How can I watch Poldark season 5 on Netflix?

The fifth season of Poldark is the newest in the fantastic series. Would you like to watch it on Netflix? Is it possible to stream Poldark season 5 on Netflix at all? If yes, where and how? Is there a VPN provider that will help you get access to Poldark on Netflix?

I was just out watching some stuff on Netflix when I bumped into Poldark season 5. I am frequently using American Netflix, Canadian Netflix, UK Netflix, and also other regions, but I couldn’t find Poldark season 5 anywhere at all. In fact, Poldark is hard to find at all, much less the newest season.

But, then I used the VPN services of PureVPN and connected to their server working with French Netflix. Do you know what happened?

Where and how to watch Poldark on Netflix?
I can watch all five seasons of Poldark on Netflix

Would you like to experience the same and get the chance to watch all eight episodes of Poldark season 5 on Netflix? This is what you need to do!

Watch Poldark season 5 on Netflix

  • Sign up for the VPN services of PureVPN. It comes with a 31-day refund policy, meaning that you are protected and safe if you do not like it.
Watch Poldark on Netflix with PureVPN(you can start watching in a few minutes)
  • Download the PureVPN application to your device after signing up.
  • Install the application, choose “streaming mode“, and choose Netflix FR from the list of popular websites.
  • Restart your browser or your Netflix application.

You are now ready to watch Poldark season 5 on Netflix.

Having trouble watching Poldark on Netflix?

It might be that you follow the instructions and use PureVPN, but you still cannot find Poldark on Netflix. If that is so, ask yourself one question – where is your Netflix account registered? If you live in an EU or an ECA country, then you will still see your local Netflix content, even if you connect to a PureVPN server in France. What can you do about this?

There are several solutions, but the best is probably described in the following article. It might sound complicated, but it isn’t. In fact, it will save you for quite a lot of money, so spend some extra minutes on fixing this if you live in the EU and want to stream Poldark on Netflix in France.

If you live outside the EU and the ECA, forget about this – you can enjoy it without making any changes at all to your Netflix region.

Another VPN service that will help you stream Poldark season 5 on Netflix

Would you like to watch Poldark on Netflix, but for some reason, you do not want to use PureVPN? There is one more VPN provider that will help you access French Netflix, and that is ExpressVPN. It is more expensive than PureVPN, but it is slightly faster, and it will give you access to a few more Netflix regions.

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

ExpressVPN also comes with a refund policy, meaning that you can ask for your money back anytime within 30 days.

If you like Poldark…

I believe there might be a lot of Poldark fans that might enjoy the series named Outlander. You will then be even more happy to discover that French Netflix is the only Netflix region that gives you access to the newest season of Outlander. In other words, you will be able to watch the newest season of Outlander as well, not only Poldark season 5.

And of course, you can use both ExpressVPN and PureVPN to access American Netflix, UK Netflix, Canadian Netflix, and so much more.

Who knows, maybe you will discover TV shows and movies you have wanted to stream for a long time on Netflix as you use one of these series? I just tested PureVPN with Japanese Netflix, and it was a few minutes ago that I discovered that you can actually watch A Star is Born on Netflix in Japan (as the only region at the moment). Isn’t that cool? It was one giant coincident, but considering that I haven’t seen the movie yet (but, I really want to see it), I guess I have the program for tonight ready!

How and where to stream Poldark on Netflix?

This works on all devices…

This works, not only on Windows computers, but both PureVPN and ExpressVPN have delightful applications for Fire TV, Android devices, iOS systems, and so much more. Besides unblocking Netflix, you can also use the PureVPN application to watch BBC and ITV in the UK and to watch TV channels and streaming services in more than 100 different nations worldwide.

Ten Blockbuster movies on German Netflix

Would you like to get an idea about what to stream on German Netflix tonight? Would you like to watch some real Hollywood content that isn’t Netflix original content? Here I will give you ten awesome Hollywood blockbuster movies that you can stream on Netflix in Germany at this very moment!

It is great to see all the original Netflix content available at the streaming platform. But, there are times when you just want to get a mainstream Hollywood movie that you know was loved by millions when it was played in theaters all across the world. So, which movies should you pick tonight on Netflix in Germany?

