Watch all seasons of the Irish-British crime drama The Fall on Netflix – How and where!

The Fall is an Irish-British crime drama that aired on TV in Ireland and in the UK. The first season was released in 2013 and the third and final season was finished in 2016. Would you like to see all three seasons starring the legendary Gillian Anderson who we all remember from her role as agent Dana Scully in X-Files? How and where can you find The Fall (season 1-3) on Netflix?

The Fall cannot be considered a giant success, but still, it was running for three seasons and it had quite a lot of fans in the UK. But, outside the UK, this is still a TV series that many people haven’t heard about, and that is why you cannot find it on Netflix. But, if you have heard about The Fall and really want to watch it on Netflix, can it be done?

The Fall on Netflix

Stream The Fall on Netflix

There is one place in which you can watch The Fall on Netflix, and that is in the UK. So, the series was produced in Northern Ireland, and aired on TV there and in England. So, if you live in the UK, you now have a splendid chance to watch The Fall on Netflix. Simply go to and search for The Fall, and you will be ready for an awesome streaming experience straight away.

But, what if you live elsewhere? Can you and I stream The Fall on Netflix outside the UK? YES!

In order to watch UK Netflix abroad, all you need is a Netflix subscription registered outside the UK, and a VPN subscription to NordVPN. If you combine those, you will be able to watch The Fall on Netflix in the UK. But, you will not only be able to stream this, but you can also stream TV series and movies on Netflix in the USA, in Canada, in Japan, and in the Netherlands.

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What is The Fall about?

Stella Gibson is the officer who is looking into a murder case which has been open for more than 28 days. She is on the verge of catching a serial killer, but it is hard as she is challenged both from the inside and the outside of the police.

That is the official story. I haven’t seen it myself, so if I would create a story myself and call it The Fall, I would probably create a storyline something like this.

My version of The Fall (purely made up in my mind)

A police officer works hard and tries to solve as many crimes as possible. One day, Stella discovers a case, a murder case, and it has blood on the folder containing the information. Someone has been working hard to keep it hidden from the public and from the curious eyes inside the police department.

But, Stella doesn’t get scared. Instead, she desides to dig deep into the case, and for that reason, she goes to her superintendent to ask for permission to dig into the case. However, the boss doesn’t like the idea, and tells her to stay of the case. How come? Isn’t that strange, she thinks to herselves. Our task her is to solve crimes, not to let them slide away.

That evening she mades some phone calls and visits the mother and father of the victim. They are surprised to see her visit, but welcome her in and tells her everything about the case. Stella is enjoying a good cup of tea and has a nice conversation about the girl who seems to have been a well liked girl in the university of the city. However, as she is about to leave, she also asks to visit the room of the girl. When she enters the room, which is tidy and looking nice, she is very surprised to see a photo of the superintendent together with the girl on a picture from something that seems to be a birthday celebration at the girls 18th birthday.

Stella pretends to know nothing at all, and asks the parents about the picture and who can be seen on it. The parents quickly grab the picture and says that it is just a friend of the family. The picture is hidden and Stella quickly understands that the parents do not want to think or speak more about the picture.

Stella is stuck and do not really know how to move on with the case. However, one week later she hears about a new murder incident at the police station. This time it is a 25 year old girl who has been killed during a walk in the park. As she looks at the details of the case, she can clearly see some similarities. But, is it just a look-a-like, or is this really about catching a serial murder? This is just the start of one of the most brutal cases in the history of the city!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to watch The Fall on Netflix? If you have any questions or comments, please write a comment and I will do my best to help you if I am able to do so.

How can I watch Suits season 9 on Netflix?

Have you watched the eight first season of Suits, and now you want to watch Suits season 9 on Netflix? Can it be done? Of course, it can. But how? Read on to find out how to watch Suits season 9 on Netflix!

Suits season 9 is now history, and the final episode of Suits aired on September 25th in the USA. But, if you want to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix, you can now do so in full. Follow the instructions to see how the final season of Suits will end. It is definitely worth it!

Get ready for Suits season 9 on Netflix
Get ready for Suits season 9 on Netflix

I have earlier written articles about how you can watch Suits season 1-8 on Netflix, but now the ninth season is even more interesting than the earlier seasons. How come? It is the final season and here we will get to know how the story will end for all our favorite characters, such as Harvey Specter, Louis Litt, Mike Ross, and Donna.

Watch all nine Suits seasons on Netflix

While USA Network is broadcasting Suits in the United States, Netflix is the official Suits broadcaster in the United Kingdom. So, you do not have to wait for years to see the final season of Suits, but instead, you can stream Suits season 9 on Netflix already.

