Which are the best Christian movies on Netflix in 2018?

Are you out there looking for a great Christian movie that you can watch on Netflix? I have just compiled a list and a video presenting the eight best Christian movies on Netflix (based on my knowledge and research).

I will write more about the movies beneath, but first, take a look at the 3-minute YouTube video for more information about the different movies, and for a little taste about what they are all about.

Notice that the video was created in November 2018, so this compilation will most likely remain true in 2019 as well. In other words, if you read this article or watch the video in 2019, the information is most likely correct then as well!

The best Christian movies on Netflix in 2018

God’s Not Dead 1&2

Both God’s Not Dead 1 and God’s Not Dead 2 are movies worth watching. The first one deals with the subject of faith and resisting God, while the second movie deals with how God is removed from public schools. Both movies are encouraging and worth watching!


A movie about the challenges of being a Godly father, and about living out your Christian life with integrity. It also touches subjects such as tragedy.

The Shack

This is the movie based on the world-famous book written by Paul Young. This is a real Hollywood production, making it a very high-quality movie with a fantastic message.

The Shack on Netflix
Watch The Shack on Netflix

War Room

Everyone wants to have a woman like a lady you meet in the War Room in their neighborhood. If you have trouble praying, or want an encouragement to pray more, watch this movie and you will for sure be touched.

A Matter of Faith

This is quite similar to God’s Not Dead, but still touches it all from a very different perspective. When a girl is sent to college and her professor clearly denies the existence of God, the girl, and her faith is challenged. But, what can the father of the girl do in order to help her out?

The Case for Christ

Have you ever heard about Lee Strobl? He is the journalist that turned everything upside down to find the truth about Jesus. He traveled, he studied, and what happened? Watch The Case for Christ and find out!

Faith like Giants

This is a movie more than ten years old, but it is still encouraging, and it encourages you to have faith like a giant. It tells the story of a coach who faces struggles in his personal life, but also as a coach. He decides to set God first, and to bring God glory in everything!

The Case for Christ on Netflix
The Case for Christ on Netflix

Which is your favorite Christian movie (on Netflix?)

Do you have a favorite Christian movie? Can it be seen on Netflix? I would love to hear your thoughts and your comments!


Watch War Room on Netflix

Did you know that Netflix can help you get a hold on your spiritual life? There are some fantastic movies on the topic of prayer, and now the best of them all is on Netflix. Do not miss out on War Room on Netflix!

I will not write a whole lot about the film War Room, but if you would like to read a War Room review just press the link for an article on the subject.

War Room is produced by the same crew that made Courageous, Faith like Giants and Fireproof. This is following in the same style, and the subject of War Room is the power of prayer. We meet an old lady who loves prayer, but who also looks for someone she can teach about prayer. Often hard surroundings force us to our knees, and that is what happens in this film as well.

Watch War Room on Netflix.

If you want to watch War Room on Netflix you might have to wait for a while. It can be found on Netflix, but only in a few regions.

At the moment you can watch War Room in the following Netflix regions:

Phillippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Austria, France and Taiwan

Now you can watch War Room in some Netflix regions

If you know of any other regions on which you can watch War Room on Netflix, please write a comment and let me know.

If you do not have access to any of these Netflix regions then you can for example watch War Room on Amazon.com, you can buy it as a Google Video or you can buy it in Apple Store. There are lots of ways in which you can watch War Room online, but the best is of course if it will turn available in your Netflix region in the future.

  • I wrote an article about one year ago on the best Christian movies on Netflix. If you haven’t read that article yet, make sure to read it and hopefully the movies you are interested in will still be available in the Netflix regions mentioned.

Have you seen War Room? Did you like it? I can for sure recommend this film. Why not write a few sentences on whether or not you liked the movie? I would love to hear from you!