Where do you pay the most for a Netflix subscription?

Where do people pay most to watch Netflix? Where are the prices of a Netflix subscription the highest in the world? Would you like to know more? Get to know where they pay more than 20 USD per month to watch Netflix with the Premium Package!

We have just released a little study showing Netflix prices worldwide in 2020. There you can see which are the countries in the world with the highest Netflix subscription prices, and you can also see which are the cheapest countries for those who want to pay as little as possible for their Netflix subscription.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see which country is the most expensive when it comes to the price of a Netflix subscription… Switzerland!

The prices of Netflix in Switzerland

The Netflix prices in Switzerland

If you live in Switzerland, you do not only have access to fresh air and lots of Milka chocolate, you should also have a good economy, meaning that you can afford to pay more for your Basic Netflix package than a person in Brazil pays for their Premium Package.

The price of the Netflix Basic package in Switzerland is 11.90CHF. Since you probably don’t really understand that number, we can tell you that it is about 12.5 USD converted to a currency more frequently use online.

The price of the Standard Netflix package in Switzerland in 16,90CHF which is a bit more than 18 USD.

The price of the Premium package in Switzerland is 21.90CHF. This is about 23,50USD. Now, these are quite steep prices, but still, if you live in Switzerland, you can most likely afford them.

You don’t have to travel a lot to find cheaper prices in the neighborhood. If you travel to Germany or to France, you will see that the price difference for the different subscriptions varies between 3-5 USD per month. The same is true if you plan on buying a Netflix subscription in Germany and in Spain.

Which is the second most expensive Netflix country?

The country following Switzerland on the list is Denmark. In one of the flattest countries in the world, they are in love with good beer, a good steak, and Netflix streaming.

The price difference between the prices in Switzerland and in Denmark is less than 1 USD for the basic package, but approximately 3 USD for the Standard and the Premium Netflix package.

The other Scandinavian countries Norway and Sweden are expensive when it comes to the basic package, but they are no longer among the most expensive when it comes to having a Premium package.

Where do you find the cheapest Netflix subscriptions?

Would you like to find out where it is cheapest to stream Netflix online? Take a look at the Netflix price study for more information.

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