If you have a Netflix subscription, do as follows to get access to UK Netflix and to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix

  • Start by signing up for the VPN services of ExpressVPN, a VPN provider that will actually let you stream English Netflix without any error messages.

ExpressVPN has a 30-day full refund policy, meaning that there is no risk in trying. You can use ExpressVPN to access English Netflix, American Netflix, Canadian Netflix, German Netflix, Italian Netflix, and Indian Netflix, in addition to lots of TV channels all across the world (including BBC and ITV in England).

If you click the ExpressVPN button above and sign up, you will get three months for free if you decide to purchase their 12-months package.

  • Once you have signed up with ExpressVPN, download their VPN client to your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Install the app and connect to a server in England.
  • Restart your browser or the Netflix application.
  • You are now ready to watch Suits season 9 on Netflix.

It is so easy, and it will give you lots of fun online, not only streaming Suits season 9, but also giving you access to several other TV networks and streaming services online.

What is a VPN?
Maybe you wonder what this VPN thing is all about? A VPN is a virtual connection that is made between your device and a VPN server somewhere else in the world. This connection is encrypted, making sure that you are safe and anonymous as you surf online. All your traffic online will be sent through the VPN server you are connected to. As a result, you will look like an Englishman to Netflix if you visit Netflix after connecting to an ExpressVPN server in England.

Watch all the episodes of Suits Season 9 on Netflix
What will take place in the final season of Suits?

What will happen in Suits season 9?

We don’t know much yet, but beneath you can watch a short trailer presenting Suits season 9 on YouTube.

Not only will Jessica Pearson return for some episodes, but she will also lead the role in a spin-off of Suits named Pearson. This show will premiere on USA Network just after the season premiere on July 17th.

There are rumors about Ross also returning for the last season, but those rumors haven’t been confirmed yet so we do not know. The other actors from season 8 will continue to take part, including Katherine Heigl. Some rumors have claimed that Meghan Markle will return for a little role in the final season of Suits, but the creator of the series has opposed such rumors. It would be fun if it happened, but it isn’t very likely to take place.

How many episodes will there be in Suits season 9?

The final season of Suits will consist of only 10 episodes. That is fairly little compared to all the other seasons so far. The pilot season started out with 12 episodes, and then it has continued with 16 episodes per season. But, I guess the air is about to get out of the balloon and the fat cat is singing its last verse, and thus they have decided to run the final season of suits with only 10 episodes. But, maybe it will cause everything to happen at a faster pace and making it even more entertaining to watch? I don’t know yet, but I am really curious to find out.

When will Suits season 9 have its finale in the USA?

Since the season will start on July 17th (Wednesday) and there will be ten episodes, we might come to the conclusion that the Suits season 9 finale will air on September 25th in the USA. But, maybe they will run a double episode once, or maybe there will be some weeks in which no episode will air, so we cannot 100% predict it yet. But, as of now, our guess is that the final episode of Suits will air on USA Network in the USA on September 25th.

Are you ready to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix?

I hope you are ready to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix right now. If you still need any help, or just want to share your thoughts about the new season, write a comment. I always enjoy reading the comments of my readers, and I also try to answer questions as quickly as possible!

How to get access to UK Netflix? [Working in 2020]

Access UK Netflix abroad
This is how you can access UK Netflix abroad!

Would you like to watch UK Netflix while outside England? That can be done, but it is not very easy. Here is the solution!

Let me first tell you that I can not guarantee that this will work forever as Netflix is always out there blocking access to servers and blocking IP addresses, but at the time writing this is working and this will give you access to UK Netflix wherever you might be in the world! If you try it and it should not work anymore, please write a comment and I will update the article and write about another solution that is working instead!

The article was updated in November 2020, and the method described works perfectly!

Get access to UK Netflix

If you want to use a VPN provider that will give you access to UK Netflix, then you should go ahead and use ExpressVPN. They have a brilliant VPN service and lots of servers working for UK Netflix (and they also work with Canadian Netflix, German Netflix, US Netflix). Download their client and connect to a server in England. You should now be ready to watch UK Netflix as soon as you are connected!

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If you should get any trouble, they have support answering your questions very quickly. It is also useful to know that ExpressVPN has a 30-day full refund policy, so you can ask for your money anytime within the first 30 days after purchase if you are not satisfied.

Important information

Things might change when it comes to Netflix blocking VPNs at any time, but I do my uttermost to keep this article up to date. If you should experience trouble, please write a comment to let me know!

What’s so great about Netflix in the UK?