Do you need help accessing German Netflix?
Do you want to stream German Netflix, but cannot do so because you are abroad? Or do you see some content in this list that you just want to watch, but it is impossible because you are abroad? Well, take a look at our instructions on how to watch German Netflix abroad to find the solution!

If you want information on how to get access to even more Netflix regions, check our main article at

Ten movies worth watching on German Netflix

There are great Netflix original movies as well on Netflix in Germany, but here I will only mention the Hollywood blockbuster movies not produced by or for Netflix.

Justice League (2017)

DC Comics has had a hard time fighting against the Marvel Universe, but they have experienced fairly big success with their Wonder Woman and Aquaman movies. But, before both those movies were released, there as the Justice League movie from 2017. In the movie, we get to see Wonderwoman, and it is a complete breath of fresh air after the devastating and depressive Batman v. Superman movie. This is great action for those in love with the most important superheroes in the DC Comics universe.

Justice League on German Netflix

Gone Girl (2014)

This is just a thriller in the super-class. Here we meet Ben Affleck who is suffering in a tough marriage. One day he returns home to discover that his wife is gone. What has happened? But, things get even worse as he is actually turning into the suspected person for what has happened to his wife. If you haven’t seen Gone Girl with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike yet, go ahead and stream it right now… it is awesome!

Gone Girl - a blockbuster movie on German Netflix

Wonder Woman (2017)

If you don’t really care about the DC Comics universe, you should still watch Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is awesome in the role, and this was a movie liked by millions worldwide. It is a “female” production with the main characters being women, and it felt like a breath of fresh air to the DC Comics universe. Aquaman was great, but he doesn’t even get close to the character of Wonder Woman when it comes to quality and entertainment level. This movie is combining Second World War history with pure fiction, and I liked the concept (evne though I know many people who didn’t).

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

For those in the mood for a real blockbuster movie on Netflix in Germany, Mrs. Doubtfire is the solution. This is Robbie Williams playing the role as a nanny in the house of his wife (they are going through a divorce). He is crazy to be with his children and willing to do anything just to be around them. But, it isn’t easy for a man to play the role of a nanny, and especially when the children start to get suspicious. This is a real classic worth watching!

Spy (2015)

Would you like to laugh a lot, but also enjoy some action and crazy jokes? Spy is a movie from 2015, starring Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, and Jason Statham. This is a spy movie, but with so many crazy things happening that you just have to laugh your way through the movie. I have seen it 3-4 times already, and I have no trouble watching it again. If you are in the mood for a serious movie, skip this one. However, this is a perfect activity for those who are a bit tired and just want to laugh and have a good time in front of the TV.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Can you imagine watching Groundhog Dog with Bill Murray in an action version? If you decide to watch Edge of Tomorrow on Netflix in Germany, that is what you are going to get. A soldier is waking up to the same crucial day every single day, and he needs to live it through to stop the opponent in the Second World War. It isn’t easy, and every single day he dies in different ways. This is one more movie I have seen several times, and that I can easily imagine watching even more times (while waiting for the follow-up movie to come around).

The best movies on German Netflix

Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk received lots of praise worldwide, and I know it was a big Hollywood blockbuster. I wasn’t really that fond of the movie myself, but if you like Second World War dramas that try to show what happened in reality, while also giving you the action experience and some personal dramas, this is a movie worth watching.

You can now watch Dunkirk on German Netflix

Inglorious Basterds (2019)

I have mentioned quite a lot of World War movies so far in this list, and this is one more. But, this is also a very different movie. This is made purely for entertainment, and even though Brad Pitt has the main role in the movie, the German actor Christoph Waltz is the one that I remember. He is playing in an awesome way the role of a Naci officer, and even though he has been great many times, I feel like this is his best role ever in a movie. If you want a comedy/action/drama movie with humor from the Second World War, stream Inglorious Basterds on Netflix in Germany!

