Watch Passengers on Netflix

I remember watching Passengers last year. I had read lots of poor critics of the movie, and after watching it myself, I kind of agreed!

I did not come with great expectations, as I went to see Passengers. The director did a great job with The Imitation Game, and I hoped that he would manage to create a similar success movie again. The fact that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt had the main roles only suggested that this would become a giant success. But, it didn’t!

passengers on netflix

Somehow the movie never managed to grab a hold of me, and for that reason I found it to be quite boring. The movie could have been brilliant, but it never lived up to its potential. That is why it only received a critics score of 30%. The audience, however, enjoyed it far more, and it has an audience score higher than 60% at Rotten Tomatoes.

Stream Passengers on Netflix

Would you like to watch Passengers on Netflix? It can be done! At the moment it is only available in one single Netflix region, and that is in South Korea. I have no clue in the world on how to get access to South Korean Netflix if you live somewhere else, but if someone knows more than I do, please write a comment and let me know how it can be done.

I do expect Passengers to turn available in other Netflix regions in the near future, so I would not be surprised if you can watch Passengers on Canadian, US, English and Dutch Netflix already in December. But, that is only a wild guess from me, so follow this page for more information within the coming days on what will come to Netflix in December 2017 (and in January 2018 etc).

Have you seen Passengers on Netflix? Did you enjoy it? Please share your thoughts!

Watch Joy on Netflix

joy-on-netflixJoy is the film about a girl who has to fight hard to make life go around. Jennifer Lawrence has the main role, and now you can watch Joy on Netflix.

I recently mentioned Joy in an article I wrote on The reason is that Joy will not only come to Netflix in October (it has already arrived), but in the end of the month Joy will also be made available to HBO Now subscribers in the USA. In other words you can watch the film on HBO Now in the USA in the end of October, and maybe that is the way you will have to watch the film. Reason?

Joy is not available on US Netflix at the moment, and I have no clue when it will be made available. It is true that Joy is on Netflix, but it is not available on US Netflix, but on Canadian Netflix. This is my favorite Netflix region, but unfortunately you will not be able to enjoy it unless you are located in Canada.

Is it worth watching Joy on Netflix?

If I had plenty of time and my day would be about sitting in front of the TV only I would probably watch Joy. But, life is way to busy for me to live like that and that is why I have not watched Joy yet. That is not entirely true, because I actually started watching it (and watched 30 minutes), but then I had to go. And the strange thing is… I never wanted to finish it. I often feel like Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory who always has to finish what he starts. As a consequence I often find it very strange when I do not have an urge to finish what I start. That causes a big warning signal for me.

Probably Joy did not actually get a hold on me. What about you? Did you like Joy? Have you watched Joy on Netflix? How would you rate the film?

Watch X-Men on Netflix

There are lots of X-Men films, but they have been hard to find on Netflix so far. Here I will give you an overview of X-Men on Netflix telling you which films are available and where.

You should be aware of the fact that this article might not be 100% up to date at all times, so if you have any insight that I should know of, write a comment and let me know.

Please also be aware of the fact that the X-Men films are available in different Netflix regions. You will find more information on how to override such limitations further down in the article.

Watch X-Men on Netflix

Watch X-Men on Netflix
Now you can watch the first X-Men film on Netflix

The first of all X-Men films was made available on Netflix July 2016. It can currently be seen on Irish and UK Netflix. If you want to get access to UK Netflix from abroad, click the link for more information on how it can be done.

Watch X-Men: Days of Future Past on Netflix

X-Men Days of Future Past on Netflix
Many say X-Men: Days of Future Past is the best of all X-Men films. Now you can watch it on Netflix!

X-Men: Days of Future Past is the sixth film in the X-Men series. This film is said to be the best of all X-Men films so far, and it even received an Academy Award for Best Visual Effect. You can currently watch X-Men: Days of Future Past on Netflix in England and in Ireland. You can find out more about how to access these and other Netflix regions here.

That seems to be it

That seems to be it when it comes to watching X-Men on Netflix at the moment. Please write a comment if you know of more X-Men films in other Netflix regions. You can also write if you have any problems watching these films or some comment in any other way.

Have a great time watching X-Men online and I hope you will like the films just as much as I do!

Let me also tell you that I just watched X-Men: Apocalypse (2016). It was absolutely a worthy follow up to Days of Future Past. It will probably take at least one year before we get to see that film on Netflix, but until then watch the six other X-Men films so you are ready for the Apocalypse!


Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2 is now on Netflix

It is almost unbelievable, but Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is already on Netflix? Would you like to watch it online right away? This is how it is done!

As you might have guessed Mockingjay Part 2 can not be seen in all Netflix region, but at the moment you can see it in only one single region. And this time I was wrong as I guessed, because it is not available on Canadian Netflix, but if you want to watch Mockingjay part 2 you will need to tune in to Brazilian Netflix. Now you might wonder how that is done, but I have already written this article earlier today telling you how to watch Brazilian Netflix online.

[stbpro id=”alert” caption=”July 21st update”]Mockingjay 2 is now also available on Canadian Netflix, so if you would want to watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2 on Canadian Netflix instead, follow these instructions.[/stbpro]

Mockingjay part 2 on Netflix

It doesn’t feel like a long while ago when I wrote about the fact that you would soon be able to buy the film on The article was written in February and the film was released in March. Now it is the middle of May and Mockingjay Part 2 can already be seen on Netflix. Isn’t get just fantastic?

Is Mockingjay 2 a good film?

Now, is this a good film? Is it worth watching? If you want honesty from me I would say that it is worth watching, at least if you have seen all the other films. But, if you want my pure opinion on this film all by itself, then I found this last film to be quite boring, lasting a long time and not at all as good as the first film, and not at all as good as Mockingjay part 1.

What do you think? Did you like the film? Write a comment if you have seen Mockingjay part 2 on Netflix, and if you have more questions about watching Netflix from abroad, just click the link.

Silver Linings on US Netflix

Silver Linings on NetflixSilver Linings was a very popular film some years back in time, and it received lots of positive reviews. Personally I remember watching the film in cinemas, and even though my friends really liked the film, I did not think of the film and something to remember and ever to watch again.

In Silver Linings you can meet a guy who is somewhat strange, a kind of a wreck, who just got out of prison. On the outside he meets another wreck, a girl of course, and they start getting to know one another better and better. It is a romantic story, packed with strange happenings and of course some confusion.

As I write this lines the film in fact sounds very nice, but as I watched it in cinema I did not feel the same way. Have you seen Silver Linings? Did you like it?

You can now see Silver Linings on US Netflix, so if you have a Netflix subscription just go ahead and watch it right away. If you do not have a Netflix subscription yet, then you can visit to find out how you can get a Netflix subscription wherever you are in the world, and if you are located outside the US, how you can watch US Netflix in another Netflix nation.

Have fun watching Silver Linings, especially in these days when the Premier League has just started, the German Bundesliga is about to start, and in not long the Italian Serie A and the Spanish Liga BBVA is also starting, so it is easy to fill your days with football, but hopefully you will have time for a good film as well in between all the good upcoming matches.

By the way, the very popular Jennifer Lawrence from some of the X-Men films and the Hunger Games films plays the main role in Silver Linings together with Bradley Cooper! If you want to, you can also watch Silver Linings on