Watch Dirty Dancing on Netflix

Are you in the mood for watching the legendary film Dirty Dancing? You can watch Dirty Dancing on Netflix if you follow these instructions!

Dirty Dancing is the fantastic film with Patrick Swayze as the charming dance teacher. During a summer holiday a young girl falls in love with this guy and they start dancing together. In this fantastic story you will see how the parents like this charming dance teacher and we can see how the dance skills of the young girl evolve after lots of practice. Well, this might be a bad summary, but you have probably seen Dirty Dancing 20 times before and you are now eager to watch Dirty Dancing on Netflix for the 21st time. But, can I watch Dirty Dancing on Netflix? Yes, you can!

Dirty Dancing on Netflix

Dirty Dancing on Netflix

If you want to watch Dirty Dancing on Netflix, then it can as of August 8th, 2016 be seen in five different Netflix regions:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Austria
  • Luxembourg

Now, let us say that you are living in London (England) or maybe in Washington (USA). What can you do then? Is it possible to change your Netflix region to one of the mentioned regions? Yes, it is possible!

I have already written some articles on this topic, so check the front page to find out how you can get access to different Netflix regions right away.

I would probably not watch Dirty Dancing once more (I have seen it a couple of times), but if I had trouble sleeping this film would work great as sleeping medicine (for me)! Have a good time!

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