6 Underground – Intense Netflix action!

December is a month for romantic movies, it is a month for boring movies, and for magical movies. But, in the midst of a mixture of boring and romantic comes Netflix with an intense action movie starring Ryan Reynolds named 6 Underground. If you need an adrenaline shot, this movie might do the job!

Whenever I see Ryan Reynolds, my expectations get higher. I like him in most of his roles, and even though I didn’t become an immediate fan of Deadpool, he still performed well in the role. And if we consider romantic movies, I actually love the movie The Proposal in which Ryan Reynolds is forced to fake an engagement to the book editor played by Sandra Bullock. However, I normally watch action instead of romantic movies, so when Netflix introduced me to 6 Underground, I knew that this is a movie for me to stream on Netflix.

6 Underground on Netflix

6 Underground is yet an example of a movie that could have ended up in the cinema, but instead, we get it directly through the streaming platform of Netflix. As a result, this movie can now be streamed worldwide in every single Netflix country. This means, you don’t have to change to German Netflix to watch it, neither do you need access to American Netflix. All you need is a Netflix subscription. Visit Netflix wherever you might be in the world and you will be able to stream 6 Underground immediately.

But, a question that might be more interesting is whether or not 6 Underground is worth the time?

6 Underground review

Is 6 Underground worth two hours of your life?

6 Underground is a Michael Bay movie. This is a name you might recognize considering that he has been in the movie business for a long time, and he has directed a big number of blockbusters. And one of the biggest characteristics of Michael Bay is loads of action, special effects, and a high pace. What has he directed before? Well, he is well known for movies such as Armageddon, several Transformers movies, The Island, and he has also been involved in productions such as the Jack Ryan series from Amazon, and much more.

In 6 Underground, we meet Ryan Reynolds and his team of 5 people. They are considered dead by the world, and that is what makes them so hard to track and discover. They take righteousness into their own hands and hunt down bad-guys who are protected by diplomacy and other matters. Of course, this wouldn’t work well in the real world (who are they to consider who is good and bad?!), but in the movie concept, I like the presumptions of the plot. And yes, here they have a real dictator who the world cannot touch. However, the 6 Underground team is capable and that is the task we follow throughout the movie.

On the team, we meet Corey Hawkins, a man you might remember from the final season of 24, and also from The Walking Dead. Together they work, and this movie will give you action and adrenaline from the first moment on. However, I was actually quite bored watching the movie. It doesn’t help it that Michael Bay directed the movie, Ryan Reynolds isn’t capable of helping the movie either.

Everything is stretched to the limit, not only the action scenes and the car hunts but also the visuals. We can see Ryan Reynolds carrying an eyeball in his hand, blood is going in all directions, the stunts are crazy, the violence is even crazier, and this is somewhere between a serious and a hilarious action movie. It has potential, but somehow, it didn’t manage to live up to its potential and my expectations. I cannot really tell why, but this turned into a quite boring experience for me, and in the end, I was happy to finish it all.

Ryan Reynolds in 6 Underground
Ryan Reynolds in 6 Underground

We are human beings after all…

For the team selected by Ryan Reynolds, it is important to know nothing about one another. They are allowed to have sex, but there shouldn’t be real feelings. They shouldn’t know each other’s names, and thus the distance is important. But, it is somehow nice to see that even though they are crazy, they are still human beings. As a result, they long for connections and they are not capable of leaving one another behind (even though the clear message of Ryan Reynolds is to leave anyone behind when needed). These human feelings make the characters a bit more credible, but in the midst of blood pumping from someone’s arm, a way too long car hunt in the first 15 minutes of the movie, and much more – this movie feels like wasted potential to me.

6 Underground — Final Judgment

You can watch 6 Underground on Netflix and have a great time. After all, it is included with your subscription, which means that you will not have to spend any extra money to watch it. The only thing you might waste is your precious time, but if you don’t like it, just turn it off and do something else. However, if you have the Sheldon Cooper complex (which I have), meaning that you have to finish what you start, then at least use some fast forward button to see how the story ends before you go to do something else.

