Can I pay for Netflix with PayPal?

PayPal and NetflixI would like to create a Netflix account, but I do not like ot use my VISA Card for online payments. Can I use my PayPal account to pay for a future Netflix subscription?

The official website of Netflix gives the following information on the matter:

[stextbox id=”info”]Netflix accepts Paypal as a payment method as long as it is available in your region. If you do not see PayPal as an option when signing up or when you are updating your payment method, we are not available in your region at this time. Feel free to check back periodically to see if it becomes available in your region.[/stextbox]

Based on our experience so far what we can say is that if you want to get a UK Netflix account and register there, then you can not pay with PayPal. However, if you want to get a Netflix account in the USA, then you can pay for your subscription using PayPal. So, if you really want to use PayPal, but you currently reside outside the USA you can use a VPN provider to get a US IP address, and once you are actually using your VPN subscription and have a US IP address, then you visit and sign up for a US account, and you arrange with the payment using PayPal. In that way you can pay for your Netflix subscription using PayPal. The recommended VPN provider for these purposes is PureVPN. Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

Later you can use your VPN subscription to get an IP address in for example the UK, and if you use your UK IP and visit you will be able to watch the UK Netflix, even if you have your original Netflix subscrition in the United States. Sounds good?

If you have further insight in whether you can pay with PayPal for Netflix in nations such as Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and so on, please write a comment!

Do I need a UK card to pay for UK Netflix?

Maybe you consider getting yourself a subscription to the UK Netflix. Or maybe you consider whether to go for a UK Netflix or a US Netflix account. This can be a hard decision, but one thing that might talk in favor of the UK Netflix is that it is easier with payment.

Watch Netflix in the UK

To pay for your US Netflix account you need a US Payment card, or you need a US PayPal account. It is quite easy to fix these things, but it is even easier to fix a UK Netflix account. Because, if you have a PayPal account, it does not really seem to matter where it is located, because you can simply use it as you register your Netflix account, without any problems or questions. So, it is really easy to get started and to watch UK Netflix from abroad.

How to get an American Credit Card number so I can create a US Netflix account?

If you want to get an American Netflix account you will not only need to get an American IP address, but you will also need some sort of an American VISA card number or similar to be able to watch Netflix from abroad. The goal of this article is to tell you how that can be fixed easily and quickly!

Pay for Netflix using Entropay

The best and maybe easiest way to get an American VISA/Credit Card number so that you can pay for your Netflix account and start your 30 day trial period, is to use a service named Entropay. They will give you an American card number which can be used for transactions in for example the US. It is not an actual card, but it is more like a card number. You add money to your card manually and you are only able to spend money that has first been added to your Entropay card. It kind of works like PayPal, just that it gives you an actual card number that you can use online for payments here and there.

Pay Netflix with Entropay
Get your US Netflix account paying with Entropay

What makes Entropay easy is that you can register and get your virtual VISA number at once. You only need to register your name and contact details, add a credit/debit card to the system and then select how much money you want to add from your current card to your new Entropay card. Once this is done you are ready to roll and have fun. And of course you can then progress on to Netflix and make your US Netflix subscription.

Pay for Netflix with PayPal

Another version to pay for an US Netflix account is to create a PayPal account registered in the USA. You will need to find yourself an address in the USA, a zip code and so (the zip code is important, address is not that important). You will then need to add some money to your PayPal account (for example by transferring from another PayPal account if you have one), or by adding cards to your PayPal account from which you send money to your PayPal account, or let PayPal withdraw money from your card.

As you can see this is very easy and it should not stop anyone from going ahead and getting an American IP address and watching Netflix from outside the US. Enjoy and have fun!