The Help on UK Netflix

The Help on NetflixA few years back in time I remember watching The Help on cinema, and I really enjoyed the film a lot. It had good humor and gave us some great laughs, while we at the same time felt really bad about the racism and topic of the film itself.

The Help deals with life back in time in the United States as servants where kept and used almost as slaves, laughed at and living under terrible circumstances. In this time some people wanted to help them and share what a servants life was like, but since it was a very unpopular thing to befriend such primitive people, it wasnt that easy after all.

If you have some hours free you should for sure take a look at this film, which is a great film I can warmly recommend to everyone. It can now be seen on UK Netflix, but if you are located somewhere else the do not worry, just use a VPN connection to get yourself a UK IP address and you can watch UK Netflix from wherever you are in the world in a few minutes from now.

Read more about how this works in this article.

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