New Narnia series/movies to be created by Netflix

I am a big fan of the C. S. Lewis books, and his adventure books about Narnia are amazing. I enjoyed all three Disney movies about Narnia (even though the first one was by far the best), but now I am curious to find out how Netflix will work this out.

Netflix will create brand new Narnia movies/series in the coming years!
Netflix will create brand new Narnia movies/series in the coming years!

Amazon is working on the production of The Lord of the Rings as an Amazon original series. The HBO flagship, Game of Thrones, will have its end in 2019. By getting the rights to further work on the Narnia books, Netflix will step into the adventure world, and this might turn into a fantastic series. We might even get movies, but Netflix hasn’t shared information yet about whether they will create movies, a series, or maybe even both.

We do not know much about when the actual production will start and when we can expect the content to arrive at Netflix, but what I know for sure is one thing… I look forward to seeing Narnia on Netflix.

From the original press release

“Netflix will develop new series and film projects based on C.S. Lewis’ beloved The Chronicles of Narnia series. Under the terms of a multi-year deal between Netflix and The C.S. Lewis Company, Netflix will develop classic stories from across the Narnia universe into series and films for its members worldwide. All series and films produced through the deal will be Netflix productions, with Mark Gordon of Entertainment One (eOne) alongside Douglas Gresham and Vincent Sieber serving as executive producers for series and as producers for features.”

Are you looking forward to watching new Narnia movies and series on Netflix?


The Best Action Movies on Netflix in 2018

It is September 2018, and the year is soon to end. But, why not watch a fantastic action movie on Netflix? Here you can see a list presenting some of the top picks in the action movie category on Netflix as of September 2018.

The best way to know more about the best action movies on Netflix is by watching the video presentation beneath. Take a look at the movie to hear a small introduction of the movies, and to see some clips from all of them.

Would you rather get a short written summary of the best action movies on Netflix? Here you can see a very short introduction of the different movies.

Not all the movies are available on American Netflix, but some of them can only be seen on Netflix in Canada, on Netflix in England, and so on. To find out more about how to access the different Netflix regions discussed in the video, read the main article here at

The Best Action Movies on Netflix 2018

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Maybe not the typical action movie, but it is still packed with action, and it was a way better movie than it’s sequel, The Last Jedi. This is good action, even if you do not like the Star Wars movies a lot.

The Accountant

Here you will meet Ben Affleck in the role of an accountant. He has a very special personality, and I thought this would simply be a movie about a guy with a brilliant brain. But, Ben Affleck doesn’t only do good with numbers, he is a fantastic fighter.

Den of Thieves

What happens as a group of bad-ass cops who follow no rules, try to get hold of some thieves even worse than themselves? This is the story of Den of Thieves, and it is hard-core action, just the way you like it.

Den of Thieves
Den of Thieves on Netflix

Doctor Strange

If you are a fan of the Marvel Universe, then Doctor Strange is an action movie that will bring you lots of joy. He isn’t as strong as Thor, but he has some special skills that make him able to stop time, move objects, and so much more.

San Andreas

This is Dwayne Johnson is a disaster movie like we all love them (or hate them). He is out there to save his family, and that might be a bit boring (as he isn’t out there to save the world), but if you love earthquakes and action, this is a good movie for you.

Edge of Tomorrow

It isn’t a brand new movie, but Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise is a fantastic movie. This is an action version of the Groundhog Day, as Tom Cruise wakes up to the same day over and over again. And that isn’t just any day, it is the day when they are about to invade Normandie in France.

Batman: The Dark Knight

This is the best of all Batman movies ever. The movie is best-known for the performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker. He won an Oscar for his role, but unfortunately, he died not long after the movie was released. But, this is a fantastic Batman movie worth watching.

Batman: The Dark Knight on Netflix
Batman: The Dark Knight on Netflix

Now You See Me

Are you a fan of magic? Watch Now You See Me, a movie packed with action and fantastic magic tricks that will make you want to watch the movie over and over again. This is one of my favorite movies from the last years, and even though I didn’t enjoy the sequel as much as this one, it is still a fantastic series.