Have you seen 6 Underground? How did you feel about the movie? To me, it was a waste of time. But, I know that some people like it. At IMDb, it currently has a 6,1/10 score. This is a fairly low score, but some people for sure enjoyed it. Write a comment and let me know what you think of the movie.

Do you have some other recommendations for those looking for something to stream on Netflix in the coming months? Last year, we were given Birdbox on Netflix before Christmas. That was a way better movie than 6 Underground. Of course, it is hard to compare such movies, but I would rather watch Birdbox again than 6 Underground, that is for sure!

The surprising elements of the Bill Gates documentary on Netflix

Were you one of many people who were looking forward to the documentary about Bill Gates on Netflix? I didn’t know much about it before I heard of it in a trailer, but once I understood that it is coming to Netflix, I became really enthusiastic. And guess what, I am still enthusiastic about it after watching the three episodes. It both surprised me and encouraged me while challenging me and informing me.

Bill Gates: Inside Bill’s Brain is a Netflix documentary that was recorded during a period of two years. A reporter is allowed to follow and see Bill Gates during much of his work, and also to get insight in how he works, and to ask him questions about the past that few people have asked him earlier. In other words, this is loaded with information for those who want to get to know Bill Gates a bit better.

Inside Bill's Brain
Inside Bill’s Brain

Some of the surprising elements

The first episode surprised me in many ways. How come? To many computer nerds, Bill Gates is all about Microsoft, programming, and about being rich. But, the first episode turns the focus in a totally different direction – it focuses on fighting polio all across the world. Why is such a fight included in a documentary about Bill Gates? Probably because it is just as important to Bill Gates as Microsoft or any other company is right now.

And that really makes it interesting. We are all fighting to make money, but in this documentary, we see that Bill Gates’ focus currently is much more about helping the planet. He uses lots of time and of his talent in finding out how it can be done in the best possible way, and the first episode deals a lot with this.

The second episode is more like what I had expected from the documentary before I started. Here we get to know more about how his career started, how the “Windows” project started, and we get to see and discover that Bill Gates really had a talent for programming. We also hear about his colleagues, and what happened in his relationship with those, and also his future wife, Melinda.

The third episode managed to surprise me once again. We get to know about his battle for clean water, but also to create energy that is environment-friendly. This is a part I knew nothing about at all, and to discover that he actually works with nuclear energy was mindblowing. And I guess that is interesting, especially because I am very negative to nuclear power myself. After Chernobyl, it all feels so dangerous, and I guess the majority of people alive today are skeptical of the concept. But, if Bill Gates is working on it, then it for sure has potential.

I would have been very curious to see an upcoming documentary about Bill Gates, created by people who worked with him and around him, but without any “intention” to glorify him. This is a Netflix documentary that clearly glorifies him, and it makes me curious about dealing with what former colleagues and partners think of him.

Of course, we see his challenges in this documentary, and he is clear about his own weaknesses, but still – it would be very different if this was supposed to be a two-sided documentary. But, I guess I will have to go to Amazon.com to find a book or some other documentary dealing with Bill Gates if that would be the goal.

Inside Bill’s Brain: Conclusion

I enjoyed it from the start till the end. This was worth the money (that I pay for my Netflix subscription), and I am looking forward to more similar content in the future!

If you want to watch it online, visit Netflix.com and stream it immediately. You don’t need access to American Netflix or any other Netflix region to watch it, because this is original content that can be streamed on Netflix worldwide.

Have you seen the documentary? I would love to hear your thoughts about it!

Bill Gates and cryptocurrencies

The topic of cryptocurrencies isn’t touched at all in the documentary. But, I do know that Bill Gates’ isn’t a big fan of the cryptocurrencies, even though he sees some potential in blockchain technology. After watching the documentary, I feel tempted to think that “Since Bill doesn’t like cryptocurrencies, neither should I.” But, then again – he cannot be correct about all things, and I guess there are lots of things that can be said about places and situations in which Bill was wrong. However, to learn more about that, I guess I would need to watch a different documentary, or read some other book!

