Watch Fun with Dick and Jane on Netflix

I am a fan of Jim Carrey, even though he has also played in tons of films which I did not like at all. But, on his good days he can make me laugh a lot and in the film Fun with Dick and Jane he succeeded with that.Fun with Dick and Jane on Netflix

In the film Dick just looses his job and all his future seems dark. He is not the only one suffering, but lots of the people he worked with as well. Dick and his wife Jane starts a new future, which might not be as clean, but it sure gives us reasons to laugh. And then he wants to hit back on his former boss which brought him the sad news about his former workplace.

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Is this film worth changing Netflix region for? I would say yes. I believe that you will enjoy it, and if you did, why not write a comment and let me know. If this is one of those Jim Carrey films that you simply do not like, then please tell me that as well!

Enjoy watching!

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