Watch Aquaman on Netflix

Aquaman is the brand new DC Comics movie that was released in December 2018. It features Jason Momoa in the role as Aquaman, and you might remember him from his performance as Aquaman in the Justice League movie from 2017.

Can I watch Aquaman on Netflix?
Can I watch Aquaman on Netflix?

Now you probably now for sure that Aquaman cannot be streamed on Netflix yet. I don’t know when it will come to Netflix, but my earliest guess is around summer 2019. But, if it comes, it will still only come to selected regions. Based on the experience with Justice League and Wonder Woman, I believe there is a great chance that it will come to Australian Netflix first, and then maybe to the Scandinavian Netflix regions following that.

When I receive news of Aquaman coming to Netflix, I will for sure post it here in the blog and also update this article!

Is Aquaman worth watching?

Now you might wonder if it is worth waiting for Aquaman, or maybe you should just go and watch it in the cinema right away? Those are valid questions, and if you want to know more about Aquaman I suggest you look at the following Aquaman review on YouTube, or you can read this Aquaman review on Steemit.

I have watched it already, and I have got to say that it was one of the best DC Comics movies in the recent years. It was way better than Batman v. Superman and better than Justice League, but, Aquaman doesn’t manage to beat Wonder Woman! 

The movie lasts for almost 2 1/2 hours, but it is doing a great job in introducing the character of Aquaman to us, and it is packed with action scenes that reminds me of a combination of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, just happening under the water.

Have you seen Aquaman yet? Did you like it? I would love to hear your thoughts!

The best movies on Netflix for the summer of 2018

Are you looking for something great to stream on Netflix this summer (2018)? Looking for inspiration for a great movie? Here are some movies that might cheer you up!

Netflix is turning more and more into a hub for their own original productions. And, when Disney will open their own streaming portal sometime in 2019, even more, content will disappear from the Netflix website. But, if you want to watch a great movie tonight, here are some suggestions.

Wonder Woman

This movie was one of the greatest surprises to me in 2017. I didn’t expect much when I went to watch Wonder Woman at the cinema, but I left the theater very surprised. Gal Gadot was amazing in her role as Wonder Woman, and the entire story was one I easily liked. The mixture of real-life history (of course messed up), and a superhero was great.

If you want to watch Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman on Netflix, then it can be done easily. You can currently watch Wonder Woman in the Scandinavian Netflix regions and on Australian Netflix.

Wonder woman on netflix

Thor: Ragnarok

Wonder Woman was a great movie, but Thor gives you more than just action, he comes with a lot of humor. I am not a big fan of Iron Man, but Thor… he is the man! Even when he is close to dying, he makes fun of his opponents, and he has a smile on his face. Thor: Ragnarok is the last movie so far in the Thor series, and it was a great watch. My favorite part of the movie is when Thor is up for a battle against the Hulk!

You can watch Thor: Ragnarok on Canadian and US Netflix.

Thor Ragnarok on Netflix

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The most recent Star Wars movie arrived quickly to Netflix, and it has been there for a couple of weeks already. If you haven’t seen it already, this is a great chance to do so. It can currently be streamed on both US and Canadian Netflix, making it a real treat during the summer holiday. Personally, I did enjoy The Force Awakens more than The Last Jedi, but this was still a good movie.

Star wars the last jedi

Now You See Me

This movie was a thrill. It was packed with surprises and an interesting plot, and I have seen it at least five times. In this movie, we meet some magicians working together on a great plot. But, we do not know what the plot really is before the movie comes to an end. This is a movie that will grab a hold of you, and you will be stuck to the screen longing to find out how and why everything is happening.

You can watch Now You See Me on Netflix in Canada, USA, UK, Scandinavian countries and lots of other regions.

The sequel, Now You See Me 2, wasn’t as good as the first movie, but it was still a good one. If you like the first one and want to see the sequel then it can be found on Netflix in Canada, UK, Ireland, Spain and some other regions.

The Holiday

Do you just want to watch a romantic movie? Watch The Holiday from 2006. It isn’t exactly a summer movie, but it is a holiday movie, and it is perfect as a romantic treat for a couple. I have seen this movie several times already, and I never mind watching it over again. It has humor, it is romantic, and it is simply a nice movie to watch.

The Holiday can currently be seen on Netflix in USA, Canada, Germany, Norway, India, and quite a lot of other regions.


Want to watch an old classic? Go for Stripes, a movie with Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, John Candy, and several others from 1981. This was a movie I watched a lot in the 90s, but I haven’t watched it since then. It tells the story of a guy who loses everything, and by impulse, he decides to join the army. Not everyone is happy about that. A great comedy for those who like a classic!

You can watch Stripes on lots of Netflix regions, including US Netflix.

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Can I watch Wonder Woman on Netflix?

One of my favorite movies so far in 2017 was Wonder Woman. When can I watch it on Netflix? Where can I watch it on Netflix? Is it available at all on Netflix?

I didn’t have high expectations as I went to the theatre to watch the Marvel movie Wonder Woman. I didn’t have anything against it, but in the same way, I didn’t expect much good from Doctor Strange either. I didn’t spend much time in the comfortable seat in the theatre with my popcorn before I understood that this is gonna be good. Since then Wonder Woman has received really good critics almost everywhere online and offline, and theaters around the world still show the movie, because of the big interest.

Gal Gadot is doing a fantastic job in her role as Wonder Woman in the movie. She has a great sense of humor, but she is also an awesome superhero. I find her much more interesting and sympathetic than Doctor Strange, Captain America and most of the other guys. I guess my favorite combination would be Wonder Woman and Thor; those are the best heroes with the best humor.

Wonder Woman on Netflix

Wonder Woman on Netflix

Would you like to watch Wonder Woman on Netflix? It hasn’t been made available yet, but my guess is that just before Christmas 2017 it will be made available in the first regions. The first region is most likely to become Canadian Netflix, but nothing can be said for sure until I have facts on the table.

Wonder Woman is a movie that I could imagine watching twice, something that is very uncommon for me to do. There are so many great movies out there, so why waste time watching the same film twice? Wonder Woman is, however, a movie I could imagine watching once more, entirely for the joy of watching it again.

For that reason, I look forward to the arrival of Wonder Woman on Netflix. I do not know to which regions it will arrive, but no worries, I know how to get access to different Netflix regions around the world.

How did you like Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman isn’t just about the Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot. It is a movie produced by a woman, Patty Jenkins, and that makes her kind of a wonder woman as well. Did you like it? Are you gonna watch it for a second, third or maybe fourth time?