How to watch Unbelievable online?

Unbelievable is the name of a limited series created by Netflix in 2019. The series consists of eight episodes, each lasting about 50 minutes. But, where can you stream Unbelievable online?

I have just finished streaming Unbelievable online. It was an amazing ride, and I had a much better time watching it compared to my recent experience with The I-Land, another Netflix production that was released in September.

At first, I didn’t plan on streaming Unbelievable at all. But, then I read a lot of awesome reviews and critics, and I also noticed how Netflix threw the series at me all the time. So, I decided to give Unbelievable a try, and after the first episode, I had a feeling our friendship would last for seven more episodes! I was right!

Get ready to watch Unbelievable online!
Marie Adler, the first victim we get to meet in Unbelievable

How to watch Unbelievable online?

The Netflix limited series named Unbelievable can best be streamed on Netflix. That is quite obvious, and it is true. You can try to find Unbelievable at other streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and CBS All Access, but you will not find it there. You cannot buy it stand-alone as content on Amazon.com either. But, if you want to read the book behind the story, then go ahead and purchase Unbelievable at Amazon.com today!

Where can you watch Unbelievable online then? Well, the truth is, Netflix is the place. There might be pirate sites and torrent sites online where you can find it, stream it/download it, but it is risky business dealing with such sites, and it is also illegal. That is why a Netflix subscription is what I would recommend for those who want to stream Unbelievable online.

It should also be considered a big bonus that Unbelievable is a Netflix original series. That is why you do not need to change your Netflix region or find a VPN that will help you unblock Netflix, because no matter where you are in the world if the country has Netflix, it will let you stream Unbelievable.

The two female detectives in Unbelievable
The two female detectives in Unbelievable

Is Unbelievable worth watching?

The first episode made me feel really bad. It reminded me a bit about the feelings I had when I watched the first season of Big Little Lies on HBO. It feels terrible to see women abused by men, and I didn’t like what I saw.

The second episode still contained some brutal scenes about rapes and more, but from the third episode and onwards, it was mostly about the investigation, and not so much about remembering and bringing back scenes from the terrible and violent incidents.

If you have a faint heart, you will have a hard time with the first two episodes. However, it is based on a true story and it feels good to really cheer for the detectives along the way as they try to find the smart rapist who has managed to hide his tracks incredibly well.

The acting performance of the actors, then especially the two detectives and Marie Adler, was amazing. I am very glad that the detectives were women, and they did a great job. They were credible and I quickly felt sympathy with both of them!

General critics of Unbelievable

I don’t really care much about my own opinion. The professional critics are much better at judging a TV show than I am. They see things that I don’t, and that is why I like to bring in some of the thoughts and scores series have at other movie and TV show portals. So, what is up with Unbelievable at other websites?

At Rotten Tomatoes, Unbelievable currently has a 97% critics score and a 93% audience score. Both numbers are incredible, and the user rating is based on 360 votes so far.

At IMDb, the series has 8,6/10 score based on more than 15,000 ratings. This might be more realistic considering how it is based on the opinions of more people. But, if you consider the score, it is still amazing. Behind these numbers you will find a lot of people who gave the series a 10, meaning that they considered it to be extraordinary. There are probably some people who hated it from the first moment and stopped after five minutes, and those gave it a 1. In other words, there are a lot of top scores needed to get such a high score.

Have you seen Unbelievable online?

Have you seen Unbelievable online, just like me? Did you enjoy it? Or maybe you have some questions related to streaming Unbelievable online?

Use the comment field beneath and let me know what’s on your heart!

How to watch The I-Land online?

The I-Land is the name of a Netflix original series that was made available to the public in September 2019. People had great expectations to the show, but it didn’t produce the magnificent reviews that the creators had hoped for. But still, it is easy to understand why you are eager to watch The I-Land online. But, where can it be done?

