Watch Elysium on Netflix

Elysium on NetflixElysium is a film from 2013 with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster in the main roles. It shares a story about two worlds; Elysium in which everything is fine, there are no sicknesses and no trouble and then you have the earth which is the opposite of that.

Jodie Foster steers Elysium with an iron hand while Matt Damon is on earth fighting to survive and of course to bring justice to the people there.

I have not yet seen this film myself, only the extended trailer, but it seems to be a very good film and the critics have also given quite some praise to this film. Have you seen it yourself? Should I spend two hours watching this film or is it a waste of time? Write your thoughts on Elysium if you have some.

Watch Elysium on Netflix

Since originally writing this article Elysium has also been made available in other Netflix regions. You can now also watch it on Australian Netflix and Netflix in New Zealand.

If you consider watching it as well on Netflix, take a look at the trailer first. The film can be seen on Canadian Netflix and to read more about how to watch Netflix in Canada, or Canadian Netlix abroad, just click the link.

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