Watch Eddie the Eagle on Netflix

Seldom do I get so touched watching a movie trailer as I did watching the Eddie the Eagle trailer. But, why watch the trailer only when you can watch Eddie the Eagle on Netflix!

There is always something touching with watching movies based on true stories, especially as they tell a story about someone different, someone unpopular and without a talent going against all odds to do something great. That is the story about Eddie the Eagle in short version. Come and watch this man who was bad at all sports, but who had a passion and a commitment that made him continue, even when everybody said stop.


The biggest star in the movie is Hugh Jackman who takes on the role as the coach of Eddie, the hopeless ski-jumper who is a disgrace to the sport. Luckily the movie is great and it has received an 80% score on Rotten Tomatoes and around 8/10 on iMDB.

Want to watch Eddie the Eagle on Netflix?

If you want to watch Eddie the Eagle on Netflix then you better tune in to Canadian Netflix. That is currently the only Netflix region in which you can watch Eddie the Eagle. If you do not know how to access Canadian Netflix from outside Canada, read this article.

I believe this is one of the best movies you can watch on Netflix at the moment, so do not hesitate, instead start watching it right away. And isn’t a story about someone going against all odds, doing what is impossible, almost giving a bit of a Christmas atmosphere as well?

Have you seen Eddie the Eagle? Did you like the movie? Write a few words and share your thoughts on the movie.


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