Watch Pixels on Netflix

Watch Pixels on NetflixI remember watching Pixels in the cinema and I really enjoyed it. Now two years later I still like the movie, but I would probably not watch it on Netflix again!

Since I watched Pixels in the cinema I have watched it once more at home. I enjoyed the movie the second time as well, but then I watched it with some people who did not really enjoy games in the 80s, and they were even less fans of Adam Sandler, and thus the atmosphere around the second show of the movie wasn’t as good as the first one.

But, if you like a good comedy and feel a warmth and good memories come forth as you hear about Donkey Kong, Pacman, Space Invaders and similar arcade games, then Pixel is a movie you simply have to watch!

Watch Pixels on Netflix

Currently Pixels can only be seen in one single Netflix region and that is Russian Netflix. Hopefully it will come to even more Netflix regions within shortly, but at the moment I am writing this article it is only available on Russian Netflix. I do not even know how to access Russian Netflix from abroad at the moment, so I can not help you with that. But, if you want information on how you can access other Netflix regions from abroad, then you can find that information at

Pixels has not received the best critics online and it only has a 5,5/10 score on iMDB. At the very critical Rotten Tomatoes Pixels has a score of 16% (by the critics). It should however serve as a good point for the movie that the audience score at Rotten Tomatoes is 46%, meaning that the audience is much more likely to enjoy Pixels than the critics.

Go ahead and watch Pixels yourself and feel free to write a comment afterwards telling me whether or not you liked the movie.

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