I had great expectations to The I-Land myself. As I looked through the list of content coming to Netflix in September 2019, this was the title that made me most curious of all. It reminded me of Lost, and it also had an inch of the Hunger Games to it. Someone even compared it with Westworld, but I didn’t really know for sure how to deal with that. But, now I have watched all seven episodes of The I-Land, and I guess it is most fair to compare it with Westworld and Lost, and not so much with The Hunger Games.

How can I watch The I-Land online?
How can I watch The I-Land online?

How to watch The I-Land online!

If you live in a country without Netflix, then you will need to get a Netflix subscription to stream The I-Land. But, what if Netflix doesn’t exist in your country? If that is so, you will need to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN to bypass such geo-blocks, and create a Netflix account in some other country instead. And if you have that opportunity, my suggestion is that you create a Netflix account in Brazil, a much cheaper option than if you would purchase a Netflix subscription in the UK or in the United States.

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

After you have signed up for ExpressVPN, connect to a server in Brazil or some other country (in which Netflix exists). Create an account and start your 30-day free trial. You will then be ready to stream The I-Land online immediately.

Want to watch The I-Land without Netflix?

I cannot and do not want to recommend illegal places to stream The I-Land. Visiting sites with such pirate streams often places your own devices and computer at risk, not only because it is illegal, but because they are often financed by people adding spyware to your computer, they are infected with viruses and more, so that is not recommended.

In other words, get a Netflix account and start streaming The I-Land online!

What are my thoughts after watching The I-Land online?

I have watched all seven episodes online of The I-Land. I had a great time watching them. It wasn’t the show of my lifetime, and there was quite a lot of stuff that annoyed me with the series. But still, it was entertaining and exciting, it had some cool turnings to it, and it was impossible to know how the story would end before it finally ended.

I always like it when a story comes to an end. I hated it that Lost never really ended, and when it did after lots of seasons, it happened in a terrible way. From the first episode of The I-Land, I enjoyed the fact that I knew that it would soon come to an end. In that way, it was easier to keep up with the series, even though it was boring a few times.

I do not regret watching it, but I am sitting back with mixed feelings. It wasn’t a brilliant series, it wasn’t a bad series… it was just a bit above average or something like that!

Have you seen The I-Land? How did you like it?

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Falling Inn Love – boring Netflix original

Would you like to watch Falling Inn Love on Netflix? It might be a treat for you, but only if you are in the mood for something very romantic that you have most likely seen in 10 other movies before.

Falling Inn Love is a super-basic romantic story about a girl who meets a handsome boy. At first, chemistry isn’t too good, but then they start to like one another. I guess you know the story? The story takes place in New Zealand where the main role character has moved after winning an Inn. It is located in a small village, and she immediately meets the handsome young man capable of fixing trouble and help in the work with the inn.

After watching half the movie, I have got to admit that I didn’t really manage to keep watching. I guess I watched my cell phone and checked my email a couple of times during the film as well, simply because it was unbearable.

As a result, I don’t know how the story will end, but my guess is as follows:

  • Girl meets boy, they don’t show signs up appreciation at first.
  • Girl and boy discovers one another, and romantic feelings arise.
    (this is where I stopped watching)
  • Girl and boy come together and becomes a couple.
  • Girl and boy starts arguing over something and take a break.
  • Girl and boy makes peace with one another and lives happily ever after in New Zealand.

How to watch Falling Inn Love on Netflix?

It is really easy. Open your Netflix application or the Netflix website, search for Falling Inn Love, and you will find it. It is a Netflix original movie, meaning that it can be streamed in every single Netflix region out there. But believe me, it isn’t worth streaming.

If you want to watch some good content on Netflix, find a good movie instead. For suggestions and recommendations, make sure to check our most recent blog posts at netflix.fromabroad.org, subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Facebook, and read small articles at Kinja or at Blogger.

How did you like Falling Inn Love?

Have you seen the movie? Did you manage to watch the entire film, or did you finish before the end? I would love to hear your thoughts about this Netflix original movie.

