Veggietales can now be seen on Netflix

Finally the Veggietales has arrived to Netflix. Not as an original Veggietales production, but this time as a Netflix production. I have not been able to watch one episode yet, but I am curious whether the Christan values it was built upon originally will be seen, shown and “preached” in the Netflix version of Veggietales.

Veggietales on Netflix

The Veggietales has lived a long life before it finally arrived to Netflix on November 28th, and there has been lots of full time movies and shorter films based on the vegetables with cool and interesting characters in the Veggietales. I will soon try to look at one episode (at least), as I am really curious if this is ideal to show small children who want to watch something that reflects good values, builds a moral character and also shares Christian values to the children at home watching Netflix on their TVs, XBOX or maybe on a laptop.

As far as I know Veggietales can be seen on Netflix in all Netflix nations, meaning that if you have a Norwegian Netflix account, then you can watch it in Norway, if you are in the UK you can watch it on UK Netflix, and if you have a French or a German Netflix account, then you can watch Veggietales in your own language on Netflix. Enjoy, and have fun watching!

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