The Commuter

The last movie on the list is The Commuter. This is an action movie with Liam Neeson in which he has to understand what is going on on a train. He is hired to find the one person that shouldn’t be on the train, but he doesn’t know why he needs to find the person. This is an action movie that will keep you stuck to the chair for 90 minutes.

the commuter on netflix
The Commuter on Netflix

Are you ready for some action on Netflix?

Would you like to watch any of these movies (or maybe all of them)? Watch the clip above to find out in which Netflix regions you can see the different movies. And if the movie you want to watch is in a different Netflix region, the solution to the problem is using the VPN services of ExpressVPN. You can read more about how you can use ExpressVPN to access other Netflix regions at

What are your thoughts on the list?

Do you agree with the movies I have selected in this list? Are there any other movies you would have added to this list? Which are your favorite action movies at the moment? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Have you tried the (Net)Flix Roulette? Is it worth it?

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the nEnhancer. Today, I have tried the so-called Flix Roulette, a tool that will help you find random content on Netflix based on your preferences.

We live in a world in which it is quite easy to get bored, at least if you have too much time left-over after work (or instead of work). Maybe you are a super smart student who has a lot of time besides your studies, and you love watching movies. But, what are you going to stream on Netflix tonight? That is a question we often ask ourselves, and for that reason, someone created a tool which will help you find random content on Netflix.

The Netflix Roulette

The Netflix Roulette, also known as the Flix Roulette, or the Reelgood Roulette, is a tool that will help you find random content on Netflix. In fact, if you create a profile you can tell them which streaming services you use, and then find random content in all of those (for example, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, CBS All Access). When you have done all of this, visit the Netflix Roulette.

netflix roulette

Here you can tell which kind of genre you are interested in, and then filter the quality of the movie by setting rating levels on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

I have used it a couple of times, and I wish there would be some more filters added to this tool. What about a filter that would deal with the release date of a movie. I might want to watch an action movie with a high score on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, but I do not want it to be an old Godfather movie. What about creating a filter for “released in … or newer” or something like that.

The Netflix Roulette is useful after all!

I anyway like the idea of the Flix roulette, and it will for sure help people looking for a random movie or TV series to watch on Netflix find something they wouldn’t find elsehow.

The Reelgood page is very nice, so make sure to visit it. Create a user as well, and put an X next to the streaming platforms you have a valid subscription to. You can then add movies you want to see, and get a notification whenever it has been added to the platforms you use. This and other functions can be really useful!

There is only information about US Netflix on the site, meaning that you will still have to visit to find information on new movies on Canadian Netflix. But, if you live in the USA, or have followed my instructions on how to access US Netflix abroad, the tool is still really helpful!

New on Canadian Netflix in September 2018

September is the month when we return to our normal lives after a long summer holiday. But, what are you going to stream on Canadian Netflix in September?

If you scroll through the list of content coming to Netflix in Canada in September 2018, there are a few things I noticed. First of all, the arrival of Black Panther on September 5th. This (almost) brand new Marvel movie has already reached Netflix, and we can follow the people of Wakanda as they battle a “lost son” trying to destroy the fantastic kingdom. It is currently the second highest-grossing movie in 2018, only preceded by Avengers: Infinity War. But, it is in front of Jurassic World and The Incredibles 2!

Black Panther will also come to US Netflix on September 4th, so make sure that you have access to one or both of these regions by then if you are interested in watching the movie.

Watch Black Panther on Netflix in September 2018
Watch Black Panther on Netflix in September 2018

Besides Black Panther, I believe September is a month for those who like good and popular TV series on Canadian Netflix. The second season of the popular NBC drama-series This Is Us will be released on Canadian Netflix in September. One of my favorites, Lethal Weapon (season 2) will also come to Netflix in Canada in September. I should also mention the second season of The Good Place, the eight season of the Walking Dead, and the 14th season of Grey’s Anatomy. These are all very popular TV series, and you probably watch a couple of them already. If you haven’t watched the newest seasons yet, September will be a fantastic month on Netflix in Canada.

If you would rather watch a good movie, September 5th is an interesting date to notice. There will be no big newcomers, but A Million Ways to Die in the West, The Adjustment Bureau, and Bridesmaids are all good movies worth watching.

Bridesmaids on Netflix in Canada
Watch Bridesmaids on Canadian Netflix

Take a look at the full list yourself and get ready for some great streaming in September.