Murder Mystery – A Netflix Original for those who like Adam Sandler, Poirot, and comedy at the same time!

It isn’t often I am happy about the amount of Netflix original content coming to Netflix, but this time I have got to say that I am happy. Murder Mystery is a movie I would gladly have paid to watch in the cinema, and since you never go to the cinema alone, I would probably have spent at least 15 USD to actually watch this movie in the cinema with a friend or someone else.

You can now watch Murder Mystery on Netflix
You can now watch Murder Mystery on Netflix

But, since I pay for my Netflix subscription, I did not have to pay anything extra for this movie, but instead, I could watch it in my own living room with as much popcorn as I wanted to, at my own TV.

Now some might call this a poor movie, but I had such a great time watching it. Not only is it Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, but the movie has a feeling of Poirot to it… and that is amazing. As our detective and his wife (who actually feels more like a real detective than Adam Sandler) find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery, the feeling and the atmosphere of the Hercule Poirot stories come alive. Now, this is a comedy so the atmosphere is different, but still – it reminds me of such stories.

Great humor in Murder Mystery

What makes Murder Mystery so great is the mixture of a real crime story like Poirot and the sweetness of the humor provided by Sandler and Aniston. There are so many good jokes made and the best of them all is the final joke in the movie when it is all actually finished. If you watch the movie and know your Agatha Christie stories you will understand what I am speaking about.

So, get ready to watch Murder Mystery on Netflix and to have a great time. You do not need to change your Netflix region to any other region, because you can simply watch this everywhere considering the fact that it is a Netflix original series.

Finally another movie on Netflix worth keeping your Netflix subscription to watch. There are not many movies like this, but at least a few arrive from time to time. The last hotshot movie was Birdbox, and now Murder Mystery is yet another example of such a movie.

You can also take a look at the trailer of Murder Mystery on YouTube, or you can read more about the movie itself in the following Murder Mystery review on Steemit.

Have you seen it? How did you enjoy the movie?

The Highwaymen – Yet another great Netflix original production

Have you seen The Highwaymen yet? Have you ever heard of Bonnie and Clyde? Do you really know anything about Bonnie and Clyde? The Highwaymen is a movie that will make you learn more about the famous gangsters, and make you want to read more about what actually happened to them after watching the movie.

The Highwaymen on Netflix
The Highwaymen on Netflix

The Highwaymen is a big Netflix original production starring Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson. There are more celebrities in the movie, but these are the main characters, and they are playing the roles as two Texas Rangers going out there to get hold of Bonnie and Clyde. It isn’t easy, and the police has been unsuccessful. The only thing they are able to do is to find the dead bodies left behind by Bonnie and Clyde. In a desperate moment, they ask Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner to join in on the manhunt for Bonnie and Clyde, and with their special skills and brilliant minds (even though they are a bit old and out of shape), they are joining in.

What makes The Highwaymen a great movie?

I have got to say it, Woody Harrelson is a brilliant actor, and I like him almost everywhere I can see him in movies. And the way he partners up with Kevin Costner in this movie is simply great. They are fantastic together, and they manage to take us back in time and give us the feeling that we are actually audience to everything taking place back in the days when Bonnie and Clyde where out there. Their clothes, the mimics on their faces, and everything – it totally sucked me into the movie.

I had no background knowledge about Bonnie and Clyde before watching the movie, and that is why I sat with one question in my mind all the time while watching – is this based on reality or is this just an imagined story? Well, I got my answers in the end of the movie when they showed real life images of what happened to the characters, and it kind of answered my questions before I even had the chance to look it up in Wikipedia or elsewhere.

The best since Birdbox

The Highwaymen was the best Netflix original movie I have seen since the release of Birdbox. But, I have just read some people saying that The Silence is another great new Netflix original movie, much similar to Birdbox. They have gotten my attention, so hopefully, I will get to watch the movie sometime soon. If I do, I will write my thoughts here to share what I think about The Silence.

