Watch The Bucket List on Netflix

Recently a new and quite amusing film was added to US Netflix, The Bucket List. Do you want to watch The Bucket List on Netflix outside the US? Read on!

The Bucket List on Netflix

In the Bucket List we meet Morgan Freeman and and Jack Nicholson. They are both old and almost ready to die, but that is when they decide to make a Bucket List and get ready to put an X next to all goals placed on that list. That is the start of a quite amusing story about how the guys get into both trouble, romances and other fun as they travel across the world to see their dreams come true.

I remember watching this film way back and it is a very good film, though not a film I would watch a lot of times. If you want to watch The Bucket LIst on Netflix then it can be seen on US Netflix right now. If you are located somewhere else, then I recommend that you read more about how to change your Netflix region right here.

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