To be honest, there are lots of reasons why you would want to get access to UK Netflix. I have several reasons myself, and I believe that the way Netflix has the right to broadcast the eight season of Suits in the UK is a good example of that. While all other Netflix regions have to wait for a long time in order to get access to Suits season 8, the people in the UK can stream one new episode every week, just like the people watching it on real television in the United States.

There are lots of other great movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in the UK as well earlier than elsewhere, making it an attractive Netflix region to access. But, just as important is the wide specter of real British content available in the region. You will find a lot of British movies and TV shows here that you cannot find elsewhere. As a result, this is a dream haven for those who want to dig deep into the British culture and British TV series.

If you first use ExpressVPN to get access to Netflix in the UK, make sure to follow the instructions in this video to see how you can use ExpressVPN to unblock BBC in the UK as well. If you combine access to UK Netflix with BBC in England, you can stream so much fantastic and awesome content that you will have a hard time moving out to see the daylight in the coming weeks… it is simply so much great content waiting for you!

British content on Netflix in the UK
British content on Netflix in the UK

Get started right away, there is a lot of candy and snacks waiting for you at the Netflix website as you visit it using ExpressVPN.

If you have any comments or questions or need any help getting access to Netflix in the UK, make sure to write a comment.

What makes ExpressVPN so great?

If you sign up for ExpressVPN using the link below, you will get three months for free as you sign up for 12 months.

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ExpressVPN also has 256-bit encryption available, making it one of the safest VPN providers on the market. They also have a strict no-logging policy, meaning that you do not have to worry about leaving tracks about your movements online as you use ExpressVPN.

Want to get access to even more Netflix regions? Look around at for more information and inspiration!

Should I get a UK or US Netflix account?

If you are still considering getting yourself a Netflix account and you live in a nation where Netflix is not currently available, for example Spain or Turkey, then you probably already know that you can easily get yourself a Netflix account in both the United States and in the United Kingdom. But, which one to choose, UK or US Netflix account?

UK or US Netflix

There is no perfect answer to the question, but there are some things that are worth knowing in general before you make your decision. One of the things worth knowing is that there is no way of knowing the logic behind which films are released on US or UK Netflix when. In other words, there is no such law that says that the best films always come to US Netflix before they arrive to UK Netflix. A recent example is the fact that The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has already been released on UK Netflix, but it is still nowhere to be seen on US Netflix. That is just one example, but it is impossible to understand the logic behind whether a film will be released first on UK or US Netflix. Another example to make the matter worse is that sometimes films are released on other nations Netflix channels, leaving both the UK and the US Netflix behind (recently We’re the Millers was released on Netflix in the Scandinavian countries, but not yet on US and UK Netflix). In other words, sometimes you will be lucky, sometimes you will not!

What is your second home? London or Hollywood?

A more important thing to consider when deciding whether to get yourself a UK or a US Netflix account is the TV series and shows made available. After all, at the UK Netflix you will find much more British series and shows than at the US Netflix. In the same way there are more US TV shows and series available on US Netflix than on UK Netflix. There are for example documentaries made in the USA available on US Netflix, but nowhere else, so a good question to ask before making your decision is whether you are a bigger fan of UK and BBC productions, or if you rather feel as if Hollywood is your second home.

Which is more expensive? US or UK Netflix?

The price for a US Netflix account is 8,99 USD a month. The price of a UK Netflix account is 6,99 GBP a month. They might seem quite close looking at the numbers only, but as of today 6,99 GBP is somewhere near 11 USD, making the use of UK Netflix almost 2 USD more expensive per month. If money talks, US Netflix is the thing to buy!

US or UK Netflix?

There is no way to give a good answer to this, but since US Netflix has the most users, that is sort of the flagship of Netflix, making it the most important priority of Netflix to keep up to date. The fact that US Netflix is cheaper than UK Netflix is a big pro as well. So, in the end we would maybe go for a US Netflix subscription, but if you have a VPN subscription as described in the following article and you are a crazy Netflix maniac, why not go ahead and get one in both nations?

We hope you have liked this article. If you have further input, thoughts, agree or disagree, write a comment and let us know!

Do I need a UK card to pay for UK Netflix?

Maybe you consider getting yourself a subscription to the UK Netflix. Or maybe you consider whether to go for a UK Netflix or a US Netflix account. This can be a hard decision, but one thing that might talk in favor of the UK Netflix is that it is easier with payment.

Watch Netflix in the UK

To pay for your US Netflix account you need a US Payment card, or you need a US PayPal account. It is quite easy to fix these things, but it is even easier to fix a UK Netflix account. Because, if you have a PayPal account, it does not really seem to matter where it is located, because you can simply use it as you register your Netflix account, without any problems or questions. So, it is really easy to get started and to watch UK Netflix from abroad.