But until then, go ahead and watch The Highwaymen on Netflix first – it is a brilliant movie.

Can I watch The Highwaymen in all Netflix regions?

Since it is a Netflix original movie, you can watch The Highwaymen in all Netflix regions. You do not need to perform magic in order to access German Netflix or some other Netflix region. You can simply open your browser or Netflix application (no matter where you might be in the world), and stream The Highwaymen on Netflix right away.

Do not forget to come back here and share your thoughts about The Highwaymen after streaming it on Netflix. I would love to hear your thoughts about the movie!

Working Moms [Netflix original] review

Working Moms is the name of a new Netflix original series that launched on Netflix in March 2019. Netflix is trying to reach the mom generation with this new series, but will it be a success?

Netflix is doing their uttermost at reaching all sorts of viewer groups with their series. Robozuna is a Netflix original series that gives children a taste of the Star Wars universe, in an animated series. Sex Education is a series that will attract teenagers and lots of older people as well who find sex humor to be amusing. Jimmy Carr is a talk-show, and in the same way, as the Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. But, these are only some of the Netflix original shows. If we start mentioning Black Mirror, a TV show suitable for those 20 years or older who want some magic, awesome stories, and cases that will stir their minds up, or The Crown, a show for those who love costume TV shows like Downton Abbey. There is so much Netflix original material out there that almost any people group will find something suitable for them… But, what about the mums who are spending their entire day breastfeeding and trying to hold the household together? What about them?

Working Moms on Netflix

Working Moms is a Netflix original story, and the first season consist 13 episodes, all lasting 22 minutes. I do not know anything about whether or not they will renew the show for a second season, but if it would be my decision, it would not! But, I can also easily imagine that moms who are tired and just want to get some sympathy by their TV before they fall asleep after a very tiring day, might get some comfort watcing Working Moms.

In Working Moms we meet some ladies who are moms, some of them have several kids, while others have only one. They are all trying to get a hold of their lives, and they are facing challenges such as going back to work after giving birth. That might be easy, you think, but it isn’t that easy if your breasts are full of milk. What can you do then? Imagine having to pump your breasts for milk in an open office? Where to go then?

I believe many moms and those familiar with these situations will get some nice laughs watching Working Moms on Netflix. They will see so many challenges and conflicts they know from their very own lives, and thus, they will either laugh, or just turn even more frustrated. It all depends on your day and whether or not you want to see even more frustrated women as you sit down in front of the TV, or if you want to forget everything about breastfeeding and parenting, and rather watch the Netflix original psychological thriller You on Netflix instead.

After watching the first episode of Working Moms, I have got to say that I had a fairly good time, but I do not feel like watching future episodes. It was too boring, and it didn’t grab a hold of me. It didn’t have interesting characters, but maybe that is because I am male and not a women. If you are a woman and a mom, you might identify much more with the characters than I do, and thus, you will have a better time watching it.

But, I watched it with my wife, and she was way more bored than I was, so who knows?

Where can you stream Working Moms on Netflix?

It is really easy to watch Working Moms on Netflix. This is a 100% Netflix original, meaning that you can watch it in every single Netflix region out there. It is not a 90% Netflix original, like Designated Survivor, a show that Netflix is showing as a Netflix original in most countries, except in the United States where it was produced for a different TV network.

As a result, you can easily watch Working Moms in every single Netflix region with no exceptions at all. All you need is a Netflix subscription. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Bird Box – a fantastic Netflix original movie

Finally I got the chance to watch the superpopular Netflix original movie Bird Box. Even though the critics have been negative, I was positively surprised.

Bird Box has been a giant success for Netflix. More than 50 million people streamed it the first week after it was released, and it has gotten tons of attention in media. In the recent days, it has taken off completely, due to the so-called #birdboxchallenge in which people try to walk around blindfolded doing different tasks. That is kind of cool, but yesterday Netflix actually warned their fans about it, saying that it is dangerous and can cause big accidents if people do not watch out.

