Watch Zootopia on Netflix

Zootopia is a brand new animation film from Disney. Did you miss out on Zootopia in cinema? Now you might be able to watch Zootopia on Netflix instead.

There was a time when I loved animation movies from Disney and Pixar, but now I have gotten older and do not enjoy them that much anymore. Still, if someone would mention the Lion King, Aladdin or maybe Shrek these are still animation films that I love. But, I have a harder time with the more modern films. Frozen was praised by everyone, but to me it was more like a fairly good Disney animation movie. Inside Out was a film that made me fall asleep, but still it was awarded with an Oscar award.

Zootopia is a brand new movie that I haven’t watched yet, but with its recent arrival to Canadian Netflix I might take my time to watch it within shortly. This is not the only brilliant animation movie that recently came to Canadian Netflix, as The Good Dinosaur also came to Canadian Netflix not long ago.

Watch Zootopia on Netflix

Zootopia has a high score on iMDB as it currently has an 8,1/10 score. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a mixture of 98% and a 93% score, which is incredibly high considering the fact that we are speaking of Rotten Tomatoes.

Have you seen Zootopia yet? Want to watch it on Netflix? You can not only watch the English language version of Zootopia on Canadian Netflix, but the French version as well!

Notice that on Canadian Netflix you can also watch Planes, Inside Out, Hotel Transylvania, Home. Happy Feet, Kung Fu Panda and lots of other children movies.

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