Watch Bambi on Netflix

Bambi is one of the first Disney films ever produced, and of course one of the nicest of them all. If you want to watch Bambi on Netflix then it can be done, but it might not be available in your region.

Now you can watch Bambi on Netflix

There are lots of movies available on Netflix, which you still can not see. With own Netflix offices in the different nations, and different companies dealing with the rights for the different films in different nations, you will sometimes see movies arrive much earlier to some Netflix regions than to others. Some movies never even arrive to Netflix, so it ain’t that easy to understand all the why’s when it comes to movies and their arrival date on Netflix.

When it comes to the Disney film named Bambi, you can now watch it on Netflix, but as far as I know it is only available in one single Netflix region, and that is on German Netflix. That is not the best, because the fact that you read this article in English might tell us that you do not live in Germany, which means that you do not have access to German Netflix. I am not 100% sure, but the fact that you can find Bambi on German Netflix might also mean that you can only access the dubbed version of the film, something I do not actually think (normally the English version is available everywhere).

Is Bambi available in other Netflix regions?

At the moment it isn’t, but if I see news about Bambi coming to other Netflix regions I will update this article. If you know about such news before me, please write a comment and let me know.

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