How can I watch Poldark season 5 on Netflix?

The fifth season of Poldark is the newest in the fantastic series. Would you like to watch it on Netflix? Is it possible to stream Poldark season 5 on Netflix at all? If yes, where and how? Is there a VPN provider that will help you get access to Poldark on Netflix?

I was just out watching some stuff on Netflix when I bumped into Poldark season 5. I am frequently using American Netflix, Canadian Netflix, UK Netflix, and also other regions, but I couldn’t find Poldark season 5 anywhere at all. In fact, Poldark is hard to find at all, much less the newest season.

But, then I used the VPN services of PureVPN and connected to their server working with French Netflix. Do you know what happened?

Where and how to watch Poldark on Netflix?
I can watch all five seasons of Poldark on Netflix

Would you like to experience the same and get the chance to watch all eight episodes of Poldark season 5 on Netflix? This is what you need to do!

Watch Poldark season 5 on Netflix

  • Sign up for the VPN services of PureVPN. It comes with a 31-day refund policy, meaning that you are protected and safe if you do not like it.
Watch Poldark on Netflix with PureVPN(you can start watching in a few minutes)
  • Download the PureVPN application to your device after signing up.
  • Install the application, choose “streaming mode“, and choose Netflix FR from the list of popular websites.
  • Restart your browser or your Netflix application.

You are now ready to watch Poldark season 5 on Netflix.

Having trouble watching Poldark on Netflix?

It might be that you follow the instructions and use PureVPN, but you still cannot find Poldark on Netflix. If that is so, ask yourself one question – where is your Netflix account registered? If you live in an EU or an ECA country, then you will still see your local Netflix content, even if you connect to a PureVPN server in France. What can you do about this?

There are several solutions, but the best is probably described in the following article. It might sound complicated, but it isn’t. In fact, it will save you for quite a lot of money, so spend some extra minutes on fixing this if you live in the EU and want to stream Poldark on Netflix in France.

If you live outside the EU and the ECA, forget about this – you can enjoy it without making any changes at all to your Netflix region.

Another VPN service that will help you stream Poldark season 5 on Netflix

Would you like to watch Poldark on Netflix, but for some reason, you do not want to use PureVPN? There is one more VPN provider that will help you access French Netflix, and that is ExpressVPN. It is more expensive than PureVPN, but it is slightly faster, and it will give you access to a few more Netflix regions.

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

ExpressVPN also comes with a refund policy, meaning that you can ask for your money back anytime within 30 days.

If you like Poldark…

I believe there might be a lot of Poldark fans that might enjoy the series named Outlander. You will then be even more happy to discover that French Netflix is the only Netflix region that gives you access to the newest season of Outlander. In other words, you will be able to watch the newest season of Outlander as well, not only Poldark season 5.

And of course, you can use both ExpressVPN and PureVPN to access American Netflix, UK Netflix, Canadian Netflix, and so much more.

Who knows, maybe you will discover TV shows and movies you have wanted to stream for a long time on Netflix as you use one of these series? I just tested PureVPN with Japanese Netflix, and it was a few minutes ago that I discovered that you can actually watch A Star is Born on Netflix in Japan (as the only region at the moment). Isn’t that cool? It was one giant coincident, but considering that I haven’t seen the movie yet (but, I really want to see it), I guess I have the program for tonight ready!

How and where to stream Poldark on Netflix?

This works on all devices…

This works, not only on Windows computers, but both PureVPN and ExpressVPN have delightful applications for Fire TV, Android devices, iOS systems, and so much more. Besides unblocking Netflix, you can also use the PureVPN application to watch BBC and ITV in the UK and to watch TV channels and streaming services in more than 100 different nations worldwide.

Most popular in September – aka, Downton Abbey isn’t on Netflix!

It is very strange to tell you, but the most popular video on our YouTube channel in September 2019 was a clip about how to stream Downton Abbey on Netflix. But, the very irony of it all is that you cannot stream Downton Abbey on Netflix anymore.

When we first created the movie, you could stream Downton Abbey on Netflix here and there, but now, it has been totally removed from Netflix and cannot be streamed on Netflix at all. But, that is probably the reason why so many people actually watch the movie, because they want to find out if it is actually possible.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the content of a movie that has already been published, but we have pinned a comment to the video telling the viewers that Downton Abbey isn’t on Netflix anymore.