New on Netflix in Canada in September 2018

September 1

Bad Neighbors 2
Death at a Funeral
Family Guy: Season 16
The Flash: Season 1-4
The Hollars
Kramer vs. Kramer
La Catedral del Mar
Monkey Twins
Mr. Sunshine

September 2

Quantico: Season 3

September 4

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther

September 5

A Million Ways to Die in the West
The Adjustment Bureau
Drag Me to Hell
Land of the Lost
National Lampoon’s Animal House

September 6

Once Upon a Time: Season 7

September 7

Atypical: Season 2
Cable Girls: Season 3
City of Joy
First and Last
Marvel’s Iron Fist: Season 2
The Most Assassinated Woman in the World
Next Gen
Sierra Burgess Is A Loser
Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters: Season 2

September 9

Wynonna Earp: Season 2

September 11

Daniel Sloss: Live Show
The Resistance Banker

September 12

On My Skin

September 14

American Vandal: Season 2
The Angel
Archer: Season 9
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Season 1
BoJack Horseman: Season 5
Car Masters: Rust to Riches
The Dragon Prince
Ingobernable: Season 2
The Land of Steady Habits
Norm Macdonald has a Show
Super Monsters Monster Party: Songs

September 17

The Witch

September 18

D.L. Hughley: Contrarian

September 20

The Good Place: Season 2

September 21

DRAGON PILOT: Hisone & Masotan
The Good Cop – Netflix Original
Gotham: Season 4
Maniac: Limited Series
Nappily Ever After


September 23

The Walking Dead: Season 8

September 25

Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time
Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2

September 26

Lethal Weapon: Season 2
Norsemen: Season 2
This Is Us: Season 2

September 27

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 14

September 28

Chef’s Table: Volume 5
Forest of Piano
Hold the Dark
Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father: Season 2
Lessons From A School Shooting: Notes from Dunblane
Lost Song
Made in Mexico
Skylanders Academy: Season 3
The 3rd Eye
Two Catalonias

September 29

The Exorcist: Season 2

September 30

Sherlock Gnomes

Is it worth watching the new Netflix original Like Father?

I recently had some time to spare and visited Netflix to find something worth watching. I am not a big fan of Netflix originals, but Like Father seemed to be a good choice. Was it?

like father on netflix

I was a big fan of Cheers back in the old days, and I also watched a whole lot of Frasier episodes. Since then I haven’t seen nor heard of Kelsey Grammer until he showed up as the main character in the new Netflix original named Like Father. He has had a long break, but maybe Like Father has made some old stuff come alive in him because he has recently started speaking about continuing in his role as Frasier once again.

The other main character in the movie is played by Kristen Bell. We know her from a lot of different movies, including one of my favorites, Couples Retreat. She has also had the role of Veronica Mars, and recently she is a big hit in the NBC series The Good Place. If you haven’t seen “The Good Place” yet, you will be happy to hear that the second season will be added to US Netflix in August 2018.

What’s up in Like Father

If you watch the first 15 minutes of Like Father, you will most likely be able to foretell the incidents of the rest of the movie quite easily, especially knowing the title. This is not a movie for those who want the big surprises, but instead, it is a nice treat for those who want to watch a nice family friendly movie with a nice and harmless, and also some good morale and forgiveness in it.

Rachel (Kristen Bell) is dumped during her wedding ceremony as her husband-to-be cannot stand the way she has to work all the time. She feels terrible, and things get even worse when her father whom she hasn’t seen in ages shows up at the same wedding. This is the start of a journey that will take them on a honeymoon together (since Rachel cannot do the trip with the husband that just left her at the altar).

Like Father was released on Netflix worldwide on August 3rd (you do not need to change any Netflix region at all as the movie can be seen in absolutely all regions). It has since then received mixed critics online. It has a 49% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment, while it has a 6,1/10 score on IMDb. Not the best scores, but it could have been much worse.

I don’t regret watching the movie, but I must say that I would never spend more minutes watching the movie again. There are very few movies I would actually watch twice, so that statement doesn’t really say much about the movie. But, if you ever read an article in which I say that I could easily watch the movie once again, that is a quality statement!

Have you seen Like Father on Netflix yet? How did you enjoy it?