Have you downloaded Netflix content yet?

The summer holiday is soon over, but if your vacation is right around the corner, do not forget to download your favorite Netflix content first.

There are several reasons for you to download content from Netflix. What you mean, download? I thought to download TV series and movies were illegal?! If you have a Netflix subscription, you are entitled to download content. The content isn’t yours forever, but you can download it, and stream it online within the next 30 days.

Watch Netflix offline

It was in 2016 that Netflix made this function available. If you try to stream Netflix content without WiFi, you will soon discover, how your data-package is emptied quickly. If you go abroad it is even worse, with giant roaming costs being added to it.

For this reason, Netflix added the offline-viewing service late in 2016. You can since then download Netflix content. You will in general not have access to the content offline, but if you go somewhere without a WiFi connection and turn of your data-package, you will be able to enjoy it at once. It is therefore important for you to turn of your data-package as well, if not, Netflix will not consider you to be offline, and thus you will use your mobile-data-package instead.

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What are you gonna stream on Netflix this summer?

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Everything you need to now about watching Netflix offline!

Netflix just went offline! That doesn’t mean that Netflix isn’t working, it simply means that you can watch Netflix offline as well! Questions and answers related to viewing Netflix offline.

It was only a question of time before Netflix would become available offline, just like Amazon Prime and similar service. It wasn’t long time ago that the leaders in Netflix said that they had no intention of turning available offline, but with the pressure from the market they had to change their policy. As a result you can now download Netflix videos and watch them offline if you have the newest version of the Netflix application installed on your Android or iOS device. You should of course not be surprised that this is not available for Windows and Mac, but only for those who use the Netflix application!

The download option is brand new and will of course be worked on, but there are lots of things that you should know about before you rejoice to much.

Now you can watch Netflix offline
Since the end of November 2016 you can watch Netflix offline!

Worth knowing about watching Netflix offline

  • You can not download Netflix material and watch it offline for as long as you want.
  • You can not download as much as you want. There is a limited amount of movies and TV-series that you are allowed to have downloaded at the same time.
  • Some titles that you download will only be available for 48 hours (or similar).
  • If you download content in the United States and travel to France (and use Wi-Fi there), you will not be able to use the content downloaded from US Netflix in France.
  • The VPN and proxy blocks still work, so if you use a VPN, SmartDNS or a similar service that is blocked by Netflix, you will not be able to download movies from Netflix using the same connection either.
  • Not all Netflix titles are available for offline viewing. If you see an arrow (download icon) next to a title it is possible to download, but there are lots of titles that can not be downloaded. This is due to copyright regulations.

The fact that Netflix just got available offline is a great improvement. I have tried this myself and will continuously use this function and will also update this article once I know more about the pros and cons of the offline viewing opportunities coming with the Netflix app.

I have several questions related to the Netflix offline viewing that I will try to answer in this article within shortly.

Netflix offline viewing – Questions and answers!

Can I cast downloaded Netflix content to my Google Chromecast and watch it there?

This will not work in the traditional way. Your Chromecast will always use the Netflix app built in to watch and stream from online, and not from your mobile device. There might be some solutions that might get this to work, but in general my answer to this question is no.

How do I find the downloaded Netflix content?

Whenever you go offline, or open your Netflix application without a Wi-Fi connection, you will at once visit the screen showing you the content available since you have downloaded it using the Netflix application.

If I download a Netflix movie in the United States and travel abroad (and use no Wi-Fi), will it work then?

If you also turn off 3G or 4G (roaming), meaning there will be no data connection available, meaning that there is no way for the Netflix application to discover your current location… YES. If you have no Wi-Fi available, but still have an active 3G or 4G connection (Roaming) it will not work.

Can I cast Netflix offline content to my Apple TV?

I tried to cast Netflix offline content to my Apple TV. The only way it actually worked was when I actually mirrored the screen. Since the Apple TV needs an Internet connection to show the content itself, it will only work if you mirror the activity on your screen to your Apple TV:

How many devices can I download Netflix offline content to?

This depends on the Netflix subscription you currently have. If you have a Netflix subscription that allows you to watch content on one device simultaneously, then the answer is one. If you have a subscription for two devices, then the answer is two and if you have a subscription for four devices, then you can download to four different devices.

Why can’t I download anything in the Netflix application?

Make sure to update to the newest version of the Netflix application if you do not see or get any information about offline viewing. Once you have the newest version of the application installed you should get information about this new function at once.

Can I download Netflix content from different regions (nations) and watch them at the same time in offline mode?

If you have disabled Wi-Fi and also all data connections (including roaming), then the answer is yes! At least as of now!

Can I download movies from Netflix in Windows?

You can not, the only method is if you use an Android emulator in Windows, install the Netflix application there and run the Netflix app in the Android emulator on your Windows computer.

How many movies and TV series can I download in the Netflix app?

I do not have an answer to that yet, but I have not yet reached the limit. If you have, please write a comment and let me know what the limit was for you!

How much size does an offline Netflix movie occupy?

I have downloaded three full movies so far and they are between 450-550 MB each.


Maybe offline viewing is coming to Netflix

Lots of people have been waiting for offline viewing to become available for Netflix. For a long time Netflix stated that it would never come, but now they have turned around.

netflix offline

Now however it seems as if Netflix might want to change their policy. Recently they said that due to the big difference in quality of Internet speeds and networks they might be forced actually to introduce offline viewing for viewers in certain nations actually to be able to watch the content on Netflix. That is maybe the biggest reason, but the fact that Amazon Prime members also can download content to watch it offline (the biggest competitor to Netflix) doesn’t make it easier for Netflix either. It is also so that certain content bought from Google Play Store and iTunes Store can be viewed offline, meaning that Netflix might want to change their policy on this subject.

And yes, they are no longer speaking of offline viewing as something that is impossible, but rather as something that is coming to their service in the future. If it will become available in all nations and what it will look like is something we know little about, but time will show!

Offline viewing will for sure be great, because it means that you can bring with you Netflix as you travel abroad and watch already downloaded content which is available in your home nation while abroad, something that can not be done at the moment. It also means that you can watch Orange is the New Black while on the metro, without using your entire 3G/4G data amount.


Can I watch Netflix offline?

Watch Netflix offlineAre you a Spotify user who like the function that you can download the songs and listen to them offline? Would you like to see a similar function on Netflix? Is it possible to watch Netflix offline?

December 2016 update! Netflix just made it possible to watch content offline. Read more about it here!

Unfortunately the answer to that question is no! There are no ways to watch Netflix offline, meaning that you can not download a film and bring it with you and watch it somewhere where you do not have an Internet connection. If you want to watch films offline then you will have to buy a DVD version, Blu Ray version or so. There is a DVD rental option for Netflix users in the USA, but this is not really functioning anywhere else, so if the goal is to watch Netflix offline, the answer is quite simply no! Sorry about that!

But, if you have an Internet connection do not forget that you can watch US Netflix even if you are located overseas. Since a VPN can help you to get an American IP address it is now possible to watch your Netflix account even if you are located in another nation, meaning that you can watch Netflix online all across the world, even if Netflix is really unavailable in the nation you are currently in. So Netflix can not be seen offline, but you can watch it online from all across the world.

For more information about watching Netflix online, just click the link and read our article on the topic.

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