Robozuna – more action for kids on Netflix

I might not be the biggest fan of original Netflix productions, but when it comes to children programs on Netflix, the original productions are great.

Recently I have been watching three different original Netflix productions for kids; Hilda, Trollhunter, and Robozuna. What I have discovered watching these series is that Netflix is doing great producing content for kids in the 7-15-year-old age group. Kids in this age group, and especially boys, love robots, action, transformers, and cars. All the three mentioned TV series fit into this category, and maybe especially, Robozuna.

Great colors and animation work in Robozuna on Netflix
Great colors and animation work in Robozuna on Netflix

The first season of Robozuna consists of ten episodes. Here we follow Ariston, a young guy who takes part in the Robozuna competition with his robot Mangle. But, it is so much more than just a competition, because there is a large political scheme above it all, and Ariston has to take part in fighting against the evil forces of the empire.

Robozuna – or maybe Star Wars for kids?

Many people have commented on the resemblance between Robozuna and Star Wars, and that might be true. There are quite a lot of similarities, and the constant fight and battles between good and evil are similar. The story takes place in a universe that also reminds us of the Star Wars universe, making it even closer. So, maybe this is a way of making your kids ready for watching Star Wars together with you?

But, since Robozuna contains quite some violence, fighting, and battles, you better watch it together with your kids first to see how they react and how they like it. You might also want to speak to them afterward to hear how they liked it, what they think of the characters, and see if they actually understand what’s going on.

star wars landscape in robozuna
Star Wars landscape in Robozuna

Watch Robozuna on Netflix

Robozuna is a Netflix original that premiered on Netflix in October 2018. You can watch it on Netflix all across the globe, and it is also dubbed into lots of native languages, meaning you might be able to watch it in your native language as well (if that isn’t English).

I find Robozuna to be a great series for a bit older kids, especially for boys who want action and who love robots. What do you think?

Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia – perfect for kids who want action!

Netflix has understood something that is very important – if you reach the kids, you will reach the future adults! It is no wonder why Netflix is producing a whole lot of children material, and Trollhunters is one of the best of them all!

Does the name Guillermo del Toro say anything to you? Maybe not! But, if you have followed the recent years in the movie industry, you might remember the movie The Shape of Water. Do you know which director received the Academy Award for Best Director in 2017? Guillermo del Toro for his work with The Shape of Water. But, what does this has to do with Trollhunters? It is directed by the same guy, by Guillermo del Toro.

Trollhunters on Netflix
Trollhunters on Netflix

I am not sure how much he is into the details of the series, but if he gives his name to the series, it should give the viewers higher expectations at once. And yes, Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia is a quality production! This can also be seen by the number of awards it has been nominated for, and Travis Johnson called it “the best children’s animation to come along since Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Trollhunters on Netflix

Since Trollhunters is a Netflix original series, you can watch it on Netflix regions all across the world. It is originally in English, but you will find it both subtitled and dubbed in quite a lot of regions, making it more accessible for people with no English skills at all.

In Trollhunters, you will meet the fifteen-year-old boy James “Jim” Lake Jr. who finds a special amulet which makes him the new Trollhunter. His task is to protect the good trolls the bad trolls. He quickly meets his mentors which will help him in the task, but it isn’t always easy to face those evil trolls!


Trollhunters isn’t a children series, but it is more of an older-kids, young teenager series. It is quite a lot of battles, fighting, violence, and scary scenes. Luckily, James Lake Jr. is a nice guy with good values, but still, this is way too scary to watch for younger kids!

But, if you have kids in the house between 7 and 15 years, this might be an ideal series to watch. Parents are recommended to watch a couple of episodes with their kids, just to make sure that the kids actually like it, and that they aren’t scared to death by what they see. It is also useful for parents to have insight into what their kids actually watch!

All in all, Trollhunters is a great series for kids… great job Netflix!