Get access to South African Netflix [Working in 2020]

Watch South AFrican Netflix

Would you like to get access to South African Netflix while living somewhere else? Maybe you are out on a holiday somewhere? This is how you can access South African Netflix while abroad.

It can be frustrating to go abroad and visit Maybe you have been watching a film on Netflix or are in the middle of a TV series. Now you just want to continue watching, but once abroad you discover that you cant watch the film or TV series that you watched in South Africa, simply because it is not available in your current Netflix region. So, what can you do to access South African Netflix while abroad?

Watch South African Netflix while abroad

To watch Netflix in South Africa, or South African Netflix, while living somewhere else, this is what you will need to do. First, you will need to get a South African IP address, and then you can restart your browser and visit again and you will be able to watch South African Netflix at once.

To get a South African IP address I personally recommend that you use the services of PrivateVPN (you can use other providers, but they are most likely blocked by Netflix).

Visit PrivateVPN(and watch Netflix right away)
  • Click the PrivateVPN button above.
  • Sign up for their services.
  • Download the PrivateVPN client to your computer or Mac.
  • Connect to a server in South Africa.
  • Restart your browser.
  • Visit
  • Enjoy watching South African Netflix while abroad.

I hope you will follow these instructions so that you can watch and enjoy your favorite TV series online. I have tried this myself and it works really great, so give it a try. If you are not satisfied then PrivateVPN has a thirty-day full refund policy, so there is no risk at all involved in trying this.

Updated in 2020!

If you should have any comments or questions, use the comment field beneath. If you want to get access to other Netflix regions, read this article.

How to watch Netflix in South Africa?

Great films on Netflix, in South Africa
Watch great films on Netflix, also in South Africa

Are you located in South Africa and want to watch Netflix‘? Have you visited the Netflix website and all you receive is the message that Netflix is unavailable at your location yet? Find out how to sole this and how to get started watching Netflix in South Africa!

The problem as you visit the Netflix website is that they check your current IP address and based on that they also discover your location. Since Netflix is unavailable in South Africa they automatically give you the message that you can not watch Netflix at your destination yet as they see that you have an IP address in South Africa. But, to change the entire thing around you can change your IP address, which will make it possible for you to watch Netflix in South Africa within a few minutes! That might sound hard, but luckily it is very easy to watch Netflix in South Africa, and here are two ways in which you can do so!

Watch Netflix in South Africa – Method 1

You can use a VPN provider named PureVPN. A VPN provider is a company providing you with access to servers all across the world, and once you connect to such as server your online activity will be run through that connection and all your online movements will seem to origin from the server you are connected to. So, if you connect to a PureVPN server in the USA you will get a US IP address and you will be able to watch US Neflix and start your free 30 day trial within seconds. If you already have a Netflix subscription just connect to a server in the nation in which you have your Netflix subscription or in the nation you want to watch Netflix, and you will be able to watch Netflix in any nation and region from South Africa using PureVPN.Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

Press the banner above to visit the PureVPN website and get started. PureVPN has a three day full refund policy if you have used less than 500mb on bandwidth.

Watch Netflix in South Africa – Method 2

The second way of watching Netflix in South Africa is somewhat similar. Here you will need to visit the website of Unlocator and sign up for their seven day free trial giving your email address. Once you have done so you can set up Unlocator on your device and once set up you can start watching Netflix in South Africa. If you are satisfied after seven days then you give your payment information and start using the service on a permanent basis.

The prices of Unlocator and PureVPN are somewhat similar, so just visit both websites and use the service that sounds like the best to you!Visit the Unlocator website(and try for free for seven days)

Now you are ready to watch Netflix in South Africa and do not forget that this will also work if you are in other countries and nations, and you can also use either your PureVPN or your Unlocator subscription to jump between the different Netflix regions, meaning that you can watch US Netflix, UK Netflix, Canadian Netflix and Netflix in all sorts of regions with one single Netflix subscription and with one subscription to either Unlocator or PureVPN.