The Revenant (2015)

Leonardi di Caprio didn’t win an Oscar before this movie. He was nominated several times, but never managed to win. So, before The Revenant, everyone hoped he would actually win a statue, even though he didn’t deserve it for this role. But, the mainstream pressure made it through, and thus Leonardi di Caprio won an Oscar for his role as a wounded guy in this movie. To be honest, this felt like a depressing and long movie about revenge to me, and I felt depressed while I watched it. But, Leonardo still won an Oscar, so if you want to know why, check out the movie yourself!

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

This is the first of two Sherlock Holmes movies direted by Guy Ritchie. The second can also be streamed on Netflix in Germany, but the first one was both awesome and way better than the second. Here we get to look into the mind of Sherlock Holmes, while the city of London is terrifyed because of a bad guy who does magic tricks and even is capable of raising from the dead (so it seems). This will entertain everyone in love with a good drama in which Sherlock Holmes is the super-detective that sees things nobody else is capable of seeing.

Even though I didn’t like the second movie as much as I enjoyed the first, I still look very much forward to Sherlock Holmes 3 which will be released in 2021.

The best VPN for German Netflix

Do you need help getting access to German Netflix? You can easily get access to German Netflix if you use the VPN services of either PureVPN or ExpressVPN. Click the buttons beneath to visit their websites and to sign up for one of the VPN services. Both providers have VPN applications available for Windows, Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Fire TV, and more!

After you have signed up to any of the services, download their VPN application and connect to a server in Germany. You will then be ready to stream German Netflix abroad.

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

ExpressVPN will give you access to eight different Netflix regions, including German Netflix. If you click the button above, you will get a big discount and three months for free if you purchase their 12-months package. Do not forget, you are protected by their 30-day full refund policy if you purchase a VPN subscription.

Watch German Netflix with PureVPN(you can start watching in a few minutes)

PureVPN is a much cheaper solution if you want access to German Netflix. This VPN service comes with a 31-day full refund policy, and you can access six different Netflix regions using PureVPN. One subscription can be used at five different devices at the same time.

The best movies on German Netflix – are you satisfied?

Have you been inspired by reading through this list? Did you find any movies that you would like to stream on German Netflix tonight? Let me know about your thoughts and what you plan on watching this evening on Netflix!

If you have comments or further questions, let me know!

Can I use PureVPN to watch Netflix?

PureVPN is a leading VPN provider on the market, and it is both loved and hated. But, the most important when choosing a VPN provider is to find out if it will work and help you with whatever you need!

So, what is the truth about PureVPN? Does it work with Netflix? If you do a quick Google search for the question, you will find all sorts of answers. Some will tell you that PureVPN doesn’t work with Netflix anymore in 2018, while other search results will tell you that PureVPN can be used to watch Netflix. So what is the truth about PureVPN and Netflix? Does it work?

can i watch netflix with purevpn

PureVPN and Netflix – does it work?

The true answer to the question is both yes and no! How is that possible? You do not need to be confused, just read on!

PureVPN doesn’t work with Netflix

A VPN provider has lots of VPN servers all around the globe, and that is also very true for PureVPN. If you connect to the different servers and then try to visit, you will in 99% of the cases be met with the proxy and unblocker error message on the Netflix website. In other words, you might say that PureVPN doesn’t work with Netflix. But, that isn’t true! You just need to know how to use PureVPN with Netflix in order to make it work!

PureVPN does work with Netflix

PureVPN does work with Netflix, but you just need to know how to use it. You cannot connect to any server in their system, but you need to connect to the correct server. And that is really easy. As you open the PureVPN application you need to choose Streaming, Channel, and then you can select “US Netflix.” If you connect to this server you will at once be able to watch American Netflix using the VPN services of PureVPN. As a result, you can stay encrypted and surf safely, and stream movies and TV series on Netflix using PureVPN, without any proxy and unblocker error.

As you understand, this is really easy. If you want to give it a try, visit the PureVPN website at once to sign up for their services and give it a try.

Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

Watch this tutorial to see how PureVPN works with Netflix

Not sure how to use PureVPN with Netflix? Watch this little tutorial video from our Netflix channel to show you how it is done quickly and easily!

Visit the PureVPN website to give it a try yourself!Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

If you have a comment or maybe a question, use the comment field and I will do my best to help you out! Have a wonderful day!