In other words, forget about what we are actually saying in the video because it no longer works that way. If Downton Abbey will return to Netflix sometime soon, we will probably delete this video and create a brand new instead.

Other popular content on Netflix in September

Those not looking for a way to stream Downton Abbey in September, what were they looking for at our Netflix channel?

Well, we had quite a lot of people looking for a way to stream The Blacklist season 6 on Netflix. It might be that many of these people are even more interested in finding out how they can watch The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix, a brand new season that will premiere tonight on NBC in the United States.

The video about how to stream The Blacklist season 6 on Netflix is actually the second movie about the same topic. It was created because the previous movie was blocked by YouTube, simply because it contained a few seconds of actual footage from the season. So, NBC wanted to take it down, and YouTube followed their orders. As a result, we created a second movie without actual clips from the season, and so far it looks like YouTube will let it stay on the platform.

Want to watch Power season 6?

The final season of Power is currently running in the United States, and in the UK, Netflix is the official broadcaster of the show (just like with Suits season 9). As a result, you can easily watch Power season 6 on Netflix. This is not for kids, as it is packed with violence, ugly language, and sexual content.

The clip above has been seen by a couple of hundred people so far, and it will for sure be enjoyed by even more people in October as new episodes are released weekly on Netflix in the UK. If you are a fan of Power, this is your chance to see the final season of the show. If you haven’t seen any single episode yet, go ahead and watch the first five seasons before you get ready to stream season 6 on Netflix as well.

Ready for some romance in Outlander?

One last clip that caught the interest of a couple of hundred people was our instructions on how to watch Outlander season 4 on Netflix. This show is a really popular one, but while most countries will only give you access to the first three seasons (or nothing at all), this clip will show you how to watch the first four seasons of Outlander on Netflix. Isn’t that great?

Outlander isn’t a favorite show of mine, but I know there are millions of fans out there who would be really happy to catch up and watch all the episodes of season 4 of the show on Netflix.

This was just a short update on what’s going on at your YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe to it for more updates and Netflix related content.

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You don’t have to wait if you want to stream Outlander season 4 on Netflix!

Maybe you thought you would have to wait for a long time if you want to watch Outlander season 4 on Netflix? Well, you don’t have to wait for a long time. Truth be told, you do not even have to wait a day. Would you like to know how you can stream Outlander season 4 on Netflix right away?


I have just done some research, and discovered the following when it comes to streaming Outlander on Netflix. Here are the facts.

  • In the USA, you do not even find Outlander on Netflix.
  • In the UK, you do not find Outlander on Netflix.
  • In Canada, you can stream three seasons of Outlander on Netflix.
  • In Germany, there are two seasons available.
  • In the Netherlands, you can watch the first three Outlander seasons.
  • In Italy, there is no Outlander available at all on Netflix.

But, how can I stream Outlander season 4 on Netflix?

If you want to watch the first four seasons of Outlander on Netflix, this is what you need to do. First, get a subscription to ExpressVPN, the best VPN provider on the market if you want to change your Netflix region.

With this subscription you can get access to American Netflix, Canadian Netflix, UK Netflix, Dutch Netflix, German Netflix… and to French Netflix. And do you know what you can stream on French Netflix? All four seasons of Outlander.

You can stream Outlander season 4 on Netflix
You can stream Outlander season 4 on Netflix in France

Be warned, you can try other VPN providers, but it will not work as they are all blocked by Netflix. But, if you use ExpressVPN you can get access to French Netflix, and thus stream all four seasons of Outlander on Netflix. If you use the link beneath you will even get a discount on your ExpressVPN subscription which will give you three months for free (if you sign up for 12 months).

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

Get started and get ready to stream Outlander season 4 on Netflix! And do not forget to use all the advantages a Netflix subscription will give you as it is pretty amazing!

If you get the proxy error as you try to watch French Netflix with ExpressVPN, simply try the other servers available in France, and you will soon get it to work (if it doesn’t work at first). It is also nice to know that ExpressVPN has a 30-day full refund policy, so there is no risk involved in trying!

Some pictures made while streaming Outlander season 4 on Netflix

Are you eager to get started on Outlander season 4 on Netflix? Have a good time.

What about Outlander season 5 and 6?

We will have to wait for the episodes and seasons to be released. But, once they are released and broadcasted on TV stations worldwide, they will also get to some selected Netflix regions and we will do our best to update the article again then!

Should you have any comments or questions, please use the comment field beneath and I will do my best to help you out as soon as possible!