Watch I Feel Pretty on Netflix

One of the best memories I have from the cinema in 2018 is the time when I watched I Feel Pretty. It isn’t an extraordinary movie, but I had such a great time watching it.

I am not at all a big fan of Amy Schumer, but watching this movie I laughed and laughed. I know, the reviews on the Internet might not be the best, but who cares – I had a great time watching I Feel Pretty.

In November 2018, I Feel Pretty will have its arrival on Netflix. It will not come to all regions, but it will come to Canadian Netflix. So, if you want to watch I Feel Pretty on Netflix that is possible. But, what to do if you live outside Canada and still want to stream I Feel Pretty on Netflix? It can be done quite easily. Follow these instructions to find out how you can watch Canadian Netflix outside the United States.

watch i feel pretty on netflix
From November 2018 you can watch I Feel Pretty on Netflix

Have you seen the movie yourself? How did you like it? It only has a 5,3/10 score on IMDb, but on Rotten Tomatoes it gets even worse, as it currently has a 34% audience score there. But, I have said it before, and I will say it again… these scores don’t really matter. Often the best movies are those I am most bored at, while those with poorer ratings are much easier to enjoy. But, I would love to hear your thoughts about I Feel Pretty, so if you have seen the movie, please write a comment and let me know what you think!

I Feel Pretty trailer

Want to know even more about the movie? Take a look at the trailer beneath!

Canadian Netflix is often the best region for new movies, but in November 2018, there will not be a lot of great titles coming. Of course, the last season of House of Cards is a highlight, but when it comes to movies, I Feel Pretty might be the hottest of them all. Fans of Harry Potter will probably enjoy Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them which was added to Canadian Netflix on November 7th.

One more movie that could be mentioned is Passengers, with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, which will come to Canadian Netflix on November 29th!

Do you get the Netflix streaming error message?

Are you one of the many people suffering from Netflix streaming errors like the following: F7111–1331–5059 (or an error code somewhat similar)?

Those getting this error message all have one thing in common and that is that they have been using either a VPN service or maybe a DNS service to watch Netflix. Maybe you did not even know about it, or maybe you knew, but now you have a problem that you can not watch Netflix like before. Maybe you have used a VPN provider that worked with Netflix for a long time, but now it has suddenly stopped. What can you do?

Is there anything you can do to bypass Netflix geo-blocks?

But, is there anything you can do so that you can still watch Netflix like before and even watch Netflix in other regions and countries than the one you are presently in, or will you be stuck forever with the Netflix streaming error message? Yes, there is, but things are changing and it might be that what is working today will be blocked tomorrow. It seems as if most VPN providers have gotten their IP addresses blocked, but there are still some providers who can help you.

Since Netflix is changing their blocks all the time, it is hard to give one constant answer. But, since the geo-blocks started in 2016, there has been one VPN provider constantly working with American Netflix, and now also with several other regions. That VPN provider is ExpressVPN.

You can read more about all the different Netflix regions you can enjoy with ExpressVPN at

I have gotten rid of the Netflix streaming error message… have you?

I have tried this myself and it works meaning that I do not get the Netflix streaming error message anymore. I will keep on testing to make sure that this article is up to date. If you have comments or questions, just use the comment field.

Take a look at the video above to see even more information on how you can get rid of the streaming error messages on Netflix.

My First Love – a New Netflix original from South Korea

Netflix seems to like South Korea and South Korean creativity, because for the second time in a short while they have announced another South Korean production to go global on Netflix.

Last week I wrote about The Love Alarm, a series based on an alarm that goes off whenever someone has romantic feelings for you within a 10 meters proximity.

My First Love on Netflix in 2019 - Source: Pixabay
My First Love on Netflix in 2019 – Source: Pixabay

On September 14th, a brand new cooperating was announced. The project is called My  First Love and it will be directed by Oh Jin-seok and written by Kim Min-seo. They will start with the production in the coming months, and the series is supposed to go live in all Netflix regions in 2019.

What is My First Love about?

My First Love aims to tell the story of when students meet one another and experience love for the first time. The actors taking part in the series will be South Korean, meaning that this will be a real South Korean series that will be made available to everyone globally.

The first season of My First Love will consist of eight episodes.

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