It might be dangerous, but it has gotten articles written about it in newspapers and online magazines all across the world, giving even more attention to the already popular movie. Congratulations to Netflix, this has been a giant success, even if there have been some negative critics written about the actual movie!

Haven’t seen Bird Box yet?

Would you like to watch Bird Box on Netflix, or maybe you are considering it? Is Bird Box a movie for you?

Watch Bird Box on Netflix
Bird Box is a captivating and scary movie at the same time.

If you like somewhat scary movies, Bird Box falls into that category. It isn’t a horror movie, but it is scary and it might cause you some trouble if you do not like sleeping in the darkness alone after watching scary movies. Personally, I had no trouble sleeping afterwards, but I know people who have had some trouble and also stopped watching the movie along the way as they found it to be a little bit too scary.

The story in itself is really interesting, and you are stuck in front of the screen along the way to find out what’s going on, what is causing it, and what will be the solution to it all.

There are lots of famous actors taking part in the movie, so Sandra Bullock isn’t the only valid reason for watching this movie. John Malkovich, Travante Rhodes, Sarah Poulson, Rosa Salazar, Tom Hollander, and also Danielle Macdonald (who also had a part in another Netflix original movie that premiered in December 2018, Dumplin’), and several others.

You can watch Bird Box on Netflix worldwide, which means that you do not need to change your Netflix region in order to stream it online.

Have you seen Bird Box already? Do you agree with me? (some spoilers)

I had an amazing time watching Bird Box on Netflix. The movie grabbed hold of me from the first second, and it didn’t lose its grip before it was finished.

Girl, one of the main characters in Bird Box.
Girl, one of the main characters in Bird Box.

Unfortunately, the end didn’t answer all those unanswered questions, and therefore I felt like a big empty whole was left at the end of the movie. It doesn’t make me change my original opinion about the movie (that it is a great one), but it still feels like it could have been even greater if they had managed to finish the movie in an even better way.

One of the main questions that I missed an answer to was:

  • Will this “monster” rule the world forever, or will this phenomena come to an end, and thus make life turn back to normal ever again?

Anyway, congratulations to Netflix on Bird Box – it was a great movie! And now I look forward to more fantastic Netflix original productions in the future.

Have you seen Bird Box? How did you like it?

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle is now on Netflix

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle is the brand new Netflix original movie directed by Andy Serkis (who also has the voice of Baloo in the movie). 

The movie was released on Netflix in December 2018, and it is one of the highest expected Netflix original movies ever. The fact that it is a Netflix original also means that it will come directly to Netflix, and that it can be seen in all sorts of Netflix regions all across the world, without any need of changing your Netflix region.

Watch Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle on Netflix
Watch Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle on Netflix

The name Andy Serkis might not say a lot to you, but this is a guy who played a part in Black Panther (the second most popular movie of all in 2018). He also played in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and so many more hot movies. And now he is taking part as a direction, but also as the character giving the fantastic, deep, voice to Baloo in the movie.

The animals do speak in Mowgli

I have some friends who can’t stand movies in which the animals speak. Well, it would be hard to create a movie like this without giving voices to the characters, so I don’t really care about that. But, when you start listening to the voices, it is still amazing. The simple fact that you listen to the fantastic voices of Christian Bale, Benedict Cumberbatch, Andy Serkis, and also Cate Blanchett is amazing. I enjoyed every moment listening to the sort of fine British English that left the mouth of the animals throughout the entire movie.

Would you like to see some clips from the movie? Take a look at the clips from the trailer and listen to my short review of the movie above!

This could easily have been a successful movie in the cinema

Watching this movie on Netflix makes me wonder where the world is heading. This could easily have been a giant hit in cinemas all across the world, and it would for sure be on the list of the 50 highest grossing movies in 2018. Instead, we get to see it on Netflix straight away. That is a giant step and a big chance.

The images of the movie are stunning, and all in all, I would say that this might be one of the best and most stunning Netflix original movies ever made. I had a great time watching it, and even though it didn’t become a big favorite, I still recognize a great movie when I see one, and this was it!