the answer you were hoping for. It would have been nice if HideMyAss was an amazing VPN provider for Netflix, but it isn’t. There are other VPN providers working much better with Netflix and you can read all about them here at But, if you still appreciate the information and want to know even more about Netflix, other VPN providers, and all sorts of Netflix related news, place a bookmark here and return frequently for interesting and up to date Netflix news.

Once again I got to say – The Netflix VPN block stinks!

I am currently traveling and enjoying a summer holiday in the beautiful city of Izola in Slovenia. It is amazing! But, when you live somewhere else, using the WiFi of someone you do not know anything about, it feels good to use a VPN connection, in order to keep your confidential information your own.

That is especially important when you check private emails, visit cryptocurrency exchanges to see the status of some trades you are working with, as you write articles and comment on stuff on Steemit, and similar activities. In fact, not using a VPN would be pure stupidity. So here I am, writing articles, checking my email, and I just visited Bibox to check some cryptocurrency trades. Currently, I am logged in using the VPN services of HideMyAss, but it could just as well have been any other VPN service.

So, what’s the problem with the VPN?

After writing some emails and fixing some trades, I visited to find a great movie to watch. My decision fell on Kingsman: The Secret Service, and I pressed play.

my choice on netflix

I didn’t have to wait for a long time, because a few seconds later I got error message M7111-1331-5059. I told me that something went wrong, and I need to check if I am using an unblocker or a proxy.

The reality is, I am using a VPN service (which could be called an unblocker), so this is causing the trouble. But, it feels terrible that I have to jeopardize my own security and confidential information in order to watch some stuff on Netflix. To be honest, it feels better to pay for the same content on another platform (for example Google Play), than to risk losing my personal passwords or values to some persons exploiting WiFi networks like the one I am using currently.

Is there a solution to this problem?

  • Netflix could stop blocking proxies and similar services, but that would give them greater trouble with the companies forcing them to do so. So, that isn’t very likely.
  • You could disconnect from your VPN service, in order to stream Netflix, while closing all other websites, and logging out from everywhere. But, it still doesn’t feel nice and completely safe.
  • Why not purchase the content from the Apple Store, from Google Play instead? If you buy it with your Google account it doesn’t matter where you are located in the world when you watch it!
  • Or you could consider using a VPN service that will let you watch Netflix still. It might not work with all regions, but you could use a VPN that works with Netflix in the United States, in the United Kingdom, Canada, and other nations? Read more about that here.

What do you think about Netflix's geo-block?
Can’t watch content on Netflix because of the geo-block – Image from Pixabay

What do you think about Netflix’s geo-block?

Do you see any other solutions to Netflix’s geo-block? What do you think about it? I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. If you like this articles, please share it with your friends, give it a like or an upvote, and write a comment!